How Teachers wish they could respond to emails. ;)


Hello, this is John Doeson. I’m a student from your Effective Communications 978 class. I noticed that my grades are very low and I am gravely concerned for my success within your class. I am unsure of what I can do to ensure that I pass your class on my own and am reaching out to you for some dire assistance. Is it possible that you can give me some extra credit work to do that can bring my grade up to a passing score? Please let me know what can be done as soon as you can, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.


John Doeson

P.S. please?


Dear John Doeson,

I’m really not sure what to tell you.

If I may be so bold, you barely come to class anyway, and when you do, you run to the bathroom and never come back every time I play an instructions video in class. Your stay can be as little as just five minutes into the session. Not only that, throughout the day you constantly insist on scribbling in that handy dandy diary that you always bring with you. You take no notes, stare down texting on your phone all day, and raise your hands to make obnoxious left field comments. Let me just also add my fellow brother, that you sure have no trouble at all flirting with that Caucasian student Hannah that sits behind you.

Maybe if I moved her seating position you would pass this course.

-Sincerely, Professor Scott. P.S. Read. The. Chapters…Dumbass.


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Being Given Power When Many Judge You at Once


In the way of life, God opens the door.

Wickedness have many weak minions, but God is stronger than them all.

The weak believe that if they have many, then surely that gives them power, never realizing that if one is stronger than all of them, then they will make the others look weak.

Place a 200 pound football player next to a 2-year-old child, and the 2-year-old looks weak.

The same place 1,000 fools in the room with a wise and powerful monarch, and it will make the thousand seem even more foolish.

This is the logic of power.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how many ridicule you in the room or online, for if you can be shunned away, then secretly given power stronger than them without them knowing until it accumulates, does that not give you the upper hand?

Power falls into the hands of the sound mind.

Look in him without a sound mind, they are never truly in control.

Wisdom is the tool that knows where to find the bridge.

Knowledge is the tool that knows its a bridge.

Understanding knows that the bridge is useful.

Peace accepts using the bridge.

Vengeance burns down the bridge, for not being a pair of legs.

God always provides power to His followers. The more enemies out number His people, the greater God will bring to life that man’s destiny.

It is inevitable, like the eyes that blink without action, or the flesh that warms the bones, or the thoughts before the actions, or the passing of the soul.

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