The Wanderess-Part 2


Riku Bonnet left from out of her home, the cool air brushed against her face and skin, as she took out another one of her rollies, and lit it.”I can’t wait to get some fresh air for a change.” Riku said to herself, as she walked. Riku made her way to the entrance of the town. A fellow town guard grinned as he saw Riku make her way,”Haw, haw, haw!” Went the guard, “We’re you goin’? Ain’t it past your bedtime?” “What are you, my dad?!” Riku hissed at him as she walked off. Riku made her way down the hill, taking in all of the sights, before the night comes to shroud them all…Riku walked until she came to a bridge, she wandered down the bridge, until she came to a small cabin, there were two hunters outside of it, resting themselves along on a fallen log that had laid next to the structure, after a long day of hunting.

Riku went up to approach them,”Why hello there, traveller!” one of the hunters said, “Hey, I’ve just bagged some good game…I’m willing to sell some of it to you for a cheap price.””Is that so?” Riku went, “Well, I guess I’ll have a look at your wares then.” Riku puffed and puffed, as she shopped and shopped. She bought a timber wolf’s pelt from the hunter, and also a rabbit’s leg as well! The three adventurers rested comfortably, as they all swapped stories about their adventures out in the world; how they survived bandit attacks, and bears…And even pirates! They laughed and laughed together, until the hour began to grow late.”Okay you guys,” Riku Bonnet began, “I’m going to go back to my adventures.”

“All right, Riku!” responded one of the hunters, “Here’s to hoping you don’t discover another giant octopus out at sea!” Riku began to walk off, when something absolutely horrible happened… Her joint dropped to the ground, and was now spoiled!! “SON-OF-A..!” Riku shouted!”I can’t believe this..! You know what, I’m going back home!” Riku began to storm off, when suddenly she was approached by one of the hunters,”Whoa, hey there friend!” The hunter went, “Could I…Could I possibly have this joint? It’s magnificent! It could even be the best thing ever!””You…Want my joint? From off of the ground..?” Riku questioned, “…Okay, I guess?””Oh gee, thanks!” went the ecstatic hunter, as she reached down, picked up Riku’s joint, and placed it in her mouth..! And so Riku stormed off back to the town of Riverington, and returned to her house. She arrived to the comforts of home, taking in the house’s dusty smell, where she was greeted by her husband, Valren .”Hey honey!” Valren went, “Say, you didn’t happen to bring back a priest for this house, did you? Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Riku let out a warming smile,”Hey hon!” she said, “I didn’t find a priest today, but I did bring back dinner…And I bought you a new coat..!”


Copyrightcopyright January 14, 2015

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