I made Tumblrs!


Hello friends, this is Gregory Thomas here.
I am letting you know that I made tumblrs!

Here you will find posts I made that are more pictures, than words-

mostly dealing with ingame pics taken from a video game called Skyrim.

Video gaming might not be your thing, but I still put in ‘REAL world content’ that you will most definitely find to be amusing. Loads with funny pictures I edited, and fun topics I posted containing humour, insight, and amusement. 🙂

You might also find the pictures to be pleasant to look at as well, which I hope you still continue to endorse, if you have a tumblr as well, please show your support.



   (This tumblr features a high elf  who lives in Skyrim. She claims to be ‘insane’ and a member of the Yakuza, and always posts things oriental, yakuza, or ingame related content. She is mostly humorous, yet sometimes posts cryptic messages…)



 (This tumblr is about an orc that likes conspiracies, the government, and may have a bunch of funny rambling that she will do about the government, aliens, and Illuminati. She usually offers comic relief, but can post some pretty startling revelations as well.)


I have many ideas, and could create even more tumblrs, but for now, these are pretty fun to simply engage in and view, I really do hope that you

please consider viewing in you leisure. 🙂

Thank you very much.


-From your epic friend

Gregory Thomas


She is the Banshee (Part 3)


And it is she, that is;

as she is indeed;

she is the fog, she is the banshee.

She calls my name, like an unquenchable hunger; she is the very

shadow of the light among her-

she is the bog, and bog infinite;

she devours his body, she consumes what is his-

she ensnares man’s love, and covers it within blood;

she is the red sky, and-

she is the ground’s mud-

and men in way of her doth fall into her kiss; her body is the spikes, and-

her lonely heart, the pit-

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

She is the Banshee (Part 2)


Blackened wings, and inescapable song;

she leads men astray, forever to dissolve-

she winks at men, and men doth die; she weeps and weeps, her eyes doth cry-

her belly doth empty, she lives, yet starves;

her freedom like a prison, yet with nay any bars-

and love is like bait, used for luring; men after men, go after a’whoring-

and she is the body of the harpy, a’soaring;

she is the dying lioness, roaring…

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014

She is the Banshee (Part 1)


She lures me in like a wanderer mist; she embraces the cold, like the caress from a kiss-

she aimlessly searches, and finds no more; her hands are the key, and her body, the door-

she calls out a name, for every single thing; her eyes are the spirit, and-

her soul, the wing-

she drifts across the fields of fog; her voice, like the wind, amongst this bog-

she embraces the cold, forever like a phantom; endlessly wandering;

inevitable phantom-

she calls out a name, for every single thing; she is the talon;

and her soul, the wing-

Copyrightcopyright March 21, 2014