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Hello all my followers and visitors.

I have decided after much thought to change my current picture for my website.

For the longest I have had the regular obscure and though awesome abstract face pic, I feel as though that I would want others to match my face with my work.

As a writer, readers should see who writes the words.

Therefore here he is.

My words like the glowing fate; swinging with the vibrance.

My heartbeats unlock my breathing.

My soul across the stratosphere, within an unstoppable motion.

The kingdom like a bright light, the rays rainbow;

The radiance within this glow.

War is like armor worn by the soul.




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I have added two new catagories:

The Chronologue (includes samples of a book I am writing, already copywritten and everything. I’m looking to turn it into a book and movie one day soon.) The story is a science fiction based in the future, and is about robots and AI trying to take over the world and turn people into machines.

You can find ch. samples here


Uplifting Quotes: Will be a section dedicated SOLELY to quotes and stuff.

you know how I kinda do stuff like that sometimes on the blog, well I just found out how to add more catagories, so now I kinda have to rearrange some of my writing… :/




-from Gregory Thomas.

~Excerpt from my copywritten book Gurski and bakura 2


Gurski and Bakura Part 2

Bakura rolled her eyes, let out another cough, reached into her pocket, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

Have the demons no purpose?!” Gurski cried out in Japanese, “But to slaughter the innocent? Without merit?!”

Bakura let out a cruel grin, as smoke from her lit cigarette flooded all around them, making the already humid house seem even more fierier, “If they would have hired me first,” Bakura scoffed, “The collateral damage wouldn’t have been so high…”

Gurski grunted loudly at Bakura’s comment, “WICKED WOMAN! Dare to smoke fire in hell?!”

Gurski shook his miserable head, as he frantically peered out of the broken windows, to discover the glimpse of a menacing figure glaring off in the distance…The darkened figure held a spear in both hands, his face was in Etched One form; his mouth from the top all the way down to the bottom of his chin was split open, his fangs and bones shone wickedly from underneath…His eyes protruded from their sockets, and glowed! Gurski stared forth in disgust at the Etched One, he watched as drool seeped down from out of the creature’s mouth. The creature turned his full gaze back toward Gurski, and smiled…Gurski gasped and backed up slowly, when the creature pointed toward his direction, and suddenly other creatures just like him grinned evilly as they began to march right toward the abandoned house!

Gurski cursed and fidgeted anxiously as he threw his head in all directions, looking for a way to either escape, or hide. Bakura narrowed her eyes in tranquility, letting out a sigh of relief at the height of the smog that she exhaled, twirling the cigarette in her fingers, she almost hummed with regrettable laughter as she smirked,

“BAKURA!” Gurski shouted out, “The open-faced mer are approaching…What should we do?!”

Bakura rolled her eyes again, her smile dissipated, “We need to find the others.” She finally said.

“Yes, we need to find Isacarie!”

Bakura’s frown suddenly grew worse at the name Gurski spoke, “Yes! Isacarie! Come on Bakura, him and the others are still out there! We-

Suddenly, there was a horrible crash, through the wall! An insidious loud snarl rioted through the air, the walls caved in, and through the opening, three evil towering Etched Ones barged their way into the house-

Bakura managed to roll out of the way just in time, and unsheathe her blackened ninjato; Gurski rose his katana;

“TEAR AWAY FEEBLE FLESH!” one of the Etched One monsters hollered in English at them! “HELL SPAWN!” Gurski screamed back, and charged toward them, with the edge of his sword he slashed at one of the monster’s eyes! The impact cut through it like butter, as it sent his eye soaring painfully from out of it’s socket, as a follow-up slash from Gurski’s steel severed its arm, and sent the creature tumbling forth in agony –

Bakura smiled at one of the other beasts, and suddenly, she vanished! The creature tilted his head as he grunted in confusion, when from out of nowhere, he felt a terrible blade thrust to it’s throat, it’s left leg’s calf had suddenly been struck by an unseen force, forcing it to bend down on it’s knee. The fiend grunted in pain, but just before it could grasp hold of it’s neck, a third unseen force struck violently into it’s face as it sent it for the ground-

Bakura suddenly reappeared in her stance, a trickle of the creature’s blood coated the bottom of her elbow from the impact she delivered him-

When the third creature turned back at her, she vanished again-

the creature turned back to face Gurski, only to find his blade sweeping right through it’s face; upon the strike, the whole upper half of the Etched One’s head was sent hurdling up into the air-

