Hi Everyone, I’m gunna be opening up way more of Cascadia Legends :)


Hello everybody. ūüôā

In case you probably didn’t notice, I had recently made the site private. But I’m gunna be opening it up now.

Not only will I open the site, I’m also going to open “Cascadia Adventures”

Now some of those Cascadia Adventure stories might have pics, but some might not. I know the new ones may not have any, or just a singular pic, not sure.

But soon the whole sight will be open.


It’s gunna take me awhile to work on editing the Cascadia Adventures side, because I changed some stuff, but it should still be awesome. My only request is that none of my work or material me stolen, or posted anywhere on¬†other material, website, book, or media, without letting me know or asking please. Thank¬†you.

-from an old friend,

          Gregory Thomas

Death on a Horse



Death on a Horse

Death on a Horse

Poison hath stricken!

Leaping to and fro!

thar be it a gleam’s glow;

coming forth with all haste, to go gather souls-

Cause it is time, the heart feels ill;

the flies have all gathered, amongst the window sill-

and clumsy was, as clumsy as can be;

from the head up and down, to the bottom of the knees-

SLASH! Thar goes the chin hairs clipped off;

BOOM! Thar ye be crashed into doom!

Death on a horse, just like a knight;

Doom with four limbs, to bring forth a terrible fright;

Coming forth with all speed, to snatch up life..!

Copyrightcopyright May 17, 2014

The Magician and The Wizard



Chilled, smooth, windy, cool;

Cold, icy, lake’s, pool-

Swingin jazz, like a jazz man swingin’;

as cool as a ship called “The Titanic” and sinking-

Cause oooh wap, dee doo lee doo, doop, doop, doop;

the masked magician tip-toes as he snoops-

the wizard off the tunes, slops up the goose juice-

boobadee boop, boop, and her belt disappeared;

Bipadee, bopadee, boo

bet she be back by 12-

there’s a wizard on the stage, came to go out in a blaze;

there’s a magic in the magician, and there’s magic in his ways-

there’s temptation, all around;

and nowhere is the sound…

Copyrightcopyright April 17, 2014


Offward Knight


A story, a story, a lustrous story;

o’ how a knight, has risen to glory-

a tale, o tales, of heroes of old;

a tale, a tale, o glories seth told-

onward knight, the fellowship one;

striding among, the brightest of suns-

dawning o legends, so boldly told;

a tale, a tale o’er legends of old-

Drawing a sword, o’er all other swords;

nay of the fears o’ enemy hordes-

striding among suns, and riding by glory;

a story, a story, a lustrous story-

Copyrightcopyright April 14, 2014

The March of the Folly


There once t’was a man, whom had lost his own hand;

for it took by finger bones, and leaped to and fro!

As it ran off the wrist, with fingers walked with;

t’was a man whom had lost his hand, at the fault of skyward wind-

“Leap hand, LEAP!” cried the grass, thick as blades-

and “Run, flesh and bones!”¬†wept the trees, thick as stone;

When the man chased it hence, with his limbs, thick and dense;

as his hand, did it sprint, as it hurdled through the fence!

Ballad’s Meaning: If someone¬†is¬†careless with their¬†gifts,¬†

they might just lose them…!

Copyrightcopyright April 13, 2014

The Reflection of War


Looming tower, a’yonder over;

mortar bricks, past the soldiers-

weighty wisps, skyward clouds;

stretch in packs, upon the ground-

lay in wait, lay in shroud;

fires falling, nay of a sound-

looming tower, a’yonder over;

growing night’s, coldest shoulder-

men of each, woman’s boon;

burning flowers, nay to bloom-

looming days, opening doors;

looming tower, a’yonder o’war-

Ballad’s Meaning: How war can bring forth calamity out of a once

peaceful setting.

Copyrightcopyright April 13, 2014