Lost Girl


Her warmth is cold, and welcomes you.

The heart is an invisible dagger, as your

heartbeats go unnoticed…

Her fangs taste her tongue as she swings forth;

into your warming embrace, and into your life, is the crash course…

and blood is used for lemonade,

to quench the thirst, your muse is honey for her to feed.

She gratefully feeds…

Because is not a cruel cold voice, a giggle in disguise?

As the tonsils swing,

even the laughter subsides…

Copyrightcopyright July 31, 2017

Cold is the Frozen Space


Into the depths of, and then further into space;

inevitability makes your stride like a needle, shooting further until erased-

her eyes tunnel through space, like a wreckage, devouring;

and her eyes widen eagerly, her snarl is a meteor. Showering-

her face is the whole of Andromeda, waiting to tear you apart;

and her body is the space, too; indeed the void;

hurdling radiation over you-

cold dead space, is like a body that descends, over the junkyard of ships. Crumbles a sound deafening.

and yet no sound is heard, as you fall into gravity’s grip and pull;

Saturn lifts fools up without pity, devouring wanderers until made full.

She hovers over, indeed, indeed;

Orion, the belt that squares. And cold freezes tumbling skin to the touch. Her giggles up, over, and all around her lair.

and she fidgets a giggly grin, that is the laughter of space itself;

like a woman, her body embraces man-

and like a wedding, her face is the veil…

And the cold. Horrible, inevitable cold. Uses bodies as limbs to waltz;

she is the jester that prances about,

using star dust she lathers for suds and bath salts-

and the mind too, is vulnerable;

the day mankind! And into the depths of the space thereof…

Into the depths of space unutterable.

Poem Meaning:

Talks about the dangers of space travel.

Copyrightcopyright July 18, 2017


She, on the Canvas of Terror


She smiles, and teeth are shown;

and she grins, and her cover is blown-

for her teeth, just like her demise, brown like wooden horrors;

and just inside, is just in store;

for any so man that honors-

the mask that she wears, tears skin to a shred;

and the thorns that prickle against naughty skin;

throw severing blades, upon the bed-

her laugh, turns eyes glazed over white as snow; devouring fools, and devouring souls-

and her lashes, a bristle bunch nestled tightly against each eye;

make crimson to trickle down from each hole-

for walking, hand in hand with darkness, makes you forget the light;

why, it crashes the shadows against all that you love;

and burns it down into flames with all might-

…and it is she that shone doom, like a ray of light shone rays;

and it is she that whistles the siren song,

and it is she, that so dare all enslaves-

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2016

A Man Fell Down into Hell


PHOTO_20141216_220507~2_HagridA man fell down, through a crack in the ground.

Then fell even farther, as the shadows grew darker. His body hit the ground, and made a thud sound. His eyes opened wide, to a terrible sight. Men that were not, danced in fires made hot. Their eyes gleaming wicked, their head hairs twisted. And rock was everywhere, dressed as a stone, the very ground littered with bone. The man felt the heat, and felt it well;

he had indeed, fallen into hell. And evil giggled, just like girls, as one another vomited up the souls devoured and hurled. Slop was as skin, slopped up and eaten. Horns, just like a bull’s, on every single head;

The dance of fire indeed, was the very dance of the dead! Loud noises clashed like pots;

and wailing noises rang loud, like gun shots. Blood was like juice, slurped on by the fiends;

never any sleep, never any sleep.

And the man looked down, and saw he had no legs. Yet floated. And the man looked up, and saw black darkness. And yet no end to this…

And skin was like bones, as the man floated forth. And his body turned to skeleton, by way of the fire born source. His eyes opened horrible, shaking with fear. And the things there that saw him, bore eyes black like a deer’s. The man yelled with a fumbling cry, and died a never-ending death;

all tears from him, evaporated as he wept. The things giggled like kiddies, with evil faces. Wearing bits of flesh on their teeth, as if braces. The things snatched up the man, bone by bone;

They played pick-up-sticks, with his very soul. And from out of the corner of his ear, the man could still hear;

the other man he killed, just before coming here…

Copyrightcopyright December 17, 2014

The Day the Juice Drank Down


The juice drank down, and then gushed the inner throat;

gobbled down like water, and slurped warm like a coat. The evening day that was, like a glass of good juice;

slurp, slurp, slurp! And shaking the tonsils loose! Gulp, went the thirst quencher, all the way down. The day the juice drank down real good, sliding down ounce by ounce. The blood from the drops colored the tongue red, and red as red as can be;

Boy, that drink sure did hit the spot! No more thirsty me!

Poem meaning: Refers to vampires drinking blood


Copyrightcopyright October 16, 2014

The Banshee that So Searches


The Banshee brings with her, a cry that silences life;

and just like a self-sword armed, her screech cuts at the heart, like a knife-

She wanders alone, just skin and bones;

a hollow walking corpse, with naught a soul-

she searches out for love, she searches out for blood;

and blood doth fills her, her appetite for lunch-

and she shall screech and screech, with her crooked o’l teeth-

the banshee that so searches, and searches for me…

Copyrightcopyright June 30, 2014