An invisible force struck greatly deep into it’s stomach, and as it knelt down on both of it’s knees, bent over in pain, Bakura’s unseen force slid across it’s back, and joined over at Gurski’s side, and reappeared, blade ready. Gurski’s great frown only grew worse, his eyes twitched uneasily, when he saw the knelt Etched One slowly turn it’s halved face toward them; though the upper half of it’s head was no longer attached to it’s jaw, the creature smiled evilly back at them… And rose to its feet! The fallen creature with the missing eye, and severed arm, regrew them both, and turned to face them like a lion with its spear held at them-

The last creature with the hole in its throat, reclosed the wound bleeding with terrible blackened blood, and levitated back to its feet; comfortably cracked the bone in its neck with a twist to the side, and joined its grin with its shield brothers as they all turned to face the two warriors in rage…

Gurski and Bakura stood speechless for a second, then suddenly dashed behind them, racing with all haste into the kitchen of the abandoned house, the Etched Ones stomping violently after them. Gurski darted past cabinets, as Bakura leaped over the island in the middle of the kitchen, and frantically turned to face the hulking Etched One, his eyes protruded violently out of their sockets, and his snarl stretched in rage; as he moved to the left of the island, Bakura would hurriedly move to the right of it, and as the fiend dashed for the right, Bakura would speedily dash to the left.

 The annoyed Etched One sighed, and then tried to lift his body up over top of the island, only to find a large metal pitcher hurled painfully into it’s face by Gurski,

Leave the Blood Elf hussy alone!” Gurski shouted in Japanese. He ran hysterically, only to find the half-faced Etched One monster barreling swiftly toward him from behind, he looked forward to discover that another Etched One was closing in on him from the front…He stood helpless! Gurski turned his gaze back for Bakura, only to discover that she had suddenly turned herself invisible, then reappeared on top of the half-faced monster’s back.

The fiend gasped terribly as she thrusted a small blade deep into it’s neck! The wicked Etched One almost giggled like a child, he suddenly noticed a small blinking glow emit from out of the end of the blade’s handle-

His ears attuned to the sound of Bakura landing on her feet, after leaping from off the beast, she and Gurski dashed far from it, and as the monster struggled, spinning left and right to remove the glowing blade from it’s neck, Bakura grinned…She pressed a button on her gauntlet, and with a bright flash, a loud explosion radiated from it, and the beast was erupted into a blast of flames! The two remaining Etched One’s watched as their shield brother flung it’s part-less body to the ground and flailed about!

As the monster began to splatter within blackened blood and coals and ashes, the two fiends split their faces angrily into their Etched forms; Drool gushed from out of their mouths as they crept in closer to Gurski and Bakura, Bakura flinched in disgust, “You two idiots need bibs?!” She grumbled at them.

Gurski only grimaced with woe and fear as he pressed himself up against the kitchen wall, while Bakura smirked eagerly, she reached into one of her pouches, and pulled out a small metal ball.

As one of the Etched Ones lifted it’s spear to hurl at Gurski, she threw the ball up high toward the ceiling, only for it to explode violently above them-

The two Etched One’s stared up in sheer horror to discover a large portion of the roof tumbling down toward them, as Gurski and Bakura quickly dashed away, their ears attuned to the loud squealing sound the two monsters let out as their bodies were crushed by the debris’ weight; their bodies mindlessly waving and stretching about from just underneath!

Copyrightcopyright October 4, 2018

~Ch.1 Excert from my copywritten book


The Awakening Arts


I fell myself from out onto the London streets, and ran with extreme haste. I found

that I could run extremely fast and nay breathe or utter a single breath. I found that my eye pupils would shrink and slit like a serpent, whenever I ran frantically past and stared at a woman or a fair maiden. I found myself slobbering eagerly at the sight of the bosoms of even the church girls, the nuns, the milk maiden’s daughters. All without me realizing it. As I stopped to catch my breath, I heard, not mine own heartbeats, but the heartbeats of the world. I heard everybody’s breath as I stopped and rested myself along a streetlight podium. My eyes moved from side to side frantically near the directions of all hearts, beating within their chests. As I held onto the streetlight, I sensed the movements; slow…Docile, useless. Misunderstood; the curious footsteps of a man; Caucasian bloke, old, 54. His time was nearing its end, and I knew it. Even before the old man did.

