The Heroine-Part 1


She sat along her bed, a guard for the Oledon City Watch. January Ellens pondered as she sat on the edge of her bed, the day was now drawing to a close. Her tense body worn from an all day’s work. As she waited for her eyelids to grow weary, she listened; just above the room, she could hear the loud curious sound of a conversation being held, between two unknown people…”Status report, soldier.” one of their voices went.
“The Wood elves of the Tesla Army have been seen moving ships deeper into the coasts, sir.”
“Did they look heavily armed? What were they doing, soldier?”
“Um…They were moving ships deeper into the coasts, sir?”
“You know what, I’ve just about had it up to here with your smart ass remarks, soldier!”
January could hear their conversation word for word. “Pretty hard to sleep with two damn giants talking upstairs!” January sighed, “Sigh…Don’t worry about it, honey…Just lay down.” And so, January Ellens, laid down, resting her head down on the pillow as she closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to take hold. She listened on, as the conversation upstairs gently faded into her sleep…

“We can’t allow the Tesla’s to move deeper inland, soldier…We can’t defend agaisnt their laser rifles…We must stop their advance..!”
The next day, January awoke from her slumber, and rose up. She stared out from across the beds; other Oledon guards had awoken from their sleep, dressed themselves, readying to greet the new day. She put on her steel boots, Her gauntlets…”Well,” January went, “It’s time for me to greet this city.” She armed herself with her sword, her shield, and her arrows as she readied herself to greet the new day that awaited her. The sun shined down upon her, all while under the shinning green flag of Oledon. “Come on! You have to draw your bows quicker than that!” Captain Shawn yelled to his men,”Come on! I want those arrows dead center! Dead center!”
“Captain Shawn.” January went, as she approached him, “I’m reporting in for duty.” “You’re awake?” Captain Shawn grunted, “You slept in far too late, January! You have to get up earlier than this!” “Shit, I know. I, I didn’t mean to, it won’t happen again sir.” “You keep saying that, January. But you keep doing the same thing…” “Yeah. So i’m sorry, sir.” January went.

