TTOC~ The Dragon Sorcerer (sample piece from story)


A cruel fire circled around the whole village of Mikatsukimura. The small town nestled behind the Norvedian borders, home to their samurai, had been sacked by way of the horrible Etched One warriors…Gurski and Bakura were held up in the ruins of an old abandoned house, with the inferno from the destruction slowly seeping its way over onto the other houses. Bakura let out a wheezing cough from the smog, as Gurski ran around frantic, looking for a way to leave without alerting the invading Etched ones; Gurski, like many of the other natives in this land, was a dark elf, who spoke in Japanese and barely knew English. He had a scar that ran down his whole left face, from the eye down. He wore a long blue headband that hung low at it’s tied ends.


He also wore a blackened cloth that wrapped over his left eye, and dark leather apparel with blue scarfs and cloths that wrapped around his wounds to stop the bleeding caused from earlier skirmishes; the bandoliers that held fast along his chest, had rustled as he let out a series of panicking breaths. He was a samurai ranger, and Bakura, a mercenary-for-hire. The two had known each other for some time, but unlike Gurski, Bakura’s past was much darker than his…

Bakura was a blood elf, her skin was pale, her eyes were red; her hair, so dark, it almost had a somewhat blueish tint to it, cut short into a bob, with a single long strand hanging comfortably over the front of her face. The leather armor that she wore though somewhat feminine, was rugged, and had secret compartments and pouches that held bullets, small guns, and daggers strapped to her from every which angle…


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I made a new tumblr!



(This Tumblr has inspirational quotes and uplifting messages helping people deal with lifestyle issues, such as addictions, bullying, etc. It balances it out with slapstick comedy brought by character Deathbell, who tends to do contrary to what the hero does. It also strangely offers some strategies for the board game Chess from time to time. All in all humorous and interesting.)





~Excerpt from my Story The Trials of Mausoleum- Death and it’s Presence


Behind the Wall of WarRed-Rook and Deathbell continued to wander further into the SpookyCreaks forest;

Deathbell was an ominous looking, yet very attractive and eye catching Sorceress, she had long dark hair, her eyes had a piercing glow that tended to flicker like a lit flame. She wore a golden circlet, her skin was pale and placid, her blue lipstick and dark makeup only helped to enhance her menacing presence. Red-Rook was a burly looking man, his right eye was missing, and in place of it he wrapped his signature red blindfold to cover over it. His dark armor had red pauldrons, a fur cape and a red hood. He had a magnanimous presence, just the very sight of him and his heroism could inspire hope in any who saw him. He shook his head and looked back over to see Deathbell, floating next to him with feet off the ground, her narrowed eyes piercing through him, and her wicked ear-splitting grin sprawling across her face.

“You have absolutely no idea where your going, do you boy?”

Red-rook shrugged his shoulders, and grunted, “Yeah…. Sure, yeah I know where we’re going…Uh, straight path, right?”

“Don’t right me, doofus for brains! YOU know where we’re going, so go. Go on. Lead us up a pole!”

Red-Rook grunted, and shrugged forwards, with Deathbell floating eerily behind him, when suddenly, he lifted his eyes to something catching his gaze, “What’s that thing?”

Deathbell reached her hand forth, and pulled Red-Rook’s hood down over his eyes then floated forth,

“What’s what thing? It’s probably just your eyebrows again. Speaking of eyebrows, we’re looking for Edward, remember?”

“No.” Red-Rook scoffed again, “It’s not my eyebrows, look there, I see a large house or something.”

Deathbell began to float toward its direction, “You know dumbass. We should go looking for Edward Wellstone first before we go running off exploring…”

“Ain’t no dumbass, dumbass! Besides, Edward is a boy, ain’t he? Ain’t them things s’pose to be tough and stuff? I bet he’s in that house.”

“You just want to go in there and shag!” Deathbell chuckled mockingly.

“HELL NO, Dumbbell! I hate you. Now let’s go, or I’ll twist your pointy ears back up into your nose!”

Deathbell and Red-Rook continued towards the ominous and decrypted large house, passing several dying weeping willow trees on their way there, they felt a terribly cold sensation take hold over them the closer they ventured into the courtyard.

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Hi Everyone, I’m gunna be opening up way more of Cascadia Legends :)


Hello everybody. 🙂

In case you probably didn’t notice, I had recently made the site private. But I’m gunna be opening it up now.