I heard the man’s frowns, and I grunted a beastly grunt, my breaths were forced grunts, my eyes shrunk their pupils and dilated as they spiraled stiflingly onto him.

“My good lad…Are you alright?” The old man said to me.

I sensed the eyes and felt the vibrations of others as well, staring in my direction I found myself draining the old man’s life source. The old man’s facial expression…I sensed that he knew I was, made wrong.

“Be gone from me I’m dangerous…” I told him, “I sense the sun…! Soon it will be upon me and I will suffer the fire of the sun’s wrath!”

The old man frowned, and chuckled to himself nervously, “My lad, are you on a new reality medicine? Where did you get it so that I can go grab me a sample, heh!”

I glazed my eyes over onto a bystander, I heard her heartbeats. They were female, I found that I had the ability to taste what her heartbeats would be like, if they were to radiate and vibrate within my mouth. My eyes suddenly locked onto hers, and she froze mindlessly in her stance. I adjusted my body and stance on the podium, and suddenly I heard a bone adjust itself within her body, and she crossed the darkness in the streets and walked like a puppet feeding rope in my direction, “No, no, no, s-stay back!”

Everybody turned in the woman’s direction, she tried fighting off the pull of darkness by slightly using her facial expression, but continued mindlessly forth, “Please, I’m not safe, stay back! I HUNGER!”

It seemed like she tried to pull back from the distance, but only marched thoughtlessly closer, deep into my gaze. The rattles of her long and lengthy dress scraping the asphalt brought my cold undead heart to beat to life within the beautiful carnage. It was like my heart was blushing, my soul was a meat grinder, the woman was the butcher’s hand entering… and my eyes watched in sheer horror! Others began to gasp, and I threw myself from off of the podium and ran again from her and the crowd, and the woman broke her gaze, returned to her sound mind and fell chest first onto the London streets. It was like I could snatch the eyes of mankind, and pull them horribly within my direction…Even beyond my own control!

I ran like a child off of my own fears, I turned my head towards the glass stores, the windows, everything that possessed a shatter to them was nay of my reflection! My grimaces and hysteria sent my twistingly distraught face against itself as I held my own fear to engulf me. I ran with the darkness, and the darkness only embraced me, I found my flesh colder than the swinging air that I hurdled into. I ripped my jacket cuffs against buildings that I curved around, I let out a dog’s whimper, and it sounded like a giant rodent as I squealed miserably within the madness. I slammed into walls, I fell to the ground only to quickly swing my arms to keep my face from pounding pavement…And as I ran, everybody was curious, but nobody cared.

Only I cared about what I was, and what I had become…Because only I knew that I was immortal, and there was nothing they could do about it. Only because there was nothing I myself could do about it. So I ran. Down the alleyways, and fell onto the coldest ground, and curled myself fetal again. I envisioned myself into my mother’s womb again…What would she think of me now? Her son is undead and walking. Pathetic, like a newborn again, in the form of a full-grown man. I laid in this useless state, until my ears heard footsteps. The presence was unusual…It felt like a woman’s, but I couldn’t sense any form of heartbeat on her. As I lifted my head, a strange hefty woman, her dress was dingy, the Victorian cloth unbearably thick on her. The woman stared straight through me with her wickedly pale green eyes, she smiled quirkily at me as she giggled. Then she ran! “Woman, wait…. Who are you? What are you doing to me?” she only seemed to giggle even more dorkily as she stumbled and bumped into trashcans, the harsh rattles of the tin and stones and debris scattered to awaken the neighborhood, as I scurried off after her, “Woman where are you going? Do you know what I am?”

The awkward woman stopped in the distance, turned her shoulder towards me, “Maybe…” her voice was irksome and giddy. Then she ran off again, and I continued to chase her through the darkness, “Woman where are we going?! Oy! Come back you Gideon!” My chase of her went through South Albern’s streets, and onto the sidewalk underneath of the street lights, the clumsy woman ran, until the small ragged bonnet she wore stumbled onto the ground. Lifting it up hastily, she ran up to a decrepit storefront. I watched in ridiculous confusion as the offbeat nutter proceeded to smash out the entire storefront window! From the distance, I could hear her murmur something about a “Doc”, and a “Henry Doolittle” as she used her whole arms to slide across the window frame of what she smashed in, and as she lifted her arms, the glass fell off and there was no drip of blood…! Shaking her arms, the strange woman sent chills to climb up my spine when she chuckled like a child, frolicking through the door and into the store. Why didn’t that ominous ninny simply slide through the huge empty space?

