The Logic of Language


There is no thicker border between two neighboring countries,

than the language barrier between them.

its the great invisible forcefield that boon’s a misunderstanding between two potential allies.

Like when the butter knife doesn’t understand that the hand’s use will guide it;

like when the hand doesn’t know that the butter knife will nourish it.

Two shield brothers leave each other behind. Two soul mates never realize one another’s potential.

Like when the mind doesn’t understand the heart; like when the heart doesn’t understand the mind.

Like when a flower doesn’t understand the ambition of the sun; like when the warmth doesn’t understand the ambition of a rose.

Copyrightcopyright August 16, 2019





War is the javelin piercing the troubled heartbeats.

The thorn across the mind that ensnares the spirit.

The body is the war; our bodies are the jungle, humanity frolics through the Jungles of War and Ambition.

Ambition fuels rage, passion, lust, temptation.

Ambition is what created America. Ambition creates everything…

But ambition creates destruction. The same people who built the great settlement designed to ensure this breathing man’s freedom, made the same atomic bomb rendered forth to destroy it all.

Our arms like trees rise and fall with our heartbeats.

Our limbs like trunks root and uproot.

Our heads like the clouds swing thoughts, like the frozen cirrus clouds; cold and warmed by the breathing sun.

Shadowed, or embraced by rain.

Rain slumbers in the midst of this man’s fellow mind.

Is it a flood of passion come forth to tremble the light?

The ear is the metronome of flesh for the sound and caverns; this fellow-man’s skull’s interior is equal to the endless caverns the mind wanders through.

Do we serve as our own phantom? Do we play a haunt unto our own bodies–

Are we ghosts inside our own bodies; Do we possess ourselves?

Or does society string us along?

Do we awaken ourselves into the air of our wanting drives?

In the sunflower fields of light, does this fellow man derive.

The nose is the great pillar of us all; embracing the air we thrive.

My eyes the seeing pedestal unto all this fellow of one and many;

humanity in an overture. The chessboard of fate is right there, in us all;

the body is the war; in where lone politicians or perhaps many of the like, search high and lo for Liberty’s Bell.

My fellow good man, our heartbeats play a host to the very ribcage of Liberty’s cell.

Copyrightcopyright April 18, 2019

The Power of Unity


Now America was built on the very basis of anarchy;

Our founding fathers rebelled against King George the Third, and in their efforts they won the birthing of our country of America.

When 1,200 poor work as one and join in unity that don’t have over a million dollars, it can be dangerous…but when 1,200 rich that do have over a million dollars get together and join in unity, it can be even more dangerous than when the poor do it. Consider it this way: 200 rich kings and queens each having over 2 billion dollars get together and become friends, bolstering one another; they can afford tanks, rations, armies, create laws and barriers against anybody not in their circle. When 200 poor get together that can’t afford any of these things, they can only be meddlesome with twigs and pitchforks for so long before order is sent to be regained.

This is the logic of a syndicate; of a rich and powerful society wanting the same thing. The issue that is usually common, is that most rich would rather do their own thing, than rely on the other now that they can.

Pluralism versus elitism dictates that if we all join forces and want the same thing, or if we have an exceeding class status, we have power; Elitism dictates that if we have the most money and influence, then we have power. Pluralism dictates that if we have a thousand of us wanting the same thing, then they have to listen to majority rule, pluralism is more dangerous than elitism only if they maintain the larger size, once they start to separate in interests then there is a weakening of its power.

Never the twain shall meet, otherwise it defeats the purpose.

Copyrightcopyright April 7, 2019

Strengthening a Country


Writers have the ability to take over the world.

All they have to do is write laws that force everyone else to be illiterate.

Writers invented America, kings were taught how to write, even God is a writer; He invented and wrote the Bible. The strength and cosmetic power a pen can hold is undeniable. Barbarians fear the illustrations of dragons scrawled behind on the caves for them, even if they were all imaginary, they fear like everyone else the telegrams sent in letters to us by our future selves

They who write be them male or female invent the race the others must run, but an illiterate country is a warzone inevitable to happen. Which brings us to the second trait that must be known;

Now that we are literate, educated, and are able to write be them male or female, we must also know how to defend ourselves.

Educated, technologically advanced, able to articulate, and can protect themselves from anyone unagreeable as well?

The countries that excel in this will dominate all the other countries, even if the other country is another super power.

Copyrightcopyright March 25, 2019

The Logic of Strongholds


A patient person obtains power;

an impatient person obtains mischief–

mischief is the meddlesome thorns that swing and aim to prickle the minds with constant stressors–

the mind filled with doubt is the mind filled with sorrow;

doubt is the venom that depression derives from–

An impatient mind has no choice but to doubt, because its in the logic of their heart and mind, while a patient man is naturally strong.

A weed gathers unto mischief when it grows from out of the sidewalk;

you see its pattern; stumbling passerbys, looking out-of-place, stirring strife; what happens to it? A child’s bike or a boot crushes its roots, a dog marks it mindlessly, it gathers more weeds, or its uprooted or weed purger thrown over it to bring forth its demise–

this same effect will happen to people who fall into mischief;

they stumble passerbys, their presence is out-of-place in rooms, they stir strife, their spirit is easily crushed by even the most tedious things, they are soon disregarded by others, they are hounded by troublemakers, or others send them away or remove them from their lives–

Therefore the logic of patience is that a stronghold is made sturdy when its mind be made anchored.

An anchored mind does not fall into the bear traps of the constant sorrows around it, but rather searches the peace that a man finds from within his heart.

A wise heart beats the fruit of the living, while a weak heart beats irregularly and strays away from the life’s breath of its own body’s lungs.

Copyrightcopyright March 19, 2019

Fate Weavers


In a siren’s gaze, as the gun’s blaze, in mid-airborne do we strike again. Now tell me wanders through the killing fields; the skies bloat out by the broken ruins, do they act as a comrade’s shields?

Does the airborne trench, the one in the skies in where the clouds carry lost souls;

act as the pavement for the planes to crash ‘gainst?

Love is a pilot fighting for freedom, and once the freedom enters the skies;

a dogfight occurs over the cornea vessels that mark the eyes–

guns go forth like walking limbs, the swing of will in the gills; those are the pilots who mistook the ocean for a window seal;

unlocking the waves, our vision went hazy, lost to the fog of war the mist that forever betrays thee–

the sea is crueller than preparing for the striking missile;

fate has never been more in control, than with the artist ‘crossin canvas bristles;

in the air, the battlefield is decided, for in the mist, the fog of war is the siren’s guidance–

love is in the air, peace is in the motion;

war is on the ground, and silence ‘cross the inevitable ocean–

Copyrightcopyright March 8, 2019

Awakening Ambition


And the clouds above us float with intensity;

so does our ambition, when we think-

the thoughts of wanting, and the limbs of striding?

The same only without the other would leave us without–

the ringing in our ears, the notions of wants;

we want what the soul wants;

and the soul is a fathomless notion of deeds–

knowing to no end, in where does the soul begin?

The heartbeats of a thriving will;

and the lessons learned in time–

there is no time that exists, within an impatiant mind–

Copyrightcopyright March 7, 2019