The Crow-Siren’s Sea


A fair-thee-well wave goodbye

to the maiden’s crossin’ o’er the sea;

her heart in the sky is equal to the sun;

and its rays her vessels travelled upon–

the blue her blushing gaze, the blinding rays;

of sailors captured by the siren’s bridage–

lost at sea is fate in search for eternity;

the lovebeats of a winged hummingbird–

the wink of a greenly lit bird’s glow–

the harbinger of souls;

alas it is her will that marks a battleship;

the man-o-war ‘gainst the blushing vessel,

and it is her waves that I adore–

Copyrightcopyright February 20, 2019


Freedom From The Giant Hands of Discomfort~Hurub Alhuriya


It’s a shame their country’s men oppresses what should be free.

The maiden covered, the golden rays like a bird in a cage.

She sings with a scarf across her desert sands;

her eyes shadowed by the fear of mankind-

she dances and is imprisoned.

The glowing sea is embraced only by the men;

The steering wheel of lust set in–

the face that glows with the blushing warmth of these ancient lands–

the landmines act as the ground’s hands to ensnare Elysium’s waltz-

these ancient lands upon the ground; 

the same ground mankind treads.

The flowing garment of her, by ends–

let your Father walk these distant lands–

the mother is in search of;

and the whites of our eyes the etchings of a soul;

the scarf many colors;

the shawl the sun covered aloft.

The day in where mankind embraces fate;

Eve is a gift that should be freed from mankind’s  hate–

upon ancient hopes that were once thought lost–

Copyrightcopyright February 2, 2019

The Kiss of Hearts


The swinging heart, the fine art.

My ribcage is the railing.

My soul is the bird that floats above the cloud-ed veiling;

The swinging of the tonsils, the embrace of the mind;

the part when two arms reach ‘cross bodies;

the warmth that warms the bones inside–

the eyes like a fluttering breeze, the heartbeats the rustles from the trees;

the way the soul is used like a lantern by the campers;

frolicking in the gilded field of dreams–

Copyrightcopyright January 23, 2019

The Knights and the Dragon


Freedom is worth dying for.

Therefore, the freedom of others is even more so worth dying for.

A man failing at trying to free others is even more so freer than the man who succeeds in allowing oppression to happen.

The Eve is a gift that should be free. 

Therefore it is in the destiny of all men to foil the wicked deeds of those who would seek to destroy them.

What freedom is a blind man?

And what freedom is a man who can see but has no vision?

Freedom is the golden gift that hangs in the balance of our hearts; and the knight that embarks his inevitable journey to save the beauty of life–

love is the king that unlocks our venture.

In the fairy tales, the dragon is always destroyed.

The dragon is hated by all, is without love, pitied, and forsaken.

But the knight always has power, and rescues the distressed.

Every single man born was born to protect those who can not protect themselves.

It is our inevitable oath.

Love is without failing, therefore the man who shows no love will fail at everything.

The air like a golden ribbon, the soul the dew;

the solace of the noon-

the frolic of the tide’s boon–

the heart beats in motion;

How strong is a man too weak to even escape himself?

Copyrightcopyright January 13, 2019

Unlocking the Frozen Heart


Unlock your frigid bodies, and breathe again.

The frost that imprisons over your delicate skin. The temptation burrowed within.

The heart that yearns to beat; the air a honeysuckle for lungs, to feel warmth the body is a tomb in motion;

The sighing eyes a breath and release.

The skin like arms searching to reach out; there is no joy, without any feeling.

There is only grief within the ‘passionate unbreathing’.

In search for bonding, a formless waltz; your very inner soul–

Oh how the frozen heart yearns

to thaw in this dystopian

wasteland you call


Copyrightcopyright January 10, 2019

The Jungle Wars


The body is the jungle mankind frolics;

The hair on ends, the trees in motion.

The leaves the desires of ambition.

The grass the foundation for decisions.

The braches like arms in air, reaching for temptation.

Our minds are the vessels lost in storm,

Lost in thought; Mankind.

Caught in the rift–

Copyrightcopyright January 10, 2019

Mechanical Humanity


The crouching loneliness.

For the heartbeats are just a wanting wanderer; nothing is ever satisfied.

There is no fairytale that mankind yearns to stride;

the cold war goes in and forms a frozen soul;

the machine disguised as human, is not;

and wanders the heart unknown ;

for love is but a robot, wanting to work;

and always striving for something;

the skin is but stone, the veins wires;

love just an AI, the name and last name our serial number;

the mind in wonder, is just an app in training;

flesh is just silicone mimicking the form;

There is no embrace made warm.

love is just an app that promises dreams;

the dreams are just code; there is no dream.

for mankind is but a machine, and there is never really a pulse;

in where one calls love, is just the imagination;

acting upon impulse–

Copyrightcopyright December 16, 2018