She is the Banshee (Part 3)


And it is she, that is;

as she is indeed;

she is the fog, she is the banshee.

She calls my name, like an unquenchable hunger; she is the very

shadow of the light among her-

she is the bog, and bog infinite;

she devours his body, she consumes what is his-

she ensnares man’s love, and covers it within blood;

she is the red sky, and-

she is the ground’s mud-

and men in way of her doth fall into her kiss; her body is the spikes, and-

her lonely heart, the pit-

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014


She is the Banshee (Part 2)


Blackened wings, and inescapable song;

she leads men astray, forever to dissolve-

she winks at men, and men doth die; she weeps and weeps, her eyes doth cry-

her belly doth empty, she lives, yet starves;

her freedom like a prison, yet with nay any bars-

and love is like bait, used for luring; men after men, go after a’whoring-

and she is the body of the harpy, a’soaring;

she is the dying lioness, roaring…

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

She is the Banshee (Part 1)


She lures me in like a wanderer mist; she embraces the cold, like the caress from a kiss-

she aimlessly searches, and finds no more; her hands are the key, and her body, the door-

she calls out a name, for every single thing; her eyes are the spirit, and-

her soul, the wing-

she drifts across the fields of fog; her voice, like the wind, amongst this bog-

she embraces the cold, forever like a phantom; endlessly wandering;

inevitable phantom-

she calls out a name, for every single thing; she is the talon;

and her soul, the wing-

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014