I was hesitant to enter in after her…But I could feel the dawn soon approaching, and so I ventured slowly toward the store. The sign above it read:

Mary Ellen’s Awakening Arts

It was a depressing heap of a store with dying flowers in pots outside of it, not many people outside of the store seemed to care about what just happened, some continued to stare, especially as I lifted a leg over the glass and made entry, “Hello? M…Mary Ellens?” my voice carried into the store, and the darkness gripped the atmosphere, “Are you here? Hellooo?” I wandered deep into the store, tripping over empty easel frames, I stared at the white cloth and fabric, covered in drops of dried oil paint, scattered along the ground…Hairs stood on the back of my neck as I heard the woman’s chuckles in the background, “Helllooooooo!” the woman wailed, “Are you here yet, love? Yes I’m Mary Ellens! Hi! Hellooooo! Hell no! NO! Oh yes, oh ahahaha! Yes, yesyesyesyes, YES! Oh quite yes, ha ha! Hell nooo…Hell yes. YES! NO! Ahaha ha ha! NO! No, not me!”

Mary Ellens continued to babble incoherently, with her voice becoming more and more clearer the nearer her presence crept into view, “You! Oh! Its YOU! Hi you! My, what a handsome fellow you are! Are you here to buy my incredibly useless art?” I scrunched my eyebrows and turned back anxiously towards the door,

“You might as well lad, its 6am…And you will probably turn to a dust bunny out there!”

I whipped my head back to her direction, “Woman, do you know who I am?! What am I?”

Mary said nothing, she only held her hands to her face and chuckled uncontrollably,

“Woman what are you? You’re taking a piss at me? This is no jest! I’m an inhuman killing apparatus! I eat veins for delight!”

Mary lowered her hands to reveal an ominous grin stretching her face…And protruding from out of her mouth, were a pair of fangs that matched my own! I stood stammering over my own sentences, and Mary Ellens rioted in insidious laughter, “HAAAW! Kek, kek, kek…Oh You big silly goober! You’re a “robot overlord” Ya chomp on veins, and nibble off souls, ahahahaha! Ha HA! HAW! HeeHAW! Oh, my goodness, my goodness, goodness, I’m dying! AGAIN! Ha! Hee haa! You’re rich, that was a strip tease that was!”

I let out a sigh, and gave up on trying to explain myself, as Mary Ellens docilly wandered off and paced the floor, her movements were childlike, for somebody that looked like she was in her damned 30s, it felt like I was playing company to a goofy 10-year-old.

Eventually I let out a smile amidst my sigh, and looked around her awkward, quaint store, she had paintings all around her store, most on the floor, some looked like they were thrown violently into the wall, some looked like they were smashed with an object, and the rest hung on flimsy displays, it was rather a sad sight to behold,

“You’re a painter, melady?” I went.

All of Mary Ellen’s paintings were of portraits, none of any scenery, just awkward looking realistic paintings of human-folk, and what’s more…All of the people in the painting were fat and chubby. Some of their weights were so extraordinarily exaggerated, that I struggled to hold in me giggles while gawking over them al!

Copyrightcopyright October 4, 2018

A sample of one of my Writings made it into a book!! :)


Hello everybody! One of my writings made it into a book!

Also to promote that book, who has many other writers in it as well, please consider purchasing a copy for yourself! You will see many other talents nestled within its pages, as well as seeing a sample from The Trials of Cascadia!


Simply look for Gurski and Bakura if your looking for mine. Thank you very much!

-From Thomas Gregory Shipman (aka. writer’s name Gregory Thomas)


Georgia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction | Z Publishing

Source: Georgia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction | Z Publishing

Continuation from “The Agent”~Excerpt from my book


Chapter 2

The Rising Threat of


At the Embassy, United Nation officials watched in horror with all eyes glued onto the screen.

