Note on Cascadia Adventures


🙂 Hello friends, just wanted to add a little note concerning my stories from “Cascadia Adventures”. The stories are titled differently because some of them involve a story from the character’s point of view; but sometimes their story may involve other characters from another story: in example, you might see a character from “Change of Hearts” appear in a different story such as “The Darkius Rising”. My plan was to make a story that involved every character, and find it easier for me to do things this way.

Also I have added a search engine to my page so that you can easily type in the name of the story that you’re looking for, and it’s “part” number, so you can find specific pages to look up.

Just be sure to keep checking through the stories, and let me know if you have any questions as I will be happy to assist you.

-From Gregory Thomas 🙂


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