Not only will I open the site, I’m also going to open “Cascadia Adventures”

Now some of those Cascadia Adventure stories might have pics, but some might not. I know the new ones may not have any, or just a singular pic, not sure.

But soon the whole sight will be open.


It’s gunna take me awhile to work on editing the Cascadia Adventures side, because I changed some stuff, but it should still be awesome. My only request is that none of my work or material me stolen, or posted anywhere on other material, website, book, or media, without letting me know or asking please. Thank you.

-from an old friend,

          Gregory Thomas

The Trials of Cascadia: The Dark Ages (Chapter 13)


(only Half; more to come)

The Horrible Evil

Chapter 13

The Horrible Evil…

Scotty looked up at the hospital walls of the abandoned sector, as he walked forth. There was a disturbing chanting that had echoed from all the way at the very back of the decrepit hospital. He followed the chanting forward,

“The wicked is inevitable.” The echoing went, “The fear is inevitable…The khaos, is real..!” Scott followed the horrible murmuring through the halls, the closer he got to it, the more decrepit the walls began to look. The halls were dark, the windows were all mostly boarded up, and there was a strange and terrible scent, almost like the scent of blood and vanilla, that had flooded all throughout the rooms. Scott walked, and walked, deep into the darkest darkness that could peel the wallpaper from off of the very walls. Suddenly, the sound that he heard had begun to turn, it changed from an eerie chant, into screams;

the terrible, horrible sound of men and women screaming at the top of their lungs. As his eyes fixed upon a closed door, off in the distance, Scott could see a glowing, purple radiance that flashed and flashed all through the cracks of the door, and the screams got louder, and louder as he came closer and closer to it..!

“The Khaos is real…The carnage is inevitable…The tongues cut out, the voices silenced!

The eyes plucked out. The man that must die, must die..!”

As Scotty came to the door, he reached his hand slowly for the knob; the screams became louder and louder, as his sweating palm grasped it, and opened the door. Scott was now illuminated with a horrifying flashing purple glow; the glow flashed and flashed, and then suddenly changed from a flashing purple, into a flickering red glow, as his eyes fixated on what he saw in the room. There were six knights wearing twisted blackened armor within the room, sitting cross-legged on the ground, with both of their hands raised;

There were also other figures within the room with the knights. Running frantic all around them and swatting with their arms, were people engulfed within flames, their skins scalding with the fire that melted their faces and bodies, until they were unrecognizable, as they screamed and screamed, without end..! One of the knights looked up at Scotty, and smiled without an ounce of remorse or emotion, just a cold, heartless eerie grin, that slit into his very face, like a razor, “Come inside.” The knight said to him, “The barbeque is good to the bones…” Scott walked into the room slowly, the door shutting by itself behind him; at the sound of the door shutting, the people that were burning alive within the room with them all, vanished right before their eyes, along with their insidious screams and the red flashing that had sinisterly cloaked over them…

Scotty panted in fear as sweat poured down his face, “Welcome khao’zula kinsman.” One of the black knights muttered, “You wear the severed skin of a pretender..!” Scotty frowned with confusion, “…What are you saying?” he went to the knight. “Rothward. What is this man saying?” the knight called Rothward, grinned wickedly; his eyes were a piercing yellow, his cheek bones and face was so prominent, that you could almost see the skeleton, “Heh, heh, heh, heh…You need new skin, shield brother…What say you?” There was a brief silence throughout the room, as all of the knights glared at Scotty, as he nervously looked around the dark room, “You’re in too deep, khaos brother!” Rothward crackled, “Can’t turn your back on us now…Can you?” “So…I’m in now? Am I in this?”  Scotty stammered. Rothward pulled over a shining cuirass of blackened armor toward the side of him, and patted it with the palm of his hand, “The Etched Ones want more blood to drink, they…Want this place to sacrifice itself…You, must lend us a hand. Now, how do you plan to do that, without being one with us?” “I’m in?!” Scotty frantically smiled, “Yes! Yes! Yes, now…Now I can work toward bringing her back, I can…I can start now for real from here.” Rothward lost his grin, and frowned in an angry manner, his eyelids twitched with rage, “Yes, your wife…” he went, “She’s dead.” “Yes I know,” Scotty began, “But I can bring her back, through the power of the etched ones, I can-