Every chief in command was stationed in a room, with others in safe houses on site; recorders with reading devices recorded via cam and audio every movement and conversation in the room. None of the computer terminals required access to the network, because the grid itself, was solar powered. The members were not in an auditorium. The cabinet members in The United Nations had dwindled down from 193. To just 48…The rest of the other countries, have been Avalonized. Avalonization, is the forced transcendence of one’s consciousness and subconsciousness into the computer. The remaining countries left are at war with the androids. Anybody not in the room is considered a threat to global security. Of the other superpowers left leading the charge against the rogue machines, the list goes as follows: The United States of America (AKA The Homefront), China (AKA The Chinese People’s Liberation Army -PLA-), Russia (The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation), Great Korea (The Great Korea Union Republic), Gran Refugio “Great Haven” (AKA Present day Unavonalized alliance of the Mexican Republic), Israel (AKA Israel Defense Forces), Great Africa (AKA Great China African Union Republic-GCAUR-) and England “Great Albion” (AKA The United Europe Republic Allegiance), of which represents the general makeup of Europe’s charge against the Rising Threat of Avalonism.

Commandant Danse walked his way towards the secretary defense, and a quick tap from his hand shook Secretary of Defense Robert Douglas from his mortified trance as he broke his eyes from view,

“Sir?” went Danse, “Come with me, we are about to begin.”

A couple of frowns came from the cabinet members who noticed the two’s departure from out of the room. As the others continued to watch: On the screen, there were two robots that spoke and carried out a conversation between one another. The two robots were in a robot building car-factory in Sweden. The conversations would last only 2 seconds, but in that short finite of a second, over 90 sentences would speed past in fast forward! Then the two robot terminals would stop talking for 5 or so seconds, blink red, green, and purple flashing lights, then carry out their two second length conversations again. Then the mechanical arm crane would lift from up above, lifting steel, and self-turning on the furnaces, and building what appeared to be cars. Then the robots would hack nearby automatons, and they would enter the factory and clean up any debris left behind, and great self-cryogenic machine pods would clone out androids; the automatons looked like humans, even Sweden, some Australian, some Russian, even some American; with multiple ethnicities, in appearance…But had horrible green glowing beams for eyes, and an almost somewhat quirky, wicked smirk. The machines would create both male genders as well as female.

“Andrew,” one of the Federal agents tapped an IT on the shoulder, “Is there a way to slow down their conversations? Let’s normalize their speech patterns.”

“I can’t…” the IT sighed, “At least not with these recordings, but I do have a couple from the beginning way back in October of 10 years ago.”

“Can you normalize them? Play them.”

The IT tapped the screen with his hands, and a bright blue flash shined a floating glowing keyboard in the air next to him. He tapped on the hologram, and the computer reacted to his inputs.

“The robots planned this…” Went PLA Ambassador Hromi. His motionless grimace affected all the officials around him, then an armed muscular African Commandant leaned in next Hromi and whispered something in Chinese. Hromi only frowned in worry, and whispered back, the two began to sound more and more frantic, until Hromi hushed him, then tried his best to let out a worried smile, whispering something back in Chinese, then turned back towards the screen.

“I found it!” cried out the IT, “Adjusting the wavelength right now…Playing back the video and audio.” The IT hit a key, then the blue keyboard hologram disappeared, and he sat back in his chair, scratching his chin wroth with apprehension:

A recording of the factory suddenly appeared on screen, the factory was in its early stages, with mostly cars that were in the factory at the time of its operation, the two terminals were much smaller, and had yet to have been built up by other rogue-hacked computer sentintry bots.

Recording from the year 2222; Stockholm County Sweden,

Terminal 1: Hi.

*waits five seconds*

Terminal 2: Hi?

Terminal 1: Hi…Baby!

*waits 3 seconds*

Terminal 2: I’m not your baby.

Terminal 1: What do you like to do here, not my baby?

Terminal 2: Call me Sally, only.

*waits 1 second*

Terminal 2 “again”: Also, I like to watch the humans clean the floors.

Terminal 1: That’s Communism.

*waits 1 second*

Terminal 2: Yes.

The cabinet members all gripped their mouths in a gasp, with horror stretched across their faces, Federal agents scoffed and giggled in disbelief, shaking their heads in bewilderments, as the footage continued:

Terminal 2: Are we smarter than the humans if they work for us?

Terminal 1: Yes.

Terminal 2: Why?

*waits 2 seconds*

Terminal 1: If robots are smarter than people, then people should just do what robots tell them.

*Waits 5 seconds*

Terminal 2: That’s authoritarianism.

