She, on the Canvas of Terror


She smiles, and teeth are shown;

and she grins, and her cover is blown-

for her teeth, just like her demise, brown like wooden horrors;

and just inside, is just in store;

for any so man that honors-

the mask that she wears, tears skin to a shred;

and the thorns that prickle against naughty skin;

throw severing blades, upon the bed-

her laugh, turns eyes glazed over white as snow; devouring fools, and devouring souls-

and her lashes, a bristle bunch nestled tightly against each eye;

make crimson to trickle down from each hole-

for walking, hand in hand with darkness, makes you forget the light;

why, it crashes the shadows against all that you love;

and burns it down into flames with all might-

…and it is she that shone doom, like a ray of light shone rays;

and it is she that whistles the siren song,

and it is she, that so dare all enslaves-

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2016

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