Cold is the Frozen Space


Into the depths of, and then further into space;

inevitability makes your stride like a needle, shooting further until erased-

her eyes tunnel through space, like a wreckage, devouring;

and her eyes widen eagerly, her snarl is a meteor. Showering-

her face is the whole of Andromeda, waiting to tear you apart;

and her body is the space, too; indeed the void;

hurdling radiation over you-

cold dead space, is like a body that descends, over the junkyard of ships. Crumbles a sound deafening.

and yet no sound is heard, as you fall into gravity’s grip and pull;

Saturn lifts fools up without pity, devouring wanderers until made full.

She hovers over, indeed, indeed;

Orion, the belt that squares. And cold freezes tumbling skin to the touch. Her giggles up, over, and all around her lair.

and she fidgets a giggly grin, that is the laughter of space itself;

like a woman, her body embraces man-

and like a wedding, her face is the veil…

And the cold. Horrible, inevitable cold. Uses bodies as limbs to waltz;

she is the jester that prances about,

using star dust she lathers for suds and bath salts-

and the mind too, is vulnerable;

the day mankind! And into the depths of the space thereof…

Into the depths of space unutterable.

Poem Meaning:

Talks about the dangers of space travel.

Copyrightcopyright July 18, 2017


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