Lost Girl


Her warmth is cold, and welcomes you.

The heart is an invisible dagger, as your

heartbeats go unnoticed…

Her fangs taste her tongue as she swings forth;

into your warming embrace, and into your life, is the crash course…

and blood is used for lemonade,

to quench the thirst, your muse is honey for her to feed.

She gratefully feeds…

Because is not a cruel cold voice, a giggle in disguise?

As the tonsils swing,

even the laughter subsides…

Copyrightcopyright July 31, 2017

2 thoughts on “Lost Girl

  1. This was nice. I think we all know people who show us how hard and cold they are. That’s what I got from this, especially the part talking about the invisible dagger and the other part about the fangs. Very deep Gregory.

    • Yes, thank you.
      I compared it to like a symbiotic relationship, in where it both helps and hurts at the same time, until the couple need each other. And will cease to prosper without one another. It just seemed like it best resembled a vampire.
      I’m glad you like.

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