TTOC- The Darkius Rising: Excerpt 2


The Sepulcher of the

 Thug Queen

The day was a cold one. The mist had flooded the air, and the fog shifted it’s gaze like an unbreakable grip over the whole landscape. Johnathan Boris Grant felt the rickety bumps of the horse carriage as it strolled deeper into the night’s fog. He took a moment to peer out of the carriage’s open window. In his view, he could see the meadery that the job in the Elderlore Bugle Daily had mentioned…It had an almost, ominously malevolent presence, and Johnathan could feel a terrible chill traverse up and down his spine upon gawking at it’s structure. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out the help wanted ad that he had stowed away there. With a puzzled look sprawled across his face, he scratched his head and he began to read the letter:

Greetings fellow readers! My name is Amelia Greycloudus.

Let me be the first to say that it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As you may know, my name carries much weight in the Outer Score, homeland of the Bretons and security to the ElderLord’s, and the High Elder Counsel. You might have even heard of me in the world renown region of the kingdom of Druid, home to the Cascadians and the king’s Royal Druid guard, as I have at least two middle-sized vacation homes there! But I digress, I am posting this to make you aware that I have just recently opened my very own meadery in Berh’lius March called Jade Burrow Brewery. I am offering a job opportunity for any able-bodied men with a good sense for finances, task management, and schedule keeping. Anybody also knowledgeable within the field study of irrigation, and agriculture would be a much-appreciated bonus! I will pay anyone hired for the job approximately 300 gold a week, with free room and board of course, and the protection granted to you by The Green Viper organization that I have sanctioned. 

As the carriage began to pull it’s way to a stop just outside the ominous meadery, Johnathan’s eyes trembled anxiously as he read the final part of the ad:

You should also be made aware, if you maybe aren’t already, since I feel that it is only fair that you should know first-hand before entering…That I, along with my associates here in the Green Viper Gang, are vampires. Therefore, I’d ask that you not wear any crosses, or silver on your person at all times neither to your interview, or while on the job if hired. Also, if you happen to be a female, please disregard my job offer entirely, if you would please…


Copyrightcopyright August 4, 2017

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