Space Exploration and Dominance


The planets are desolate and vacant;

because God intended for us to be the aliens that invade them.

In where we thought the aliens would come to us, it was us that were to go to them all this time.

NASA waits and collects dust; the future is up for grabs.

We have everything we need right here on Earth; why shouldn’t mankind itself strive to explore the Galaxy world?

Politics and war hold us back from grabbing for the domination of the galaxies;

should America start sending the military to occupy the moon, it could cause World War 3. Greed and stubbornness is a disease that devours from the inside out.

It gathers flies and rust, it ages the steering wheel of destiny.

Like a parasitic presence, greed must be forsaken, along with stubbornness; stubbornness is pride.

It is the only way to prosper, anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

Greed never benefits anyone, that’s why God named it as one of the seven deadly sins.

A leader should lead; there is no way out.

If planet Mercury is too hot to live on, than technology must be made to control the sun’s power over it;

the country technologically advanced to do so and prevail regardless of the input of other countries will be granted its new world order.

The moon is a giant floating hemisphere waiting for us to gather Earth’s oxygen upon it;

the country that does this and can’t be stopped will control the most of the power.

If Pluto is too cold, then create a source to thaw its planet.

Technology can do this.

Why should we waste our time having a machine take selfies of itself, only to die and be stranded useless 40 or more years from now? We should invent garrisons to thrust into space faster than we’ll run out of rations.

We can be the one’s taking our own.

It’s a great test of God and His Elysium; here is our puzzle that we must solve: make Jupiter and the other worlds livable, until then it will never be. This standstill cycle can go on for eons…Or until the world is leader enough to leave the nest.

It’s a shame to give power to shaky hands, but it happens all the time.

Like when the stars tempts us with skin forged of celestial bodies;

like when Prometheus gathered himself until he and the sun became one;

like when Andromeda and The Milky Way fed the star’s children;

the ghost in the shell is the earl of resonance–

the mind is the gathering spot for all ambitious activity.

Around the glowing mind, the atmosphere is a grayscale.

Copyrightcopyright February 18, 2019


~AI and Humanity


The dawn of mankind walking with AI is approaching.

Though I am also a college student, and IT major at Strayer University, understanding the importance of science; utilizing technology and the solar system, I am also a Christian, and believe in the Lord our God.

There are things in this world that are beyond our power of knowing and understanding. I have had painful ailments cease at the power of my prayer. I have had nightmares in where the mere mentioning of Jesus’ name caused the monsters to flee in terror. I have heard God’s voice in visions; his voice sounds like a roaring lion, it is calm and powerful. It is peaceful. It is loving. It is wise. I have seen hazy visions of Jesus as a titanous being, His size so strong that if landed on a car would crush it flat as a penny, standing 8 feet tall.

Things like this can’t be explained, and therefore within every science, there has to be room for the heart, soul, and mind being willing to believe in the unknown.

With that being said, to those who say that nobody will ever create AI, or robots, or anything that can perform alongside humans, there is already the car. All it needs is a computer brain, and the ability to understand your race, gender, and emotions.

Also know that mankind never stops in technology. The world’s motion is constant and continuous, and so are our generations. If you have a child who says no while the parents say yes, then the children will carry their yes’ into policies when they grow older.

AI is a tool to use, just like the chair is a tool used to sit down in, just like a cup is a tool to hold water. If we create a machine, in attempts to dabble with self-aware machinery, then just like God gave us a conscience, we have to program the same in their logic;

If we do not teach our teenagers to respect their elders, then they won’t.

If we don’t teach a machine to see they value in human life, then they won’t.

The sun is soon to be the world’s only needed computer. If something were to ever happen to it, then not only will the AI and machinery die out, but life will begin to do the same. So it is in this that we learn that the use of a robot is just yet another tool used to get mankind through the day-to-day. Mankind itself is the most complicated machinery, able to self-replicate. Able to create, destroy.

Copyrightcopyright February 4, 2019

Freedom From The Giant Hands of Discomfort~Hurub Alhuriya


It’s a shame their country’s men oppresses what should be free.

The maiden covered, the golden rays like a bird in a cage.

She sings with a scarf across her desert sands;

her eyes shadowed by the fear of mankind-

she dances and is imprisoned.

The glowing sea is embraced only by the men;

The steering wheel of lust set in–

the face that glows with the blushing warmth of these ancient lands–

the landmines act as the ground’s hands to ensnare Elysium’s waltz-

these ancient lands upon the ground; 

the same ground mankind treads.

The flowing garment of her, by ends–

let your Father walk these distant lands–

the mother is in search of;

and the whites of our eyes the etchings of a soul;

the scarf many colors;

the shawl the sun covered aloft.

The day in where mankind embraces fate;

Eve is a gift that should be freed from mankind’s  hate–

upon ancient hopes that were once thought lost–

Copyrightcopyright February 2, 2019

Boredom and Lust


Bored people soon become lustful;

idle hands make for lustful thinking–

therefore we as adults must strive

to keep our minds active.

The mind is a jungle, a thought uses the vines of ambition to climb the desires of our hearts.

The soul is a wandering moth to the flames, floating across the light either natural, ominous, or manmade

With lust comes slothfullness.

The bed is a beautiful tool for rest; but it is also a jungle for the sloths–

moving slowly up the fog of war, the ambitious climb too close to the sun that shines the heat rays–

the trees are the spires that mark the watch towers;

the canopies are the castles the fair maiden sighs from–

How can you change a world that changes you, when you can’t even change yourselves?

Pride is more valuable than pleasure;

what the educated should fear most, is great knowledge, without the strength to even resist their own temptations.

Copyrightcopyright January 30, 2019

Soul Searching


I wish I had the gift to sing songs for people;

I would sing sounds like the angels.

I wish I had the talent to cook like the Master chefs do;

I would prepare meals for millions.

My heaven is the muse of writing ballads in rhyme-

To embrace the singing of–


with ink did I realize–

that my mind;

was the music, all this time–

Copyrightcopyright January 27, 2019