Twisted Overlord


In his mind, he is the answer.

His thoughts are like a legion, used to shoot down the thoughts of failure.

But his memories are a sword.

For he overlords inevitably, in where no fair maiden’s embrace can warmth.

He is insanity in it’s true form,

And insanity to the core.

For war is the memories,

He has seen too much-

Nostalgia is the childhood, off of the thoughts that once was.

But a man turned to wrath, vengeance is an invader-

Snatching lifeless villagers,

The conscience is the pillanger-

And in the mind, the platform is an endless field, where the fog of war is as wheat.

For what insanity bodes the courage to stand alone?

In the mind of depravity, a fiend becomes as a beast.

And standing in the middle is the shaper.

Copyrightcopyright June 19, 2017

Endless Light


With the ridiculousness of every

shadow lurking afore us all;

inevitability is a look, gained, and saw-

For what eyeless beast enters in from out of the boogieman’s

closet? Nothing but a gasp, at the very thought of such a logic.

Insanity fidgets a beautiful face;

the day your thoughts unto fears, are doth enslaved-

for war is a war, fought hardest in the mind-

a fragile mind; written all the time-

chaos is the fidgeting nightmare, made into a grin-

to smite such thoughts, endless light…

war, and war, woven like skin-

For good and evil, unto all things;

decided is the rise and fall;

it is like a freight train, used as vengeance;

it is like a fiend, wearing a flowing dress.

It is like a thought used as a grin.

But what ho, little one, endless questions ceased;

always remember you this:

That the deeper into the endless light, we go;

the darker becomes your shadow-

And the infinite gunfire admist all our world wars?

This is called the endless light;

it is like waging an assault, with the golden gates of the stronghold in front.

and nothing but shadows from behind…

Copyrightcopyright May 31, 2017

The Soft Heartbeats of Her Heart


Is there not a more sweeter music, than the

soft heartbeats of anticipation?

From over and a’yonder;

a fair maiden awaits your response-

and yet to be cast aside, a stolen glance;

like a needle, her eyes gaze my heart like a lance-

and into the depths of, like water down the hatch,

each breath she catches, caresses me like a fair lass-

And I know now indeed, my worries go asunder-

and my doubt, shall surely be at it’s last…

Copyrightcopyright May 25, 2017

She Swung Open Her Frozen Heart


She swung her frozen heart aside,

and all that lay in wake were indeed opened to the core-

aside from the shore, the frozen shore;

she aimlessly separates, like a cloud used for a door-

to whom the heart thaws, be it

frozen in her cruel gaze. Her image she last did saw?

A slumbering glance? Against an ominous maw?

As she aimlessly dreams, the true Winter-Wonderland be it

the cold, that her frozen heart yearns to thaw…

Copyrightcopyright April 27, 2017

Sword of Truth


Is there no more a truer fate,

than a death unknown by the strike of the sword?

Surely a hoard is reduced by the hoards, upon light’s

glowing steel and slash-

forbidden to be grasped by tempting fate, is the sword true;

all but dying by a glow like the moon-

And what swinging pendulum that exists,

denies itself of an arm’s leverage…?

Even though the warrior’s aim is true,

his score is but a death sentence-

for war follows a man, until he learns, that-

even the future, wages with wars from great and past…

Copyrightcopyright April 27, 2017