Into the Badlands


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The quick overtaking of the dark. The rapid face of a twisting gaze.

You speeding knee-deep and grim into the infinite.

Life goes like a dim light into the blackness. You go head first hand-in-hand with the abyss.

And when you emerge from it, your face warps to the newly found imaginations that your corneas dare so witness.


-Gregory Thomas


Hello on War and Poetry


Hello. Gregory Thomas here, friends.

Is not the art of war, just Ballads for humans?

Was not the sound of listening alone the very concept of The Cold Wars?

Was not antebellum’s existence started on behalf of our mind and eyes?

Does not all of mankind wait on mankind?

Does it really suprise you that your eyes see what is around them?

Your mind is the most personal think you can have, and only your mind knows what your mind is thinking.

Your soul is caged by your own ribcage. Your blood is just drool, used for your body’s elixar.

Your eyelashes are just thorns, your chin is your body’s mountains.

But I ramble. What matters is that you hear the music through my words.

The words are the music, the mind is the canvas, your eyes are the window, and your voice can shatter all three of these things.


-From your friend, Gregory Thomas.

The Deepstress


ScreenShot1058The deep of the sea, devours the feeble minds.

The seaweed become arms, the madness like water, drenching your ideas.

You free fall around yourself, until you find-

You are nowhere above or below, in the limbo watery valley of roads,

You sink to the bottom like the death of a stone!


then she appears.ScreenShot1067

She, with the body of a woman, but a shadowy fin elongated.

She in form, a fish? A Shark?

A devourer of the dark?

Her arms reach for you, and you reach for her, and she shrieks away!

Her madness like a crossbow as your embrace she enslaves…!ScreenShot1062

Then comes back she does, indeed! She and her fishy frame!


She smells like roses, feels like marshmallows, and tastes like the salt that preserves your source.

Her of course!

She and her peaceful face smiling in your wake, she skips through the sea, hand-in-hand with your lifespan again.

And through cool waters, you withstand the waves of the unknown together!

Using her grace as your shelter




There was a clamor in the streets that rattled the ground, as a grave shouting

radiated from the walls in the alleyway. A young Light Elf woman with a backpack ran with all haste, her boots hitting the puddles in the pavement, her ear-splitting grin and crazed expression sparkled across her face; raindrops struck into her apparel as she swung a gun in her hands.

Three other elves hastefully throttled behind with her, one was a Fire Elf, orange skin, red eyes; the other two were Light Elves, one of which was chubbier than the other, “Kess! My legs are gunna give out on me!” The chubby male said.
Kess wiped the sweat from her frantic-crazed face onto her beanie and shouted back, “Shut up, FAT BOY!” The pair ran until they came to a fenced wall. The hefty male panted horribly and fell to the ground in anguish, Kess stretched her brows and stomped toward him, “Get up, fat boy!”
“Huuuh…Huuu…Huuur…!” The heavy almost unbearable pants of the hefty Light Elf only seemed to greatly anger Kess even more,
“We have to find another way” The Fire Elf cried out, “He’s too winded to-
“Move that fat ASSSS!” Kess shouted angrily,



“Enough!” Went the Fire Elf, “He can’t go on, we must fight them, hold them off!” Kess shook her head and began muttering to herself! She threw herself onto the ground along with the chubby elf, and stared her face into his,
“BRAAAAAAAAUUWH!” She furiously shouted in an illegible screech, “BRAAAAAAAUUURWW!” Kess’ wicked face fidgeted in rage as the fat elf tried his best to hold in a giggle, dirt from the gravel grime and wet not only stained into her clothes, but covered the side of her face,
“Fathomer Kess!” The Fire Elf shouted, as the sound of the cops running and alarms grew louder and louder, “Draw your guns, come on let’s go! We must-



