The Shadow Face (Part 3)


And the face of indeed, t’was the face of the fiend;

gobbling up all the children that are mean-

For the thing that walks, walks as The Shadow Face;

with his blood stained blade, he doth slays-

This thing has eyes, piercing red;

it shalt not stop, till flesh is dead!

And if you act up, like a naughty little brat;

be careful, least you be sewn to it’s back..!

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014


The Shadow Face (part 2)


Every shadow behind you, is the Children of the Slain;

their bodies made flattened, all the children that misbehaved-

For they wear your body, and reflect your soul;

they’re a warning from the evil, that shall gobble you whole!

For the thing called ‘The Shadow Face” holding a rusted blade;

his eyes piercing red, and his skin decayed-

And the thing called The Shadow Face, wears a hazy face;

distorted as it looks, and his skin, stitched and laced-

searching to snatch up froward children away…

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014

The Shadow Face (Part 1)


A shadow amongst did form, and shadows like a hoard;

evil from the face of, is born-

and walks into a room, the children’s faces the same;

all wearing the faces of the victims they’ve slain-

and their eyes, all at you, glazed over as white as snow;

with the evil deep down, in the pit of their soul-

For the thing called The Shadow Face, melts and decays;

brandishing a blood-stained machete like a blade-

and gobbles up the children, that  misbehave;

changing them into shadows behind the victims he has slain-

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2014