Endless Light


With the ridiculousness of every

shadow lurking afore us all;

inevitability is a look, gained, and saw-

For what eyeless beast enters in from out of the boogieman’s

closet? Nothing but a gasp, at the very thought of such a logic.

Insanity fidgets a beautiful face;

the day your thoughts unto fears, are doth enslaved-

for war is a war, fought hardest in the mind-

a fragile mind; written all the time-

chaos is the fidgeting nightmare, made into a grin-

to smite such thoughts, endless light…

war, and war, woven like skin-

For good and evil, unto all things;

decided is the rise and fall;

it is like a freight train, used as vengeance;

it is like a fiend, wearing a flowing dress.

It is like a thought used as a grin.

But what ho, little one, endless questions ceased;

always remember you this:

That the deeper into the endless light, we go;

the darker becomes your shadow-

And the infinite gunfire admist all our world wars?

This is called the endless light;

it is like waging an assault, with the golden gates of the stronghold in front.

and nothing but shadows from behind…

Copyrightcopyright May 31, 2017

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