Cowgirl Assassin- Part 1


She stood with her back arched against the tavern wall. Her smile was venomous…Her eyes like a snake’s..! Even the very sun seemed to shrivel and dry out; it’s rays hitting her gleaming sword, stained with blood from her victims..! Carmen Red, entered the tavern…and smiled..! She stretched and stretched, her wicked grin spreading across her face. Ripley looked across the inn…And groaned terribly as he saw Carmen Red walking his way..! Carmen Red…Her smile haunted Ripley’s every dream! “Oh no!” Ripley cried, “I-I-I thought that you were going away..!” “I did.” Carmen said, “…But I came back!” “Damn…” Ripley went to himself, “Why don’t you just go back to those Omegacaust fellows, and just stay there?” “S’been boring over there lately, reckon I ride the roads, catch the sights…Also I’m busy lookin fer somebody…Somebody named Lueka…You wouldn’t happen to have heard of a fella by that name, would you?” “I ain’t heard nothing! And the only reckoning ’round here is that your face, has been busy giving me nightmares!” Carmen paused; her jawbone twitching as she held in her rage…Her eyes pierced into Ripley, until they pierced straight through him, and then…She let out a disturbing smile..! “If you were smart…”

Carmen went, “You’d best tell me when you happen to cross this Lueka fella…Her’s is the only face, I want to hear you commenting on…” “S-sure, whatever you say!” Ripley stuttered, and Carmen Red smiled, she stood herself from up off of the bar stool, When suddenly, the town guard came into the tavern..! As more and more guards followed suit, as they all approached Carmen, “Carmen Red!” one of the guards shouted, “I am placing you under arrest! Come in quietly, and we won’t have to hurt you..!” “Whaaaat?” Carmen smiled playfully, “Now why in sam’s hill would you wanna arrest me? I’m just a poor o’l little girl at a tavern?.” “You had a long time coming for this! You have Omegacaust relations, you murdering bastard!!! You recently assaulted a man on the road…I bet you didn’t know that he survived your attack! He found us, and told us his story..!” “That son-of-a-bitch WHAT?! Uh, I mean…I have no idea what you folks are talkin ’bout.” “Just turn yourself in, Carmen!” Ripley pleaded, “It’s all over for you now!””Officers,” Carmen went, “I don’t know what you’re talkin ’bout…Omegacaust? Seriously, You have the wrong girl…” The guards began to unsheathe their swords, “I’m not asking again, Carmen Red! Are. You. Going. To comply?” “Here girl! Just turn yourself in!!!” Ripley cried out. Carmen went silent…Then began to smile heinously!

“…You just screwed yourself over, guard..!” Carmen Red drew her sword! And began her slaughter!!! The guard’s blood smeared against the cold harsh ground as she struck them with her sword, As the guards drew their swords and maces, and dove into the assault! “I’m gunna show you sweet Jesus, boy!” Carmen screamed! More guards came into the inn, swords raised! Carmen shoot at one of the guards, as the bullet spiraled through his eye, and out from his skull! The guards surrounded her, and every innocent bystander in the tavern started to scream! Carmen ran to one of the guards…And a single strike from her sword severed his head, almost like a magic trick, she made it disappear! “I’M GUNNA TAKE YOU TO SCHOOL! COME ON WIT IT, BOY!” Carmen screamed without mercy, and smiled without pity! More came in! And more paid with their heads! “Stop! Stop please! AHHHHHHHHHH” cried out the inn’s bard. “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Carmen screamed out! “ENOUGH OF THIS!” one of the guards yelled! Carmen Red’s grin she held across her face was almost demonic as she dashed at the guards! She snatched up one of the guards, and with the cruel blade of her steel, she pulverized his very flesh! As the bodies piled up, Like pick-up-sticks! “Mehahahahahahah!” Carmen laughed with her insanity as she lifted her arms in the air! And laughed and laughed aloud as loud as her lungs could laugh! “See what happens when you make me mad?! AHAHA! HA! HA! Now look at what you made me do!” “I made the guards bow to me! Ahahahahahaha!”

Carmen’s shrieking laugh was painful to hear! She walked past a young boy, that was in the inn; his eyes shut tight with fear as Carmen Red smiled at him as she brushed past. “My God…” Ripley went, “You killed them all! Y-y-you killed them all!” “That’s right!” Carmen grinned her horrible smile. “And it could be you next…If you hide your secrets from me..!” “Fine! Fine! Whatever you say!” “Now…You take real good care of yourself…” Carmen Red took her startling presence, her big o’l gallon hat…And left the corpses she made, to decay in a trail behind her..!


Copyrightcopyright January 12, 2015


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