“…Whatever you say, January…” Captain Shawn sighed, “I hope for better results this time. Go on now, patrol the streets.” “Yes sir!” January went. Captain Shawn shook his head as January walked off. As she made her way to her patrol area, she met up with Kernuby, a fellow patrol guard and friend.”Hey there, January!” Kernuby went. “Yeah, hey Kernuby.” January sighed, “Anything interesting happen lately out there?” “No, not much. But I bet if you go down to Old King Tavern, you’ll see some drunkards…””Yeah. That’ll be rich. Well I better get going before that asshole, uh I mean Captain Shawn has a cow…””Hey girl…Are you ok?” Kernuby asked, “You don’t look so good?” “Yeah I’ve been getting that a lot lately…” January said as she began to walk off. January walked toward the Dramedore Poet’s Musical School College, and leaned herself up against a pillar. She stopped to admire the building’s grand structure…”Wow…” she went, “I can never get over how incredible it is..!” The College stood at magnanimus heights. January held her smile, until it started to fade..! Along with her alertness as she gently closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. She held her eyes closed for at least 20 seconds, until she quickly awoke from her quick slumber! “Urrrm…” January groaned, “I hate this! Nothing ever happens here, I feel so useless…” As January left from the pillar to continue her patrol, she was suddenly approached by a frantic guard,”January! There’s been a problem going on somewhere near the stables!” “Finally!” January yelled aloud, “Something I can do! For God’s sake, something I can do!” She drew her sword, and darted with all haste out of the gates! She ran and ran, all the way to the stables, she dashed like a dart! As she entered through the stables, January approached a woman that stood just outside, “What’s going on here!” January demanded!”
“He’s taking my horse!” the woman sighed, “I love that horse…”Just then, January looked out across the distance…There was a strange man murmuring to himself near a horse… “Boy oh boy, I sure do like horses…” The man went.”That’s how come I go get horsey here to go get fixed, mmmmhmmm. I sure do!””Hey!!” January shouted, “What do you think you’re doing?!” “Right now, horsey is rambunctious… But SOON!!! SOON, horsey will be taken to the doctors!”The man suddenly got onto the horse…And began to ride off with it!”I’m gunna kick your ass tough guy!” January shouted at him. She then hoisted herself onto another horse…And charged in after him! Her horse galloped and galloped, and galloped! “Dammit, there you are!” January cursed, as she spotted the strange man, who had gotten off of the horse , and now stood in the distance..!”I LOVE horses…” wailed the strange man, “But my eyes don’t like to stay awake..! That’s how come I plan to sleep-
“Hey horse thief! Are you out of your mind?!” January yelled at him!
“Ahh…Who sent you? Somebody from the brotherhood?!”
“Don’t know what the hell your talking about” went January, “But your coming with me! Hey! Do you hear me!?”
“A dead man hears nothing but vengeance, no? The Omegacaust won’t take me back alive! SO PREPARE YOURSELF ASSASSIN!!! I fight like the claw!”The man threw himself into the fray, as he drew his sword and swung it at January!
“I’m not here to fight you! I want to talk, you bastard!”
“You’re in too deep, assassin! You can’t win this!!”
“I’m gunna hurt you! You punk ass…” January shoved her knee into the man’s chest! struck her sword against the man’s face, and shoved him for the ground!!!
“WHOOOOOOOOOOOA!!!” the man wailed!”OMPTH!! I can’t feel me kidneys!”
“What the hell’s wrong with you? Huh?!” the man lay knelt in pain next to January.
“Nemius is somewhere…He took the docks….That’s all I know!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Don’t you get that?!”
“He used the docks…He used the docks! Omegacaust, you’ve thrown me out! Now you want revenge against a broken man?! A man who is no longer?! Nemius called her, Lueka…”January stooped down to look the man in his eyes, “That’s right, keep talking, dumbass…”
“That’s all I know…That’s all I know…”that’s all I know-

“Yeah? Well guess what?I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. All’s I know, is that you stole a horse and ran with it!”January stood to her feet,”I don’t steal any horses..? I love horses! Why would I steal them?!”
“Whatever, guy!I’m taking you to jail…JAIL! You got that?!And I’m taking the horse back, too!”
“NO! Not the good, good horse! Come on, now!!!”January took the man and rode the horse back to the stables. She got off of the horse, “Hey guy! Stay here, don’t you try to run off, or I swear to God I’ll kick your chin off!” “But I didn’t steal nothing! Nothing, woman!” the man yelled.
“Lower your voice! I’ll be right back.” January returned to the woman at the stables,”Woman, I’ve returned your horse.” January said.
“You got my horse fixed that fast?” the woman asked.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about. But here’s your horse.”
“January!” a voice yelled out from afar. January approached the group of guards, with the strange man in custody only to discover a familiar face amongst them all…It was Captain Shawn! “Captain Shawn! I caught the horse thief, and brought back the horse.”
“Dammit January! What are you talking about? Someone near the stables just got beaten and robbed! Where were you?! “WHAT?!” January screamed, “But I was told that somebody near…”
“I tried to tell her I did nothing wrong…I was taking horsey to get fixed, but stopped to rest for the night…”
“January, this is Darny. He did nothing wrong, how could you have gotten your orders mixed up?”January said nothing; her whole body shook with rage and confusion,”No hard feelings…Me’lady?” Darny sadly went.”…Just go home, citizen. I’m sorry for the confusion…” January fumbled, “Captain Shawn I swear I didn’t know! I saw Darny near the horse, the woman said that somebody was taking her horse, and-
“You screwed up again January, this time it could have costed somebody their life! Go back to the barracks! You’re done for today, that’s an order!” January’s heart sunk to the very pit of her stomach, as she wandered away to the barracks.It was like a thousand swords, were slowly piercing her heart…


Copyrightcopyright January 20, 2015

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