(Book Reading) Chronologue-Chapter 5


This is chapter 5 of my science fiction dystopian novel Chronologue

Now available on Amazon for ebook and paperback purchase!


Nightfall fell down upon Washington, DC and Kew Gardens…

Interested in purchasing Chronologue for yourselves? GROOVY!!!

Chronologue is an action-packed hard scifi/dystopian thriller based in the 23rd Century Future of America!


In the year 2257, humanity as we know it is challenged when an AI threat called The Avalon Republic manages to self-replicate itself. By the hand of the insane mechanical overlords, America and the other countries are put to the test as the green eyed apparatus’ hack our AI powered cars and technologies, clone their mechanical militia, and lay siege to our world in their efforts to turn humans into other machines. The Fight War wages as we send forth boots on the ground with our flags swinging through the air in bulk to defend our world. The fate of all existence lies in our hands…Should we fail, all hope will be lost.


Chronologue is available on Amazon for ebook and paperback purchase! Come grab your ticket to the future TODAY!

Chronologue: Your Invitation into the Future…!

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