Change of Hearts-part 18 (Scorpions at the Fall)


Nemius ran with Lueka held in his arms, his speed took him out of the docking area, and deep into the rain-soaked forests, “Nemius, we should stop!” Lueka cried out. But Nemius continued his speed, running and running, dodging tree after tree, clutching Lueka tighter and tighter as he ran, “Stop, please Nemius!” Lueka cried out again. Finally Nemius stopped, he held Lueka, as he fell to his knees. Nemius pictured a horrible scene, as his arms shivered holding Lueka; blood covered him from head to toe, and as he knelt, it surrounded him, the cruel crimson coming from Lueka’s chest, as it seeped out from a gunshot wound, “STAY WITH ME LUEKA!!!” he shouted as he held Lueka’s lifeless limp body, “STAY WITH ME!!!

Stay with me…” Nemius uttered, as he was brought back to reality, “You’re…crushing me, my friend..!” Lueka uttered from underneath Nemius’ embrace. Nemius stopped, and gently let Lueka down on the ground, his eyes pupils dilating as he did. “Lueka…Lueka! Oh that’s right, your fall, are you hurt?” Nemius hastefully went.

“My ankle really hurts…” Lueka went. Nemius rubbed his hand slightly against Lueka’s ankle,

“OW!” she cried out. Nemius looked deep into Lueka’s eyes, her radiating smile warmed against his, “You know Lueka…” he began, “We may need to amputate it..! I can help with that-

Lueka laughed, “No! No please don’t do that!” she hysterically went. Nemius’ smile dissipated at the sound of somebody clapping in the background. A mysterious figure, with a feather sticking from out of her hair, and a unique tribal armor was smiling venomously as she clapped, and clapped her hands. The figure slowly walked closer and closer to Nemius and Lueka, as Nemius held a puzzled gaze, “Well, well, well…” the strange wood elf woman went, “I can’t believe I finally caught your asses! You have any idea what trouble you two have put me through?!” Nemius’ puzzled frown, turned into an angry scowl, as the animated character knelt down near Lueka, and began to mock her, “Oh Owie, Ow, Ow Nemius! Oh gee willy, my, my ankle hurts! Oh no! Please don’t do that, Nemius! Gee, if I would have known you were such a heifer… Seriously, Dead Guy should have killed you when you were 7!”

“WHO IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?!?” Nemius shouted in rage; the thunder in the clouds echoing behind his voice , “I wanna know who you are!”

“You don’t know me? You really don’t know me Nemius?” the stranger went,”Well I’m hurt, you should know me, we slept together on many different occasions!”

“What?!” Lueka cried out. “I never met you’re ridiculous ass before in my life!” Nemius shouted.

The stranger snorted as she laughed, “Okay, Okay, I’m lying. We never slept together. In fact we never met before. My name, is Arigale Bloodraven, I’m an assassin, hired by my boss to kill Lueka.” Both Lueka and Nemius’ eyes widened in horror,

“The fact of the matter is, we’ve been trying to kill her for some time…The cowgirl at the docks was trying to kill you. The moron Lazz’Bear was trying to kill you, and I’ve have been trying to kill you, y-you punks!” Arigale began to grit her teeth in rage, “And I can’t see, how in the hell I can’t do it! I’ve been trying so hard to do it, I burned down Nemius’ house, killed off some losers at an inn, even had some people try and help me! You two jackasses are going to get me killed by not dying! Dead Guy will kill me, all because you two fools don’t know when to die, but guess what? Here I am! And you people are gunna die alright! Right here, right now! My damn boot’s gunna smash you two nimrods, and I’m gunna look down, and laugh, and laugh my head off! Cause I GOT YOU!”

“Why?!” Nemius cried out, “Why? Why, why kill lady Lueka, when she hasn’t done anything!? She does nothing to nobody! AND YOU DEMON SPAWN WISH HER DEAD?! Bad people deserve to die, but not good people in this world that hasn’t harmed anyone, you reward good people with death?! WITH DEATH?!?” Nemius stood to his feet, and drew his sword! “You people are sick! All of you! Everybody you-

“It was because of her father…” Arigale grunted.

“…What?” Nemius went.

Arigale leaned in close to Lueka; Lueka with tears streaming down her face, “This brat’s father beat the hell out of her miserable hide! He beat her, and Lueka’s little mommy, didn’t he, Lueka!” Arigale smiled evilly,  “Well her mommy’s brother didn’t like that, so he hired Dead Guy, a long time ago back when this heifer was a snot nosed brat! And guess what? Dead Guy killed her dad!”

