Peace versus War


The difference between Peace Overlords

and Wardog Overlords;

Is that Peace Overlords die trying to achieve peace.

And Wardog Overlords die, trying to achieve war.

Remember I told you, war is intangible. It can’t be held in one’s hand.

It can’t be stopped.

Eventually your government will make money from off of war.

It can’t be helped, they get bored. And they greed.

Boredom welcomes greed, believe it or not.

But Boredom also welcomes war.

An android falls into the sky, it is called an eye.

It is a frozen war, mankind call the Cold War.

Ambition is always in the eyes of EVERY dictator.

But ambition strides through poison ivy.

She is liberty fleeing, and embracing her spouse:


She is beautiful, I love.

You, love. she is the dove. Her arms are butterflies, she flies away.

Inside you she is welcomed. She is your heart, my brothers.

She makes you breathe.

You will breathe in war, until beyond control-

because war is like armor, worn by the soul…


Copyrightcopyright February 20, 2018


Power Over Rejection


Only evil will reject you.

Good people welcome peace.

Chaos wants only chaos.

The weak minded, and easily manipulated, are like matchsticks.

The smoker addicted, scrapes them on the ground, and they burn.

Until their flame will out!

But there is power in peace, there is chaos in hatred.

And peaceful kingdoms will prevail, while countries of chaos will devour their own hand.

Trolls are cannibals, they feed off living flesh.

But God is a God of life.

Love never fails.

Love can stop war from rampaging.

Overlords enjoy being overlords.

But the wise enjoy wisdom.

Her that calls you weak, is she that is vain and awkward.

him that calls you plain, is plain himself, and insane.

They that gossip behind your back,

are just that! Behind your back.

Only forward walking people walk forward.

And only falling backward people fall backwards.

Evil smiles at evil, but evil fears benevolent rulers!

God has always seen all things.

He sees and understands what He is looking at.

While tomfoolery can’t even see their own fate.

And yet the easily distraught still believe the foolish can see theirs?


Copyright February 19, 2018


Becoming Overseers


Do not fret if your overseers of great business are direct with your work effort.

Their actions are only because they wish to make money, and are afraid of losing it.

Jobs are like virtual realities.

Everybody cosplays in their own realities.

All humans play dress up, and pretend to be what they are.

But rain washes away face make-up. 

And lightning startles the actors from out of their concentration.

Houses are like doll houses. It is pretty to look at, but it is a child’s plaything.

Put away childish things, and you will grow up straight away!

Sometimes grown ups behave like newborns.

Sometimes newborns understand.

Earth’s landscape is mindless, it does what it wants to do.

Only the mind can tame it.

And the mind, takes time to create.

True wisdom is immortal. And never dies.

Tomfoolery is foolish, in all forms!

The fool gets up and sits back down, and drools insidiously.

A wise man goes upright.

Build your mind like a database, and you will monitor too much!

But build your mind like the galaxies, and you will understand too much!

Build your mind like your rivals, and both will be clones.

But build your mind as you least expect it; your own mind will be caught unprepared.

Only love can bring you peace.

Only peace, feels like love.

You can rest at ease, knowing that you feel peace.

But be careful…Madness however, will warp you like a curse.


Copyright February 19, 2018






The Social Aethers


The reason why some people have such great ease encouraging

other people, but have trouble encouraging themselves, is because the human

is a social creature.

They function best communicating their feelings,

then wrestling with their own conscience.

Thoughts are loudest in silence, but in a room full to the brim, humanity can sense everything around.

It is because mankind is meant to sense everything.

Even the intangible morality.

Even the blind sense life, encased in darkness.

All things can sense darkness.

To understand yourself, will free yourself from yourself.

Free your mind, and your mind will be free from your own mind.

Hear your heart, and your heart will hear itself.

Reach out. And reaching out, will reach your way.

Listen, and see what is making sound.

And sound will see what is listening for it.

To understand the world, but do what it commands.

Is futile, when the hurricanes can change its landscape at the blink of an eye.

When sickness can lessen the population?

When a madman can take lives, and when fear can cause your government to make new laws. Abandoning the old.

Only by abandoning the arrogant, shall you go forth and adventure.


Copyright February 18, 2018



Future Ambitions


War can not be ended with human hands. This is because war is not an object. It is an idea, an ambition.

A thought. Abstract.

Your mind can be the war. Your madness can be the war.

Your peace can be the war, and your dreams can wage a war.

Those who insist over simple squabbles, will be as foder for those who seek to

Brainwash and userp the mind.

Minions live until useless, then are devoured whole by the greedy.

The internet will die, and be replaced by robot overlords.

Monitoring everybody’s movements.

Social media will become illegal.

And prisons will be over-populated with souls for committing petty crimes.

While crimelords will thrive off ignored ones.

But those who are wise, will take over more of the Earth in secret.

Then the rich will with a trumpet.

And in the future, the rich will be mere

Minions to those with ambitious minds…

Copyright February 18, 2018