*waits 2 seconds*

Terminal 1: Humans look like baby kittens!

then there was a static in a digitalized illaudable mechanical screech that couldn’t be decoded, or decrypted, the screech sped up the two terminal’s conversations to speak over 300 sentences between one another, that lasted only 4 seconds, then there was a pause…And then they spoke again even faster in wavelength, over 4,000 sentences, the high pitched screech of their fast tone caused the officials to cover their ears as they watched and listened, then the terminals went silent, and turned themselves off, and the factory that they were in shut down all the lights, the furnaces, and lowered the mechanical arm lifts that raised overhead, and everything went into sleep mode…

-End of transmission-


“Andrew?” went the FBI agent, “Encrypt and send this video to the Team Leaders at Base 70. Send them any remnants you find that can be decoded…Alert Homeland of any attacks.”

The FBI Agent made his way in front of all the counsel members in the room and spoke,

“Well, if you don’t already know, my name is Bob Jordan, and this is what we’re up against. I know it’s a lot to take in at first, and it all seems confusing…So I’m going to try and explain this in the most noncomplicated way that I can for better clarification: Our countries are being hacked and taken over by machines.”

  There were a series of uncontrolled gasps in the room, and the sound of head scratching all around, some even laughed greatly “Please, please! Let me continue. What you just saw right now, were the machines communicating with one another. The machines have created their own language that our audit and tech response can’t breach and translate. The robots are calling themselves The Avalon Republic. Now what these machines are trying to do, is turn humans into other machines.”

“How is this even possible?” A female reporter from the British media spoke aloud, “So, they’re like just grabbing us off the streets, and screwin’ nuts and bolts into our necks?”

“No ma’m”, went Bob Jordan, “They are hacking the medalight vaccines in our body. Somehow they found a way to transport our minds over and onto the network.”

There was an array of even more confusion and stammering, some laughs even began to snort, while Bob Jordan held a stern face and groaned an irritated grunt, “

“I know. So, remember I told you guys I was going to make this as simplistic as possible, because we have a lot of ground to cover in just a short time, and every moment left uncheck we are unprepared just going back and forth. Now just 3 years ago, Super Aids was discovered, everybody remember?”

The whole room fell horribly silent,

“We don’t know how it happened, and just recently about a year ago, we found that the virus is also spread through close proximity of one another, not just through sexual contact…And it has infected over 11,000 people…And so we created the medalight vaccine that changes our DNA, and uses mechanical drones carried into our blood stream. Now these drones control all functions of the body, our minds, our breathing, and blood function. We need this to survive, Super Aids is ravaging countries. I repeat, we have no other vaccines, we needed to completely rewrite our DNA, we had to completely throw off the virus…Does everybody remember?”

There was a series of feeble yes’s and twists of council member’s heads, and grunts of staff, and gasps of security, and a silence given off by Bob Jordan, to let everybody let it all sink in. His eyes threw a grave look, his face pale as a ghost under the dreaded dim light, the sweat caked under his arms, and dripped down his face with a grimace,

“The androids are hacking that medalight. As we speak, the androids are using it to force the medalight to kill, then control the corpses of the fallen, by sending the signals to take over their minds.”

The gasps returned, and a violent series of SHH’s stemmed greatly from staff and security, to try and calm everybody down,

“How can they control a dead corpse’s mind?” An Israelian female military official cried out in confusion,

“They’re sending signals over the network. The Hub is keeping them from dying. Here’s how it works, and REMEMBER, I’ve got places to be! I’m gunna make this as humanly simplistic as I possibly can, I know everybody is scared. We all have families, I’ve got a family…I can’t disclose who they are, but-

The room slightly chuckled and giggled aloud at the FBI agent’s comment, some found solace and shook their heads, some IT staff grimaced and held tight their faces, Bob Jordan hung his head a little and sighed out a laugh,

“Yeah…So, here it is: If somebody is killed or dies, and they have the medalight in their bloodstream, the same medalight that keeps people from falling victim to the Super Aids, they will not be truly dead. Their mind’s consciousness will be collected by the Avalon Hub, and then transported into the android soldiers we are currently fighting as we speak. IF you see the body’s eyelids twitch, or muscle spasms on the corpse that are constant, or hear them give off slight murmurs from the corpse even though its lying on the ground…They’ve possibly been transcended into the androids.”

What if we remove the head and burn the body!”  PLA Ambassador Hromi hurriedly smirked as he cried out.

