She Swung Open Her Frozen Heart


She swung her frozen heart aside,

and all that lay in wake were indeed opened to the core-

aside from the shore, the frozen shore;

she aimlessly separates, like a cloud used for a door-

to whom the heart thaws, be it

frozen in her cruel gaze. Her image she last did saw?

A slumbering glance? Against an ominous maw?

As she aimlessly dreams, the true Winter-Wonderland be it

the cold, that her frozen heart yearns to thaw…

Copyrightcopyright April 27, 2017

10 thoughts on “She Swung Open Her Frozen Heart

    • Can you possibly help me?
      I want to put a poem book out there, but i have absolutely no idea where I should start. As in where to copywrite, and if a cover should be made, what factions can help me, how much it costs for color and ink, and where to sell it, do you know? 😦

      • I think poem books generally should be small, like maybe about 80 pages. I don’t think you should alphabetize them. Just list them randomly. If you want to have an alphabetized index in the back listing the page number, that would be fine. For poems, my opinion is not t have them in sections or categories. Just put them in there based on how you feel. No special order. Good luck. I’ll brainstorm some more.

  1. Hi Gregory,
    I have some ideas that can help. First, as for copyright, that can be a little expensive. It’s around $130. A buddy of mine created a Gofundme account to solicit contributions to help with that, and included samples of his work on the page to help encourage people to contribute. Create the Gofundme to not just help with your copyright but also the publishing process. Even if people give just a dollar or two, that adds up. When you set it up, don’t have a crazy high goal like some people do. I suggest something like $500 or maybe no more than $1000. That should be adequate to help. You can always do another one later if you need more assistance. Kickstarter is another good one too to get contributions.

    Next, a lot of people self publish rather than go to a book publishing company. The only thing is, you have to pay to have the books printed and market them and sell them yourself. You can use the money from the Gofundme or Kickstarter to help with that. You can get books printed for somewhere between $2 – $3. If you sell your book for $10, that will be a nice profit for you. That is more than double. Here is one self publish company I know of, and you can search for others online: If I think of other things, I will let you know.

    • Thank you so much man, i’m going to talk to my mom about the fundme thing.
      Would you recommend i do a HUGE poem book, or a small one?
      Also, I’m going to use color in it.
      Oh, and should the poems in my book be alphabetized?
      Should they be in there own section?

    • Yes, I made a gang of art for a good bit of poems and the cover will more than likely be that of one of a poem in the book, that will all be balanced out by some poems with pictures, and some without.
      It might cost more, but I want the pics to have color to keep it vibrant.
      How should the font be?

      • I think the font should be fairly consistent, unless you want to make a point. You know, if you are writing a poem about pain and anger, then maybe big and bold font would be good. Or if it’s a poem about something peaceful, a soft color. Otherwise, just pick a basic font size and style and color.

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