Wardog Overlords


Him who flies sideways across the skies;

scrapes a scar against the overscore-

and bombs from the fighter slash through the skies;

opening potholes, like doors-

because the insane are engulfed in the flames;

indeed. The fire in their eyes…

For they see the nightmares, flickering madness, hurdling war over-sized-

and the men and women, laughing gas, immune to the war;

why they leap to and frou, past dead souls. All the way to the core-

they glide like the falcons, the samurai; American kamikaze, heart and soul-

they greed for vengeance, they forget themselves;

forever. Unsung, and unknown-

but this is the glory of them that is;

they who fall into the skies-

hurdling lead in air, as clouds that cry;

endlessly awakening the night…

Copyrightcopyright August 8, 2017


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