The Voice that Hears All


The light pours forth, like inevitable light;

the shadows surround in despair, like inevitable shadows-

But the voice of God silences any and all who approach-

for He knows where they circle abound, knows where they go-

all that bore evil, scatter like flesh from wound-

in the midst of their impending doom-
they that pretend shall find the dirt turn to ashes;

falling through hands that shall crumble from the hands-

for the voice that hears all, is like a sound-

that no such evil thus made, can tear away from it’s sound…

Copyrightcopyright January 1, 2017



Hi everybody, I wanna wish everybody a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and stuff.

And remember, if you do have to get yourself flat out drunk for the holidays, best not to do it, while driving… 🙂  🙂  😦



-from a jolly friend named,


Gregory Thomas 🙂

She, on the Canvas of Terror


She smiles, and teeth are shown;

and she grins, and her cover is blown-

for her teeth, just like her demise, brown like wooden horrors;

and just inside, is just in store;

for any so man that honors-

the mask that she wears, tears skin to a shred;

and the thorns that prickle against naughty skin;

throw severing blades, upon the bed-

her laugh, turns eyes glazed over white as snow; devouring fools, and devouring souls-

and her lashes, a bristle bunch nestled tightly against each eye;

make crimson to trickle down from each hole-

for walking, hand in hand with darkness, makes you forget the light;

why, it crashes the shadows against all that you love;

and burns it down into flames with all might-

…and it is she that shone doom, like a ray of light shone rays;

and it is she that whistles the siren song,

and it is she, that so dare all enslaves-

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2016

Eyes Like Meteors


Wings flap like a hollow husk, and

strut across deafening skies;

wings like an outstretched eagle’s demise, readying

to soar into the light-

weeping willows fall down, and all from under grow weary;

should the dawning of all to fall from under doth arise,

wilts demise will we belong, one and each-

 somewhere over the rainbow, a woman’s eyes spawn tears;

she is the weeping of every single woman;

nestled in the sum of all fears-

what’s good for the goose, is poison for the otter;

floating like a corpse;

should all people look up, and their eyes undress the skies,

peeled back, will be revealed, the source…

Copyrightcopyright November 6, 2016