The Troll-About Folk


Evil wears skin, and fidgets like a fiend;

the day arrogant trolls slobber, and miserably devour beans-

for computer-goblin trolls too, they’re darkness fools!

They eat, sleep ignorance, and barth up food!

Then the chubby meanies, that are goofy and greedy,

why they point mutant fingers, and their eyes are bloodshot, and beady…!

even female trolls, devour human souls!

bucked-teeth nerds, type out words of hurt-

then sit back in wooden thrones, and

coffee they doth slurp-

then empty thoughts they so do userp,

then poking big bellies do they burp, fart, and burp!

then time to go to work!

there goes Ted, the super-knight troll;

big fat bellies, filled off souls…

and there goes Know-it-all Molly phones!

gathering digital friends, with a tap and a press-


Copyrightcopyright July 13, 2017


2 thoughts on “The Troll-About Folk

  1. I like this one man. You know, it’s sad we have to deal with these kinds of things as adults. That that high school crap you’d think people would leave behind when they grow up. But people still look at you and bully you online. This poem is a great point of view.

    • Yeah bud, they are arrogant, and in real life, really, they ain’t nothing, and they’re really not as smart as they think they are. 😉
      They have something to hide, it’s called a ‘defense mechanism’
      But I called them out, right through my poetry. As always, thanks for your like.

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