“You can kill!” Rothward shouted, “You kill. Now! Today, we bury the hospital patients, Kill them…Kill them! Every last one of them must drink their own blood. Pluck their eyes, and then gobble up their souls..! Are you prepared to do these deeds?” Scotty looked up, expressionless, “I will do what I must.” He went. “Then…” Rothward went, “We start with the druid guards, all of them will be trying to stop us…” “I will stop them!” Scotty yelled out. Rothward’s tight evil grin began to unravel, as his eyes looked straight through Scott, “…We shall see…” he murmured underneath of his breath.  All of the black knights suddenly drew their swords, Scotty walked up to his new black armor, and reached for it, “Today,” Rothward went, “Is all souls day…”

Scotty adorned his new black armor, leaving his Druid guard armor behind to lie within the dusty shadows that so tainted the room. He followed Rothward and the other black knights, as they went, deeper into the darker parts of the hospital’s abandoned ward; the further they ventured, the worse the disrepairs had started to become. The hairs on Scotty’s neck had begun to stand on ends…He could suddenly make out a disturbing muffled sound, inside one of the rooms. His eyes widened, when the grinning evil knights turned into the same room that the muffling seemed to be coming from..! Just as soon as they all entered the room, they were greeted by more black knights, surrounded by a bound and gagged fellow druid guard. Scotty’s eyes widen deep and wide, as the bound guard suddenly recognized him, the tears that coated the guard’s woeful face, seemed to suck back into his eye sockets, as his eyes squinted with confusion, and rage. Rothward grinned evily, and a forked tongue sprouted from out of his mouth! From the top of his lip, all the way down to the tip of his throat, his skin split open, revealing his bony jaw and jaggered teeth, and at the same time, his eyes protruded from out of their sockets..! Scotty looked around, as all of the other black knights turned their faces the same, with the bound guard trying his best to scream in terror. As Scotty stood paralyzed, Rothward looked out at him, from the corner of his eye, “The Jouhl…” Rothward began; even Rothward’s voice had changed almost demonically as he spoke, “It wants to bleed this foolish pretender…” Scott looked at Rothward in fear, all of the horrible knight’s eyes, were on him, “If the Jouhl is a ’thirst, then it must drink.” Scotty said nothing, only stood looking at Rothward, in silence. Rothward clacked his teeth together, creating a harsh click sound that echoed throughout the room, “This weakling…” Rothward scoffed, “He’s a porker anyway… If he eats anymore, he will die regardless!” Rothward leaned in close to Scotty, “You would be doing him a horrible favor…” he whispered. Rothward then lifted his hand to the other black knights, “Take the cloth from his mouth.” Scotty came closer to the bound guard that knelt on the floor, as one of the black knights yanked the cloth from over his mouth, “Scotty, these things ain’t human!” the druid guard frantically cried out, “They’re monsters! They will kill us all! Don’t do this!” Scotty looked at the guard, with pity and disgust, “…I’m sorry Davy.” Scotty went, “We all have to walk alone…But we won’t be alone, for too long…” Fellow druid guard Davy’s eyes widened with terrible fear, so much so that his body shook with it, when he saw Scotty’s mouth split open, and his eyes protrude the same way as Rothward’s, “No,no,no, Don’t do it! DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO THIS SHIT MAN!!!

Fellow guard captain January’s ears attuned, to what sounded like a distant screaming sound, as she walked alongside fellow druid guard, Saliver. Both January and Saliver looked all around, trying to figure out where the sound had come from. “…What was that, Saliver?” January went. Saliver paused, the hairs standing on the back of his neck, “…I don’t know, but these are the sounds that the other nurses claimed to have been hearing, coming from the abandoned part of the hospital.” “…That sound, sounded like a scream, Saliver..!” January went. There was a pause, when suddenly, the distant scream echoed again, and held on for longer than the first, only to abruptly stop, “Alright,” January went, “We need to check out what that sound is, let’s go grab Edward and his men, we’re gunna get to the bottom of this.” Saliver nervously shook his miserable head, “…Damn.” He mumbled under his breath as he followed January.

