I created another new WordPress


nevadaHello friends!

I created another new wordpress featuring Nevada.




She once and still is on a tumblr site (nevadathehighelfbabe.tumblr.com)

But I don’t like how many bad things are on the site, (ranging from a bunch of demonic symbolism, bullying, sex and porn, etc.)

It is completely overwhelming and personally, I don’t think I have time for any of that childish attention seeking nonsense that the users there are showing.

The devs on the site have absolutely no pull or control on the site at all, and allow users to just run free with the nonsense. I don’t think they will survive another 10 more years without another major hacking or backlash hitting them.



Anyway, I am setting up a screenshot capture wordpress, in where I will post only skyrim pics from my game that I LOVE there. It will be funny, however some pics might be NSFW, just because of them being suited more for gamers (in where maybe elves in bikinis ^~^)

please support and let others know about it. Thank you very much.


-From your friend, Gregory Thomas


The Shadow Face (Part 3)


And the face of indeed, t’was the face of the fiend;

gobbling up all the children that are mean-

For the thing that walks, walks as The Shadow Face;

with his blood stained blade, he doth slays-

This thing has eyes, piercing red;

it shalt not stop, till flesh is dead!

And if you act up, like a naughty little brat;

be careful, least you be sewn to it’s back..!

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014

The Shadow Face (part 2)


Every shadow behind you, is the Children of the Slain;

their bodies made flattened, all the children that misbehaved-

For they wear your body, and reflect your soul;

they’re a warning from the evil, that shall gobble you whole!

For the thing called ‘The Shadow Face” holding a rusted blade;

his eyes piercing red, and his skin decayed-

And the thing called The Shadow Face, wears a hazy face;

distorted as it looks, and his skin, stitched and laced-

searching to snatch up froward children away…

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014

The Shadow Face (Part 1)


A shadow amongst did form, and shadows like a hoard;

evil from the face of, is born-

and walks into a room, the children’s faces the same;

all wearing the faces of the victims they’ve slain-

and their eyes, all at you, glazed over as white as snow;

with the evil deep down, in the pit of their soul-

For the thing called The Shadow Face, melts and decays;

brandishing a blood-stained machete like a blade-

and gobbles up the children, that  misbehave;

changing them into shadows behind the victims he has slain-

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014