Change of Hearts-Part 8


Arigale BloodRaven had arrived at Nemius’ manor. She had been sent there by her insidous order…As her ominous presence foreboded the very inside of the house. Following hersay from a traitor within Nemius’ manor, had given the Omegacaust the edge they needed to discover upon this place…Up against vampire’s, she wore a cross around her venomous neck, and brandished a katana to sever her enemies heads, and a torch to burn down their corpses..! “NEMIUS!” Arigale screamed, “Show yourself! I’ve got a little present for you..!” A man stood at the dinner table, as Arigale came close to him; the man’s screams echoed until the Omegacaust assassin severed his very head! “I uh, killed one of your house guests..!” Arigale gloated, “Annnnnd…I’m about to kill another one!” Like a flash, Arigale ran toward another house guest, “WAIT! NOOO!” the guset screamed, as Arigale cut her katana into her!

The woman fell limp onto the fire pit! She let out a terrible series of muffled weak cries…As her body burned alive from the fire! “I hope that you won’t miss these thralls..!” Arigale laughed, “One of them’s sitting around the camp fire, now! Aha ha ha, she’s saving a place for you!” Arigale kicked the door to the kitchen with all of her might, there was another person in there, cowering in fear, “Please…Please don’t kill me, I’m just the cook! I just cook for Nemius, he doesn’t tell me where he goes!” “Get you ass up!” Arigale growled,”Tell me what you know.” “I-I-I know that there was a girl..! A woman!” “A woman?” Arigale questioned, “Don’t kill me, that’s all I know!” Arigale smiled, “Thank you.”

The cook’s blood rittled her sword, as she wandered around the kitchen, looking for something to eat. She rummaged and rummaged, until she found a bread loaf to devour. She then began to gobble down the loaf of bread, one nibble at a time, “Mmm! Yum!” she gloated as she chomped on the loaf.

Just as soon as Arigale left the kitchen with her torch in hand, she heard the cold unsheathing of a cruel iron sword…”Die fetcher!” a vampire in the manor had screamed at her! “You will lose here, grunt. I will make an example of you!” Arigale yelled back. The vampire raised his sword over his head, readying to deliver Arigale a blow, But the assassin blocked his blow with her torch…She quickly hit the vampire with the flames from it, and sunk her inevitable sword into his cold flesh…”You may be undead…” Arigale smirked, “…But you still scream like a human!” The vampire laid dead, burning and evaporating into a pile of ash, as Arigale approached the door to Nemius’ locked private quarters. “Hmmm Nemius…What do you hide from me?”

Arigale slid her tongue across her lips as she pulled out a pistol, and fired it at the lock, and kicked the door open! “Open seseme! ” she gloated as she entered Nemius’ forbidden office. “Anybody home?” Arigale held her terrible smile as she looked all around the room, “Nemius? Are you in here? There is no ignoring the scorpion..! “That is our symbol, you know?” Arigale searched around, but found nothing important to her, “Tsk…For a vampire lord, you are a drag to be around! How useless of you, tsk! A woman huh…”

Arigale went upstairs, and barged her way into the spare room with the two beds,…Brandishing her fire…Packing heat and steel, as she mercilessly paraded about the Nemius’ manor, as if she owned the place…She barged her way into the bathroom…Smiling as she lit another torch, leaving it to burn amongst the towels and wood! Then she came to Nemius’ room…Slaughtering another one of his thralls, found cowering in the corner! “Nemius these foolish games are ticking me off!!!” Arigale shouted as she rummaged through all Nemius’ sensitive things! As she entered a file room, she smiled. The room, looked promising. A place where she could find clues to Nemius’ whereabouts..! She sat down in Nemius’ thinking chair..! “Hmmm…So this is what it feels like to be Nemius, wasting his time… Ahhh! What’s this? A scribbled note, a journal? A will?” in front of her was a strange letter, Arigale giggled as she read the note:

Light will follow thee, around the coast. The single day life gives up the ghost. Like a sailing ship, shall the sailor’s widow, take on the host. Together again in heaven, shall they go…Helena my love, I will sail you across the seas. Until, you become me…


Nemius Elton Vermont

“Gahahaha! This is a pathetic love letter! Ahahaha!” Arigale’s big goofy grin opened and closed with her laughter, as she stood up from out of her chair. “Well, I’ll just burn this letter for you… Hide you from the wall of shame…” Arigale left the room, leaving her torch to burn right on top of Nemius’ parcels; turning his love letter, to ash…Fire turned and turned, fire spread to Nemius’ favorite bed…As she went back downstairs…She was reunited with the corpses of thralls that she created, Fire following fire, from all behind her…As she abandoned Nemius’ house to the flames..!


Copyrightcopyright January 17, 2015

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