When its calm inside, a storm rages the surface…



The storm outside. Its scary isn’t it?

Almost like fate. Sometimes fate can be a scary maiden.

Sometimes the only thing a child needs to be fearless, is destiny’s hand.

But destiny is formless, until seen. And sometimes we don’t see it, until we see it in another’s eyes.

The dying faint glow of logic, starts with the logic of understanding.

Sometimes not understanding, however, helps the drifter understand

even greater.


-Gregory Thomas


Hello on War and Poetry


Hello. Gregory Thomas here, friends.

Is not the art of war, just Ballads for humans?

Was not the sound of listening alone the very concept of The Cold Wars?

Was not antebellum’s existence started on behalf of our mind and eyes?

Does not all of mankind wait on mankind?

Does it really suprise you that your eyes see what is around them?

Your mind is the most personal think you can have, and only your mind knows what your mind is thinking.

Your soul is caged by your own ribcage. Your blood is just drool, used for your body’s elixar.

Your eyelashes are just thorns, your chin is your body’s mountains.

But I ramble. What matters is that you hear the music through my words.

The words are the music, the mind is the canvas, your eyes are the window, and your voice can shatter all three of these things.


-From your friend, Gregory Thomas.

Waging Wendigo Wars


It lifts up from the wind, and the wind;

carries the terror-

you, alongside the radicalization of the air,

as you are lifted up knee-deep into despair-

from out of the reckoning of your flesh removed-

are the teeth of the gnashing blades; bone, shards and razors-

because the sound of war and flesh feed off of the death-

ashes to ashes and cinders-

comrades afraid of going mad, go mad first-

The guns athirst are the warbirds afraid of lifting from out of wind burst-

the sound of wailing! And it is indeed the fear of you being intertwined-

afraid of devouring your own, in the name of your misunderstood crimes-

the wings beat justice, but the sound of vengeance is a game fought,

worst, within your own mind!

Poem meaning: Talks about war, and the fear of becoming



Copyrightcopyright April 30, 2018



The art of love-


The froward wind, cold and deathening.

Heartless beats. I hear everyone.

Unknown stupor of the life and mares are one.

My eardrums are too keen on sound-

I hear more noise silent, then when I am found…


Copyrightcopyright April 6, 2018


The Fate of All Trolls


Evil wears a human face, and calls you outside your name;

evil a disgrace; an internet troll-

a monster fully enslaved;

because trolls use ignorance, to tease the proud and wholesome-

they will use their chins, to scoop up their souls-

decaying, rotting. And lonesome-

and into the horrors of their own words, they will find their ghosts;

the madness that they shape and create,

shall rip the marrow from their bones-

and the bullies that sing with evil lips, shall fall into the pit-

their skin will melt, their names like weight, falling into their sins-

and infinite smiles, from above the ground, that hated them when they were alive-

shall laugh with joy, and prance like children;

dancing over the graves of their demise…

Copyrightcopyright February 5, 2018

I made Tumblrs!


Hello friends, this is Gregory Thomas here.
I am letting you know that I made tumblrs!

Here you will find posts I made that are more pictures, than words-

mostly dealing with ingame pics taken from a video game called Skyrim.

Video gaming might not be your thing, but I still put in ‘REAL world content’ that you will most definitely find to be amusing. Loads with funny pictures I edited, and fun topics I posted containing humour, insight, and amusement. 🙂

You might also find the pictures to be pleasant to look at as well, which I hope you still continue to endorse, if you have a tumblr as well, please show your support.



   (This tumblr features a high elf  who lives in Skyrim. She claims to be ‘insane’ and a member of the Yakuza, and always posts things oriental, yakuza, or ingame related content. She is mostly humorous, yet sometimes posts cryptic messages…)



 (This tumblr is about an orc that likes conspiracies, the government, and may have a bunch of funny rambling that she will do about the government, aliens, and Illuminati. She usually offers comic relief, but can post some pretty startling revelations as well.)


I have many ideas, and could create even more tumblrs, but for now, these are pretty fun to simply engage in and view, I really do hope that you

please consider viewing in you leisure. 🙂

Thank you very much.


-From your epic friend

Gregory Thomas

The Great Devoureress


A hand, is your own hand-

a departure, is your own departure. From this world, you were placed as a beating heart-

borne, for me to use, like a shadow in the dark;

a hand is used to capture, hand in hand they swing-

to capture souls, in the name of her; her lair is a plaything-

and it is the killer, of killers; the devourerer of bond and trust-

it is him, it is her. It is them, it is us…

And now you are made a runner;

chased endlessly until found-

as the deathbell rings her sound-

the terror releases its hounds…


Copyrightcopyright October 21, 2017