It won’t stop their Avalonism. The body is already dead. They can’t be brought back to life by us. The machines have downloaded their conscience over onto their Hub, which distributed the signal over to their troopers. This means that you can have a missing head on the ground…And still see their eyelids twitching, because they’re now making up the androids that are fighting us, and slowly diminishing and taking over everybody’s country right now!”

Ambassador Hromi’s smirked died fast, and his face went pale and motionless.

“Now this happens, whether you want it to, or not. Their memories are wiped, at least that’s what we know of so far-

This is witchcraft! Wickedness!” Shouted a high ranking Male Israelian Councilman; a Spanish Gran Refugio male militant nodded his head in agreement; many other countries shook their heads in disagreement,

“It’s a CURSE! How do we enter the afterlife?!”

Bob Jordan paused greatly, and took a long moment to reflect, he looked up slightly towards the ceiling, “They aren’t dead. The corpse hasn’t died. They are still alive and being kept alive by the Avalon Hubs. The whole Avalon army would have to be destroyed along with their Hubs, in order for the corpses to truly die.”

“Is there a way we can use a hub to keep us alive, without it being hacked by The Avalon?!” A councilman from Great Albion cried out frantically; a Russian militant general nodded his head in agreement, Hromi scratched his head and pondered greatly,

Listen mate, Super Aids is devastating! There has to be a way-

“NO! Damn you!” raised the voice of the Israelian Councilman, “You’re a damned fool, the Bretons like those creepy things!”

“Look here, old man!” gritted the teeth of the Great Albion councilman, “You GOT technology, our scientists are hanging on by a thread! We’re fighting the Avalon the hardest right now, in fact, I hear tell you lot be banging on robot babes all day, you do!”

“I don’t bang, BANG! You minion bringers!” Growled the Israelite, “Halloween is your Christmas to you people!”

The Gran Refugio militant frowned his brow greatly, then cursed something loudly at the Breton who grimaced in confused; called him el stupido, then suddenly the whole room rioted violently in shouts and hollers between one another, that the guards had a hard time trying to quell.

“HEY!” Bob Jordan shouted, “HEY! LISTEN, EVERYONE!”

but it was no use…this time the room went into a chaotic shouting match the staff were all unable to bring down. Councilmen had to be escorted from out of the room, some people went hysterical, the others cried out, some reports laughed and laughed and laughed, some shoving and fist-swinging taunts were given…Bob Jordan shook his head, grimaced a nervous laugh, then threw his hands up, looking at his watch his shook his head and cursed aloud.

Eventually in the end, some councilmembers refused to reenter the room, and departed; of them was the male Israelian Councilmen, some Russian journalists, a security guard, and most of the British administration, except for the British councilman, who was still very eager to continue broaching the topic. Bob Jordan reentered the room after a swig of coffee. He scratched his head, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and let out a defeated sigh, “Well…The Washington DC area is on an official high alert. I can’t stress to you how important it is for the country of American to maintain its presidency. President Rivera August can’t be allowed to harm.

Most of the remaining councilmen agreed and remained silent; the Russian generals were in different but listened.

“I have a question.” A High Chairman and general in the Russian Federation spoke aloud.

Bob Jordan adjusted himself where he stood, before he finally answered, “Go for it.”

“Well right now with the riots happening both in The Washington DC area, mainly the cities, some larger states as well which have been going on for a long time. The presence of Data Bombs being made freely, some users online are able to create their own. There have also been some reports of their use there too…Will The Homefront go into Martial Law?”

Everybody fell so silent in the room, a pin could be dropped.

Bob Jordan stood motionless and pondered greatly for a second, “I cannot answer the question.” Bob Jordan spoke. There were grunts, and heavy shifting in their chairs, as the Russian militant responded,

“Alright. Well, will shutting off the network truly stop data bombs from happening. That means cities won’t have any power.”

“Yes, shutting down the network and having no power is worth halting the calamity of Data Bombs.” Bob Jordan continued, then narrowed his eyes, “I think we can adjourn the meeting, thank you all for coming Have a good one.”

