When its calm inside, a storm rages the surface…



The storm outside. Its scary isn’t it?

Almost like fate. Sometimes fate can be a scary maiden.

Sometimes the only thing a child needs to be fearless, is destiny’s hand.

But destiny is formless, until seen. And sometimes we don’t see it, until we see it in another’s eyes.

The dying faint glow of logic, starts with the logic of understanding.

Sometimes not understanding, however, helps the drifter understand

even greater.


-Gregory Thomas


Hello on War and Poetry


Hello. Gregory Thomas here, friends.

Is not the art of war, just Ballads for humans?

Was not the sound of listening alone the very concept of The Cold Wars?

Was not antebellum’s existence started on behalf of our mind and eyes?

Does not all of mankind wait on mankind?

Does it really suprise you that your eyes see what is around them?

Your mind is the most personal think you can have, and only your mind knows what your mind is thinking.

Your soul is caged by your own ribcage. Your blood is just drool, used for your body’s elixar.

Your eyelashes are just thorns, your chin is your body’s mountains.

But I ramble. What matters is that you hear the music through my words.

The words are the music, the mind is the canvas, your eyes are the window, and your voice can shatter all three of these things.


-From your friend, Gregory Thomas.

Elysium Mistress


She is the laughter behind her own eyes, watching you die.

She sees you walk in the dying desert, and abandons you

she is the madness you place inside your head-

she, her face, and her eyes, sound and everything-

she is the invisible. She is the calling-

she is your lusts. Your love. You’re stumbling and your falling-

She sees you die, and you die right in front of her-

she is the golden ray of light from out of her own elysium-

and just like the mothership returns to the skies-

you are the lone spacemen, left to die-

for your dreams and schemes, are out of this world-

You. Abandoned by her.

And Her. Abandoned by you.


Copyrightcopyright March 9, 2018

The Carnage of Waiting


There is an inescapable utter madness that follows,

behind every silence.

In an empty despair, you wait and wait motionless.

You fall into the void of nowhere schemes, you wait for your eyes to open again.

You wait to hear the maddening crowd; ignore you into the silence.

You wait to hear yourself seeing the world from all around. You wait with no name to yourself, you etch the blank canvas of words filled in every which way-

and you see no wealth, none whatsoever; you are unsung, your words cry out. And you die within the same silence, written in all of your letters-

Nobody reads your fate. You read your own.

Nobody witnesses your visions. Your eyes glaze over, and peer deep within yourself-

you and your soul. Alone in the solace. While the dirt all around you is turned into gold;

You pick apart the scraps they left behind;

and embrace the silence. The madness within you stolen, because silence, is golden…

Copyrightcopyright February 12, 2018

The Unanswered Silence


When you find out why you were born, you

will erase the fears.

And yet most fear the failure.

She is the mother-ship that hurdles in alien policies.

she is the unknown space woman, that floats above an imaginary line.

she is the freckled maiden, running into your arms. She is the beauty,

her arms are your embrace. She is the soft voice,
she is the choice.

she is the heart, for your emptied male center, and she will breath your life, until your coldness thaws…

She is the emptied despair, that is never there.
She is the void, that fails to care.
She is the stone, the heartless entity.
She is nowhere.
Forever, and ever unseen-

She is the greed, she is the release.

She is her and her around the planets. Watching in your eyes,

searching for guidance.

And it is her, the sphere, the circle, the fear-

that stretches you farther away from you.

She is a thought. An idea; abstract-

The bane that is forever your boon


Copyrightcopyright January 14, 2018

The Cold Wind Sung by Night


A faceless monster reflecting my own image descends upon my conscience.

A no name wastrel, my own reflection devours my flesh like a serpent.

An unsung lonely wanderer dies inevitably within the solace-

the FBI gather like a black fog among the silent night-

the silence of mankind is inevitable, the same-

because the fate of it all, is to become your fate, and your fate is to hand over, you and your memories-

to your own solace.

You are the awakening vessel amidst your foggy burrows. You are the depths of your own mind. How deep you fall into yourself.

You are the spiraling tunnel at the end of the greatest tunnel. You are the lonely man, women, child-

sent to die from either aging,  being slain, or other-

you are your mother. Your son, and your brother. You are your escape, your caged, your imprisoned.

You are your artwork, painted in blood on a skin-shaped canvas, you are the meat you eat. You are the decaying thoughts adrift.

You are the inspiration you forgot, you are the past. The present. The future. You are the sins, you are the blessings. You are the house you stay, and the key for a prison’s way out.

You are the agents, the detectives merely follow themselves.

You are the entering of the beautiful gates to heaven.

Or you are at the gates of hell.

Poem Meaning: You are what you choose to be.

And your fate is forever followed by your choices.


Copyrightcopyright January 2, 2018



The Sea of Ghost


Yes indeed, into the entering sea;

a frolicking lifeforms dies underneath. Her arms are torn from her by way of her own paddling arms;

she uses her, in fin-tailed form, until she dies along the shores-

she is the fallen whale that men devour for their feast;

and she haunts their dreams, every time

her beauty to them goes amiss.

Because to be the open heart, means open heart surgery;

only to those that care about the heart.

And those that don’t even understand themselves, what the heart is.

Are no different, from the dying maidens exodus, following death by tail and fin…


Copyrightcopyright December 26, 2017