Lueka gritted her teeth in rage, as her tears flowed, “My mother!” she cried out, My

m-mother..!” Arigale looked down at Lueka, and smiled, “Your little uncle wanted her dead too..!” Lueka gasped, her mouth dropped in shear shock, “And so, Dead Guy killed her. Long story short, your uncle was supposed to pay us back, this was when the Omega Caust was just starting to get it’s bearings…Well your uncle felt that it was smart to betray us, and skip town on a boat…But just before he did, Dead Guy, and the others caught up with him; they ripped his heart out and nailed him to the front of the boat, tied the ship captain to an anchor and threw him overboard, and killed his little girlfriend at the time, too!”

Lueka became more and more angry, as her fist balled up, she tried to stand, but her ankle wouldn’t let her, “You…Y-You monsters!” she growled, as Nemius listened on, in dismay,

“And after that, he waited, and waited…Watching Lueka’s movements, waiting for her to grow old enough for somebody like me to be hired by him to kill her…Because he doesn’t approve of killing kids while they’re young.”

Lueka sobbed terribly in anger, “I HATE YOU!!” she shouted at Arigale, “I hate you so much!” 

“OH, I haaaate yooooou!” Arigale mocked Lueka again, “I haaaate yooooou soooooo much! HA! HA! HA!-

“I silence you!” Nemius cursed aloud!

“Hey don’t shoot the messenger!” Arigale scoffed, “I wasn’t even 19 when this was happening, hell my dad was there, but…”

“YOU’RE A BITCH!” Nemius shouted with the lightning and thunder, “An insolent bitch! And you’re not gunna touch Lueka!”

“You know, somebody wants you dead too, Nemius!” Arigale purred.

“…Do you know who I am?” Nemius began,

“You’re a monkey. That’s what you are.”

“Do. You. KNOW. WHO I AM?!? DO YOU KNOW?!? I, am the KING OF SHADOWS woman!!! And on this day, you shall die!”

Arigale drew her sword!

“You dare challenge the king of vampires?! HA! Woman, you challenge a monster!

Lueka stopped, she gasped at Nemius’ words, as they left her pale in the face; with the words echoing all throughout her head, “You challenge a monster….Monster….Monster..!” they echoed.

And with that, she watched silently as the lighting flashed, the thunder screamed, and Arigale and Nemius crossed blades with one another! Arigale would send kicks to Nemius’ chest, while Nemius would revolve his sword over her head, and rain would pound upon them, every strike Arigale thrusted upon the King of Shadows, the sting of her silver would render him of his blood and energy, and with every smash of his steel against the steel of her sword, the very sound barrier would tremble like the earth splitting apart! Lueka tried to lift herself up to get to Nemius, but her sore ankle would only take her but so far, as the fight continued,

“I’m gunna laugh as I put her head on a pike, Nemius!” Arigale gloated,

Nemius suddenly snatched Arigale by her neck, and flung in the air, and into a tree, as he charged in for the assault! Arigale quickly stood up, and plunged her sword deep into Nemius’ stomach!

“Nemius!” Lueka shouted, “Please don’t die on me!” 

“Yeah Nemius,” Arigale gloated again, “Please don’t die on me-


Nemius suddenly found himself holding Arigale’s throat! He heard her coughs and smiled a sinister smile, as his inhuman strength lifted her up into the air, almost 10 feet, as she came back down to the ground yelling a terrible yell, Nemius let out a roar like a lion, as she hit the floor, Nemius limped, and limped, and limped with his sword, he smiled a horrible smile, splitting from ear-to-ear, as he lifted his sword high in the air, with intent to pierce Arigale’s chest, the rain pounded down upon, him, and for the first time in a very long time…Nemius felt the power of being evil…Again, as he roared like a monster, when suddenly, Arigale lifted her hand, “Please! Please don’t kill me! Please don’t!”

Arigale pleaded with fear in her eyes, as she frowned in terror, “I just don’t want to die! I don’t care anymore…I’m dead anyway..!”

Nemius paused, looking down upon Arigale in disgust, “You sicken me…” Nemius said, as he threw his sword to the ground, “I see you again, Arigale. And I’m gunna show you, a true monster!

“I can, I-I-I can take you to him-

“I don’t want to hear anything more you have to say!” cursed Nemius, as he walked off, leaving Arigale to sob in the rain. Nemius approached Lueka, his woeful gaze upon her’s, as he knelt down to embrace her, “Dear Lueka…” he grimaced, “Let me lead you from here, please…” Lueka held Nemius, and looked back at Arigale; Arigale, her spiteful gaze as she laid on the ground, looking back at her and Nemius. “…Alright, my friend.” Lueka said.

Nemius held Lueka once again in his arms, as he took her deeper into the forest, and deeper into the rain…

Copyrightcopyright April 5, 2016

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