 The two guards met up with Edward and his men, Edward was a pompous, arrogant, and harsh man of 25, and usually makes his patrols within the poorer side of Druid. Edward was also Eade’s very own squire, and had dedicated himself to keeping the king’s land orderly. As January and Saliver approached Edward and his men, he stood leaned up against the wall just outside of the room Eade was in, arms folded, and only catching a glance at them both from out of the corner of his cruel brown eyes, “What in the hell is this fatso doing here?” Edward scoffed aloud. “Where the hell were you?” January went, “Me and Saliver heard screams..!” Saliver wiped the sweat from off of his forehead, ‘W-w-well, we d-don’t know that yet Sir January…Perhaps it was just birds…Or something?” “This porker Sally boy owes me money!” Edward cursed, “How ‘bout you go get me my money, you losing worm-bait!” Edward glared menacingly at Saliver, his pointy wood elf ears twitching backward like a horse’s, “You owe me money, Saliver!” Saliver stood silently for a second, then suddenly dashed away, sprinting with all haste opposite direction from Edward, “Where the hell you goin’ Sally?! Dammit get back here!” Saliver made his way to a door, only to be grabbed by the collar by January, “Nobody’s paying anybody anything! We don’t have time for this ridiculous game you two are playing!” January dragged Saliver back to Edward, of which was still perched with his back against the wall, “Now, me and Saliver heard suspicious noises coming from the abandoned ward, we’re going to check it out, and you’re coming along! That’s an order.” Edward shook his head, his red hair flowing with the breeze, and his horrible brows scrunching up insidiously, “Whatever.” He went to January, “I’ll tag along with you. But only because I choose to, woman! I do what I please! And I like doing what I please-

“Yeah well you’re going to do what I say, when you’re tagging along with me! Understand?” Edward’s cheek bones twitched, as him, along with his men, Saliver, and January, made their way for the abandoned section of the hospital. The farther they went forward into it, the darker it slowly started to become; the deeper they ventured, the more broken the lights up above them began to become…Until there wasn’t any lights left to shine down above them. As the knights went forth, January suddenly stopped, looking all around, her face frowning with fret, along with Edward’s face; both of their ears twitched in onto sounds throughout the medical ward, that the other’s human ears couldn’t hear. “Ok, I’m just hearing screams all over the place here..!” January went. “What?” went one of the other knights, I don’t hear anything but silence. Sir Edward, our captain is paranoid!” January frowned angrily, “Hey! What is your name?” she went to the knight. Edward raised his brow, “His name is Goose, that knight over there with the bird nose and goggles is Roost, that guy over there is Slaw, and the other guy over there is named Borland.” “Well tell Goose here to shut up, and go on ahead if he’s so tough!” January cursed. “Hey, I’m just saying, I don’t hear anything! I mean, do you guys hear anything…No? Well I don’t either-

“I hear the screams, too Goose..!” Edward scrunched up his horrible face, looking into each room as they went passed them, until everybody stopped. There was a sudden purple light that flashed for a split second, right in front of them all, “What the hell was that? Did anybody else just see that?” Salivar went. “What are your orders, captain?” Roost went; his red goggles fogged up the more his sweat poured down his face. “…I want you to search the rooms, but don’t go too far.” “Well I got a question.” Goose wailed. “What is it?” January frowned. “How come you two can hear things I don’t?” “Wood elves can hear shit better than you, does that answer things enough for you, baldy?” Edward scoffed. “Alright let’s go, I don’t want any of you going too far, understand?” January pointed down the hall, at a crooked picture that was hanging on the wall, “Don’t go past that picture on the wall, okay?”

All of the knights then went into the rooms, but not before unsheathing their swords, and loading their crossbows…

January went up next to a closed door, she slowly opened it, and a terrible squeak radiated the hallways as she went inside. January looked all around the room, she kept feeling a horrible sinking feeling within her, like as if the very walls had eyes…

Goose went further past the crooked painting January told the group not to go past, stood silent for a second, then nervously shook his head, “No, no…I-I’m not going down there..!” Just as soon as Goose began to turn around he was stopped by Roost, “Scared, Goose?” Roost scoffed. “Hell yeah I’m scared, I mean just look down there!” Roost and Goose both shuttered as they looked farther down the hall; it was almost as if they were looking down into the void..! “That’s why we should go down some more! Just think of all the goodies we could find down there! We could even find some 100 year old panties!” Roost took in a deep breath, then exhaled, a smile on his face stretching far and wide. “You’re too sick to hang with me, you know that?” Goose went. “Aw come on! Besides, that lady speaks waaaaaaaaay too loud for my taste!” “No way Roost, I’m going in this room right here, if that’s okay with you.” “Well it’s not!” “Too bad!” Goose went as he turned away into the darkened room next to him. “Well fine!” Roost scoffed, his glowing red googles beaming like two red suns, “I guess that just means more goochy for me! Aheeheehee” Roost ventured off further down the hall past the picture on the wall, and deeper into the darkness.

