Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know that I added a search widget for my stories titled “Cascadia Adventures”

I tend to write a lot at a time, and understand that underneath of the many chapters I have, it could be possible that others might not know what to search for. Hopefully this will make things a little easier for you all 🙂

For my stories titled “Cascadia Adventures” just enter in a chapter name (The Darkius Rising for example) and you should be able to see all of the stories that pertain to it. Let me know if you happen to have any trouble, thanks! 🙂


Gregory Thomas

P.S. Here is a list of my Cascadia Adventures Chapters so far:

  • The Darkius RisingScreenShot10196_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered
  • Change of HeartsScreenShot10307_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered
  • The HeroineScreenShot11142~2_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered
  • The Red Legionenb2015_5_14_22_46_50~2_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered
  • Shadow of Menenb2015_7_19_14_58_53_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered
  • The WanderessScreenShot356~2_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered
  • Cowgirl Assassinenb2015_7_19_15_1_56_Sanna_Sand_Perga_Ingrid_Carbon_Cornered
  • Vagabond’s WastelandScreenShot11662_Thomas_Carbon_Cornered

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