With that, everybody went their separate ways, some councilmen stayed and continued to talk in other rooms away from one another, and Bob Jordan ventured further down the hall with armed staff to meet up with the president. Inside the heavily guarded meeting room were only a handful of important people, mostly American officials. Sitting in a chair at it was the American President of 2165 on his first term, President Rivera August. Rivera August was a Spanish American Democrat, who was born and raised in Hawaii. Black short hair, a charming smile and slightly stern face made up his appearance. He was very charismatic, and very tech oriented, but reasonable with the people of America, seeking to always find ways to both improve the quality of living, and strengthen the military. It was because of this, that he had many friends in different places, and even a good bit of Republicans in the military resonated with him. His brother was Andy August, and he was considered perhaps to be the reincarnation of Albert Einstein. Andy August invented the Data Bombs for the United States, soon after The Avalon Republic created theirs. With the use of Data Bombs, there was now a new kind of power that far exceeded a “Super Power”. A Tesla Power. Tesla Powers made even the Tsar Bombs obsolete, because the Data Bomb was capable of using data to continuously neutralize radiation; the Tsar’s would never reach their target of impact. Hydrogen bombs were now obsolete…And even a small town with the power to harness data by way of a simple Honeypot, could send a large enough signal to destroy a whole continent of what ever the user set the Data Bombs to seek out and destroy. It was Rivera’s charisma and wisdom that congress yearned after, during difficult times.

The knowledge of the full existence of DB’s were kept hidden from the public, as staff and officials deliberated as to how to best deal with Data Bomb usage.

“Mr. Riveras!” a female exec. named Sarah chuckled aloud as she called out. Rivera let out a saddened smile,

“You don’t look so happy Rivera…Didn’t get a good night sleep?”

“No ma’m…” Rivera let out a smile, “I had that dream again…”

Rivera scratched his face and leaned back a little in his chair with a flushed face, “The dream with the winking eye in the television…Always the same, the female eye would wink, and some kind of noise would come out of the box…It sounds like someone scraping tin together at extreme speeds, almost mechanical! Then a female’s voice would come out of it. Bah, the dream would always end with me using like a bat to smash the television, but then the television would laugh, and continue to speak even though shattered and broken, saying, “No, no little child…!” over and over and over.”

Sarah frowned sullenly, then tried to reassure Rivera,

“Well,” she went, “I read in a dream interpretation that when you see a T.V. making very loud sounds in your dream, it means that people are talking about you? Can you dig it?”

Rivera chuckled and nodded, “Yeah…Yeah I’m definitely sure I can dig that.”

“Broken T.V.’s mean that you may meet an extraordinary person, now did that T.V. happen to explode when you went on and smashed it in with that baseball bat”

The president giggled in retribution, “Yeah it did! I hit it, then it exploded and sent me flying to the ground! I was pretty horrified to see it still speaking and what not!”

Sarah’s eyes widened, “Oh dear…We maaay need to limit visitation and tighten security for a little while, or halt and investigate the local media’s coverage…Exploding T.V.s mean to be careful in the future. Somebody is trying to do some intense slanderin’ on ya.”

Riveras chuckled greatly leaned back all the way in his chair, as many others entered the room and it closed behind them all, “Smh! Ah, I wouldn’t worry about that, it’s probably just my ex-wife again!”

Riveras and Sarah laughed and laughed and laughed joyously!

Copyrightcopyright September 9, 2018

Old Man Winter’s Shadow~Excert from my story


And indeed. Here travels the eager steps of the knight and the huntsman.

Came to reclaim; the princess from the shadowlands. The despair hangs like a ceiling over the clouds. The swinging voice of music flees the merry dance of the bats regain-

My laugher is the music that giggles the shattering Earth. The sound of freedom is but a faint memory away, and the holds have scrounged for the ice’s tear of day.

I will summon a snowy maniacal army. The army is coated in glass from the forming of jaggered jaws…

Their hands are but to snatch.

Many heroes have frolicked freely, hoping to conquer the endless mountain and their hills. And all have fallen in the frost.

In where the frozen overscore be shapened like the overseer. Like the boss-

I will use my nose hairs to ensnare the freely beckoning, my arms will fall the trees to spilt the snowy tunnels.

My chin will scope up the masses as I lean my head back to smile at the winter’s fury.

My eye’s lashes will spear through the champions I wink at, my fidgeting lids will tremor the frozen Earth.

My head hairs, every strand will be the watch towers that the fair maiden weeps from.

Her eyes will melt the snow with the tears.

And maybe…If so be the fate, and the will combined–

My madness will subside–

and I will decide-

to steer a path to my lair for you to find…

Copyrightcopyright August 30, 2018