The Great Fight Wars


The castle kingdoms fall from skies, at the aftermath of the war we fought

the swing of the tounsils; the art of war, the fog-of-war was our kinsmen, in the form of a shield to bloat out our enemies…Little did we know that there was no war, for our minds were laying siege to everything around us.

Our gunfire was at our own livers, our sword thrusts pierced the frozen mirror in front of us; bleak, desolate, like when the dystopian takes full circle–

like when we lift our heads; a soldier of war breaking from the thousand-yard stare, and–

all around us lies only our own destruction.


An Elven Somber Vision


And the Same-Elves stood before their leader longing for a purpose, In a somberly falling world… The leaves were like shovels, digging into the moss. Next to me was a Same-Elf that reminded me of me. Her hair white as my own. She smiled my way, and my face blushed with her movements; the docile brush of her hand against her face to move a delicate strand; my diving eyes like The Sword of Temptation seeing through her, with my smirk full of ambition. All elves want the same thing here in front of the emperor.

I should be on that throne. I should be the king of everything around me…

                 -Somber Visions

~Chronologue COMPLETE In a DAY OR TWO…!


Hello everybody!

It’s Gregory Thomas again!


My very first  book Chronologue, will be complete in a day or two—maybe even sooner!

The last phase of book interior design is almost done, my editor is doing the finishing touches now.

My book will be 40 chapters (only because the chapters are short) 😉

and be action-packed from start to finish.

Chronologue is a science fiction dystopia, based in the future; it’s about AI and robots trying to take over the world and turn people into machines.


Once my interior designer is done, I will need to look over all of the edits—yep, I gotta read my entire book of 40 chapters once more. @_@

Once its done, I will be self-publishing through Amazon.

Then the process will be to set it up. I am going to have both an ebook and physical copy. I will need to set up my page to make buying the book accessible, I’m not sure what price my book will be as of yet.

I have my own ISBN number and Bar Code from Bowker, everything is copywritten.


I will keep everybody here posted. I want to thank you all for your support over the years. Know that once my book it popular, I do have movie plans… 😉

This means I may be looking for actors.


-from Gregory Thomas


P.S. You should know that I’m already writting the sequal to my book Chronologue, and I’m already on ch. 14 as we speak. 🙂

The Logic of Language


There is no thicker border between two neighboring countries,

than the language barrier between them.

its the great invisible forcefield that boon’s a misunderstanding between two potential allies.

Like when the butter knife doesn’t understand that the hand’s use will guide it;

like when the hand doesn’t know that the butter knife will nourish it.

Two shield brothers leave each other behind. Two soul mates never realize one another’s potential.

Like when the mind doesn’t understand the heart; like when the heart doesn’t understand the mind.

Like when a flower doesn’t understand the ambition of the sun; like when the warmth doesn’t understand the ambition of a rose.

Copyrightcopyright August 16, 2019

My facebook was hacked…!


Hello everybody.

Just a heads up, my facebook account was hacked!

I am in the process of deleting my facebook all together, so if anybody happens to receive anything innappropriate or asking for passwords or anything at all and it reads as me. It’s not.

I may be using another platform than Facebook.

Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day in where I would be getting rid of my facebook, but today is the day. 😉


It takes awhile for the account to be deleted.


As for Cascadialegends however, it will remain alive and well. 😉

And still accessable.


-from Thomas G Shipman

a.k.a. Gregory Thomas



Hello everybody!

Gregory Thomas here!

I am on the verge of creating my first book Chronologue with Jil Ronsley:

If all goes well and everything falls through, I should have a physical copy extremely soon.

A sample of the chapter 2 passage can be found here:

Once done, it will be available for purchase most definately here on Cascadialegends. 🙂

I’m super excited, the book has been copywritten, as well as the samples on my blog.

Be sure to stay tuned. I want to thank everybody for their support, I have almost 400 followers out there, thank you very much for all your help, God is good.


-from Gregory Thomas.




War is the javelin piercing the troubled heartbeats.

The thorn across the mind that ensnares the spirit.

The body is the war; our bodies are the jungle, humanity frolics through the Jungles of War and Ambition.

Ambition fuels rage, passion, lust, temptation.

Ambition is what created America. Ambition creates everything…

But ambition creates destruction. The same people who built the great settlement designed to ensure this breathing man’s freedom, made the same atomic bomb rendered forth to destroy it all.

Our arms like trees rise and fall with our heartbeats.

Our limbs like trunks root and uproot.

Our heads like the clouds swing thoughts, like the frozen cirrus clouds; cold and warmed by the breathing sun.

Shadowed, or embraced by rain.

Rain slumbers in the midst of this man’s fellow mind.

Is it a flood of passion come forth to tremble the light?

The ear is the metronome of flesh for the sound and caverns; this fellow-man’s skull’s interior is equal to the endless caverns the mind wanders through.

Do we serve as our own phantom? Do we play a haunt unto our own bodies–

Are we ghosts inside our own bodies; Do we possess ourselves?

Or does society string us along?

Do we awaken ourselves into the air of our wanting drives?

In the sunflower fields of light, does this fellow man derive.

The nose is the great pillar of us all; embracing the air we thrive.

My eyes the seeing pedestal unto all this fellow of one and many;

humanity in an overture. The chessboard of fate is right there, in us all;

the body is the war; in where lone politicians or perhaps many of the like, search high and lo for Liberty’s Bell.

My fellow good man, our heartbeats play a host to the very ribcage of Liberty’s cell.

Copyrightcopyright April 18, 2019