“Mo’fucka you sleepy? Hmm?” Kess whispered to the man, then suddenly pulled herself back up off the ground, aimed the gun at the man, and shot him! The chubby elf’s body jumped and grimaced in pure shock, as Kess lifted his shirt, and hid a detonator just underneath and pulled it back over to cover it, “Go to sleep, sucka!”
“KESS! What have you done!?!” Both the other Light Elf and the Fire Elf stood mortified as they watched Kess leap high onto the fence, in their haste both followed and began climbing onto the fence with her-


Kess hissed, and with a lift of her leg she kicked the Fire Elf back from off the fence to fall back onto the ground, “Since ya’ll suckas wanna fight, go fight then SUCKAH!” The Fire Elf grabbed his side in pain and anger, with a heavy grunt and a frowned scowl piercing deep into the two as they continued climbing, the elf grabbed at his shirt, and ripped it in half until shreds! All along his body were the Yakuza markings, his back had etchings of endless buildings jaggered as if teeth, and Korean symbols coated on the sides, “GRAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” He went, as the cops ran from behind the corner with guns raised!



As Kess and the other Light Elf dropped to the ground and continued running, she reached into her pocket, and drew something she pressed to throw the switch to the detonator; the Fire Elf’s eyes only widened in more terror, along with the eyes of the cops, when the flashing red light from the chubby man’s shirt suddenly exploded violently, shattering the air barrier with rubble, fire, and ear-splitting noise, which seemed to cause the whole world to stop in mid-motion!


Copyrightcopyright May 30, 2018


Nevada~The Yakuza Queen~ excerpts from my story


nevada cover

Hunting elves in the forest, removes

you from reality. But then again,

hunting yourself in the forest of your own mind, does the

same thing.

-Roaming Cascadian Caravan Troop

-The rain was heavy today, I could hear the passing Norvedian samurai, their wet geta struck the delicate ground every time. It was only just 5 years into the Genosin Wars, the Insane Elven Regime reclaiming the Dark Elven Territories. “Did you hear that they sacked the Cascadian hold of Arlington? Did you?! Oh my God…They ramsacked it, they only slayed the humans. Many ran! I hear they shoved hundreds of their unarmed kind, men, women, and children off the castle walls! They’re resentment toward their kind is out of reason!”


-All I heard from the armored hunched-backs was, “Traitor to your own race!” This, and “Traitor to your own race!” that, “The insane Genosin this, and that! Represent the elven race this” The madness was wicked! Me and my mother and four brothers agree that the madness is damn near on the verge of fascism! I thought the old world wars were abandoned, but the madness in the Elven France has reached its height! Singleport Urla is miserably besieged!



-It’s barbaric, it’s the medalight. They have it in their DNA. Their flesh is all speckled’ coloured! pink dots, blue dots, green dots, white dots, polka dots! Spots over their eyes! Some look yellow like the high elves, but then they change, some grow tusks like orcs, and then their eyes glow, their pupils gain a yellowish-whitish color. The disease is called Medillus Vitiligo. It stems back before the Great Wars! The new form, however, is manmade caused, and happens when the vaccine breaks down, and they become allergic to the sunlight. Other elven races morph into them, it causes spots. If the vaccine of 2279 was received too late, sometimes that happens.




-I ran out of the house as hurriedly as I could, trying to shake off the rain. I suddenly froze in my direction, looking over yonder past the crusty Burkisha and Friends Izakaya house, to see a gathered bunch of the emperor’s men.

They were all gathered around an awkward high elf woman. The woman was wearing a white kimono, she had a wicked old scar that ran along her left face. I crept in closer to hear what the lot were saying.



-“But get this though, tough guy!” The yellow woman railed at the samurai, and sassily swiveled her head “I ain’t GOT’s no damned passport! Can you get down wit’ where I’m comin’ from?” The dark elf samurai gritted his teeth, and reached an arm for her, when suddenly the jittery high elf woman threw a grip around the guard’s middle finger and broke it where they stood! “Get’a GRIP, mohfucka!” The insane woman hissed; her face stretched with the most quirky, magnanimous grin I have ever seen…! Her eyes darted and spiraled as the guard screamed for the skies.



