The Stroke of Inspiration


Lo, what visions await they

whom wander the very corridors

of their own


And into the wandering does the wanderer commence;

it is the sound of a bicycle built for two. Your sanity, and you-

you waltz along the conscience, like a rabbit down a hole-

and you congregate the fathoms of your infinite unknown-

20,000 Leagues into your own soul…

you’re unsung within your own sound-

you witness the sound of sight. You hurdle your inner being forward-

into darkness encased within the light-

And you reemerge, like a beam of instant light-

the stroke of inspiration. And with every ounce of it’s might.

Copyrightcopyright August 17, 2017



If dreams catch dreams; that aimlessly dreams…

Then, what dreams are left to grasp? That dare fall through the seams?

Because them whom dream sideways, sidewaysidly dreams astray!

And horrible things happen! To them whom dream of decay!

Because them whom don’t dreams, is like a child, that doofusly dreams!


doofusly dreams confusion?

Is them and all that so schemes…

A fat man is chubby, and daydreams of food;

the same as a skinny woman, that day dreams of shoes!

And what about people, that don’t know no better?

Them are they, that don’t dream at all? They are them, that’d be thralls.

A man, is useless. Because he don’t dream. He is. A doofus-

and a female, with long eyelashes; blinks horribly away those same dreams-

but then, EVADE! Past the loft-

and into the depths of what dreams were lost…

Copyrightcopyright August 16, 2017

Hold Your head up. Don’t Be Discouraged. God is on Your Side.


Hello friends. It is Gregory Thomas here.

I know that many of you either perhaps do not watch the news media as much as you used to, if even at all. In fact, I myself do not watch the news anymore.

This message is not going for politics, it is not going for specific races. I am going to be talking directly on uplifting EVERYBODY caught up in the entanglement and the struggle, so that you will no longer fear. You will no longer be discouraged. And in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ your savior. You will be uplifted.


The length is long, but this important read, you will only need to read once when the time is most appropriate, so that you may continue your day.



There is power in peace. There is chaos in hatred.

the world is entangled within a spiral that circles abound. There is fire underneath. There are angels up above. there is the night sky, there is death or there is love.

There is no lukewarm, there is only choosing. To live arm and arm. To embrace one another; or to reap what you sow.

You can choose to be as they (and there shall be many) that seek their vengeance; your face will only become the same face of hate. Expressionless, mindless, insane, and snarling…

You will see only black and white. You will fear who wroth fear. You will be as mindless beasts that don’t even understand how that same hatred has stretched and warped their own faces-

a drooling, eyeless once-human creature. That waltz in darkness, devours the darkness, and cries out in that same darkness.

If you choose that vengeance, whilst in that darkness, you will stumble around, striking trees (metaphor for buildings in the cities) swinging blindly (metaphor for whatever weapons you wave in air) your blindness will only attack the first person you see-

Some people believe that hatred attacks the first black person they see.

But in truth, hatred is blind and eyeless, and sees nothing. Only hears (metaphor for listening to what they hear on T.V. or whatever is up in the air of gossip). Hatred attacks whomever, and whatever they hear shuffling around;

and whoever, chooses to be amongst that same darkness (to join in that same hatred or vengeance seeking) brothers and sisters (whatever race they may be) will only rage against whomever voice or sound they hear first. Because hatred is mindless. And doesn’t even understand why.


Or you can remove yourself from that hatred. And in return, you will see that peace that God will and shall shower over you. If you do not believe this, then in Jesus name, I pray it over you today for simply reading across these words I pray that this is so for you (whatever ethnicity, or gender, or belief or religion, that you are).

That you will be protected from whatever evil that is already defeated in Jesus’ name has in store. You must remove from that evil (by knowing the truth that you know you are free). Turn from that vengeance. Walk in the light. And in return. You will have power in your peace.



Wardog Overlords


Him who flies sideways across the skies;

scrapes a scar against the overscore-

and bombs from the fighter slash through the skies;

opening potholes, like doors-

because the insane are engulfed in the flames;

indeed. The fire in their eyes…

For they see the nightmares, flickering madness, hurdling war over-sized-

and the men and women, laughing gas, immune to the war;

why they leap to and frou, past dead souls. All the way to the core-

they glide like the falcons, the samurai; American kamikaze, heart and soul-

they greed for vengeance, they forget themselves;

forever. Unsung, and unknown-

but this is the glory of them that is;

they who fall into the skies-

hurdling lead in air, as clouds that cry;

endlessly awakening the night…

Copyrightcopyright August 8, 2017


Mechanical Overlords


Into darkness, you are encased in the shadows.
Engulfed in the fire, you are forged in the flames.
Frozen in time, you are lifeless forever.
Devoured by thoughts, your mind is erased…
Hugged by the lifeless, you are forever turned to stone…
Into the shadows you are invisible in the mirror.
Useless in work, you toil in vain.
Forgiven by the light behind the tunnel, you are burdenless forever.
Wrapped in skin, you are cold hearted never.
Until you see, that your skin is has a seam…

Copyrightcopyright August 6, 2017