The Wanderess-part 3


Riku and Valren both stayed awake till the hour became late… “Well honey, it’s the at the very top of the hour…Oh!” Valren suddenly gasped, “That’s right, don’t forget that I’ll be leaving to visit my father tomorrow down at The Old King Tavern in Oledon City !””Wow…” Riku sarcastically went, “You visit him every month! Don’t you have a mother to visit?”

“Oh come on now!” Valren said, “You know that I don’t have a mother…Except you…!”

Valren and Riku Bonnet both laughed to themselves,”Well hey, listen. Have a good trip, okay?” Riku’s voice purred as she spoke.”Yep. That’s what I do! Sure you don’t wanna come?”
Riku grunted, “I always see your dad! Besides, I can see him anytime, you know?”
“I’ll admit, he can be a tad bit egocentric at times!” Valren went, “But he’s family, you know!”
“Yeah, I know. Wish I had parents to go see like you do…” Riku sighed with a woeful look on her face. Riku then pulled out her lute, hugging it’s body tight to her’s, she began to strum the strings that it bore…And soon, the whole house began to radiate with the very sound of music. Valren listened with wonder, as Riku played her lute. The hours went by softly, she played until she stopped, and pulled out a rollie as she lit it and watched it burn,”Well hon, I’m leaving to go play at that old inn again.” She said.”I’ll be back soon…But I can’t guarantee that I’ll be coming back sober..!”
“Well…” Valren began, “Perhaps, if you come back before I leave, we could have a little fun together, you and I…”Riku smiled, “…Perhaps.” she held her grin as she went down the stairs, she went past the window, turned to look out of it, and froze in her tracks as her jaw dropped; her blunt falling to the floor! Her eyes widened at what she saw, a terrible ghost walked right passed the window, down the alley…Turned around, and vanished inside of the next door building!!! “Damn this!” Riku shook where she stood, “This damn place is a madhouse!”

Riku left the house, making her way to the Riverington Inn. As she came close to the building, Riku pulled out another puffy, gazing out at the desolute inn just a short walk away in the distance…It seemed strangely that the closer she came to the inn, the quieter everything started to sound..! As she entered the inn, there was absolutely no sound whatsoever inside..! Not even the crickets seemed to churp their chants whether inside or outside of the inn.”Well damn, where is everyone?” Riku said. The only other presence within the whole inn was the bartender’s son, Aiden, and the bartender herself.”Well, if it isn’t you! Hi again!” The bartender went, “Hey Lilia, where is everyone?” went Riku.”Pfff, gone I guess…It’s been slow like this all day, friend! I guess my boy here must have scared away all of my customers.” “Hey Riku!” Aiden ecstatically went, “Are you going to play one of your songs again?”
“So, you really like to hear me play my songs, kid?” Riku said.
“That’s Mrs. Bonnet, Aiden!” Lilia went, “Oh…Wait, or was it Palamore..? Riku, Palamore or…You are married to that Valren guy…Right? …Right?”
Lilia fumbled and fumbled as Riku’s eyes slowly began to narrow…”Well kid, I was going to play today, but, there’s nobody here! So, I guess I’ll just have a drink instead…””Awww…” Aiden sighed, “Guess I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow then. It’s a shame really…”Riku sat her self at the bar,”I play everyday kid, I’m sure I’ll still be around to play something tomorrow.””Sure thing, well…Unless we run out of booze to sell!”Lilia let out a loud laugh that filled the whole inn with life, while Riku let out a smirk, “Funny, I didn’t know ghosts drink booze.” Riku said.


CopyrightcopyrightΒ January 22, 2015

7 thoughts on “The Wanderess-part 3

  1. Love the art work b4 i even got 2 read yr story i thought great the eyes have ghosts in them and the lady at the inn showed me the boy wasnt real.Miss stilletto lives this way everyday.

    • Thank you, thank, thank for your support! πŸ™‚ I love to write,and though I don’t posses the money or know how to make my work into a book, it still feels good to know that I made somebody smile through my work! πŸ™‚

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