-Next thing I remember, she flipped the dark elf’s arm upside down with him bowed in pain, the others drew their katanas in rage;

the high elf’s derpy expression stretched and warped in enjoyment, and within seconds, I saw four men’s forearms fly skyward without the body into the air by way of her own blade! It seemed her katana’s reach went far quicker than anybody else’s…



A man’s body flipped to land forward onto his torso, “But you can get down wit DIS’ though, SUCKA!” a swing of her foot into the samurai’s groin left his face to fidget and a whimper, as he twitched every muscle within his face.


-The Insane woman called Nevada wrapped an arm backwards over the flailing guard’s neck, and wailed, “Can ya dig it mah homie?” The guard yelled in japanese, I noticed the sweat pour down from all angles from off of the crazed bladeswoman face, “My homie, can you dig it?!? Can. You. DIG IIIIIIIIIAAAT?!” The dark elf uttered from out of his whimper, “Yes….Y-y-yes, I dig. Ack….I dig. I dig-g…It!”

Then Nevada blushed and batted her eyelashes, and released the guard, “Well okie dokey then, son!” she cooed. Then the woman walked forward a little…And stared right. At me.

She made here eyes widen, almost like the owls do. Mine widened too! Then, she winked at me! And her smile suddenly dissipated as she wandered off down the street, and deep into the mist, leaving the guards stunned in disbelief.


Copyrightcopyright May 21, 2018


I created another new WordPress


nevadaHello friends!

I created another new wordpress featuring Nevada.


She once and still is on a tumblr site (

But I don’t like how many bad things are on the site, (ranging from a bunch of demonic symbolism, bullying, sex and porn, etc.)

It is completely overwhelming and personally, I don’t think I have time for any of that childish attention seeking nonsense that the users there are showing.

The devs on the site have absolutely no pull or control on the site at all, and allow users to just run free with the nonsense. I don’t think they will survive another 10 more years without another major hacking or backlash hitting them.



Anyway, I am setting up a screenshot capture wordpress, in where I will post only skyrim pics from my game that I LOVE there. It will be funny, however some pics might be NSFW, just because of them being suited more for gamers (in where maybe elves in bikinis ^~^)

please support and let others know about it. Thank you very much.


-From your friend, Gregory Thomas

TTOC~ The Dragon Sorcerer (sample piece from story)


A cruel fire circled around the whole village of Mikatsukimura. The small town nestled behind the Norvedian borders, home to their samurai, had been sacked by way of the horrible Etched One warriors…Gurski and Bakura were held up in the ruins of an old abandoned house, with the inferno from the destruction slowly seeping its way over onto the other houses. Bakura let out a wheezing cough from the smog, as Gurski ran around frantic, looking for a way to leave without alerting the invading Etched ones; Gurski, like many of the other natives in this land, was a dark elf, who spoke in Japanese and barely knew English. He had a scar that ran down his whole left face, from the eye down. He wore a long blue headband that hung low at it’s tied ends.


He also wore a blackened cloth that wrapped over his left eye, and dark leather apparel with blue scarfs and cloths that wrapped around his wounds to stop the bleeding caused from earlier skirmishes; the bandoliers that held fast along his chest, had rustled as he let out a series of panicking breaths. He was a samurai ranger, and Bakura, a mercenary-for-hire. The two had known each other for some time, but unlike Gurski, Bakura’s past was much darker than his…

Bakura was a blood elf, her skin was pale, her eyes were red; her hair, so dark, it almost had a somewhat blueish tint to it, cut short into a bob, with a single long strand hanging comfortably over the front of her face. The leather armor that she wore though somewhat feminine, was rugged, and had secret compartments and pouches that held bullets, small guns, and daggers strapped to her from every which angle…


Copyrightcopyright May 6, 2018