January wandered around the room she was in, the darkness was most unwelcomed, and the silence was troubling and terrible. “Hello? Is anybody in here?” she went, as she fumbled around with her crossbow, like a knife into darkness. She gazed upon the room’s disrepair able state, looking up and down the walls, as she paced back and forth, searching and searching for any signs of life. The sheer shadows casted their darkness into the blue corneas that was her eyes, as she suddenly looked down at the ground, and froze in her tracks…There was blood on the ground, in a puddle right where she stood..!

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The Trials of Cascadia: The Dark Ages (Chapter 12)


-The finished verson of Ch. 12


Chapter 12

A Knight Held at Knifepoint


Eade stumbled horribly through the streets, he blew his horn loud enough for the whole world to hear him, as guards all around were each alerted to the noise. Eade took the horn away from his mouth; blood that had stained it began to drip itself onto the floor, as blood ran down Eade’s face. The guards were just able to reach Eade, before he stumbled again, almost hitting pavement just before the other guards caught him, “Sir Eade!” One of the guards yelled… When Eade’s eyes focused in, he discovered that the guard that yelled, was Maxmont. Maxmont ran up with five other guards beside him; his face distraught with woe, “What happened?” Maxmont said. “…I was beaten.” Eade coughed, “He had a black hood on, his scars…All over his face…Bastard called out knifepoint…” “Who called out knifepoint Eade?” Maxmont went. “Bastard called out knifepoint..! I heard him! That son of a bitch knows his name!” I heard him! This time I swear it!” Maxmont scratched his chin in confusion, “We’re going to get you to the infirmary Eade.” He went, “I need to know exactly what has happened.”

 “Yeah?!” Eade shouted, “Guess what?! I need to know what happened, TOO!” Eade yelled at the top of his lungs, like a raving mad man, as he swung his arms “But I got the upper hand on those bastards this time though!” Eade screamed, “They’re wolves! That’s right! I said they’re WOLVES! The bastards travel in PACKS!” “Eade! Enough!” Maxmont went, but Eade only continued to shout, his voice echoed into the ears of everyone around him, and had begun to draw in a large gathering crowd, “Knifepoint! Knifepoint! KNIFEPOINT!!!” Eade paced back and forth with blood dripping from his nose and onto the ground, “Have you seen O’l Greenleaf?” Eade said to one of the bystander, “…HUH?! …No? Well what about Knifepoint? HUH?! Do you know him?” Eade went past all of the bystanders, every one of them startled at Eade, of both his reckless ranting, and also how bloody he was from head to toe, “THEY KILLED MY DAUGHTER!!!” He screamed, as gasps leapt from out of everybody’s mouths, “They’ll get you!” Eade had now begun pointing at everybody around him, “They’ll get you if you’re not careful… That’s what they do! They GET you! I said they’ll GET you!” Eade swung his fist through the air, and blood sprayed onto the clothing of anybody standing too close to him, “You tell them I’m looking for him…You tell them that! I’m looking for him! I’m looking real good and hard!” Eade stopped, and looked right into one of the bystander’s eyes, with his cold, shaking pupils “…And then you tell me if you’ve seen anything, so that they don’t do this to you!” Everybody, even the guards paused dead in their tracks, hesitant to move, and hesitant to breathe. “Eade…” Maxmont went, “ Eade!” Eade barely made out Maxmont’s voice, just before he fell for the ground, the guards next to him just able to catch him in their arms. Eade was too weak to say anything more, and could only hear the guards scrambling to take him to Druid Dovemare Hospital, as they hoisted him into a stagecoach, his eyes looked all around; people were all staring out of their windows at Eade, as the wagon he was in took off…He was just able to catch a glimpse of Maxmont, scratching his goatee, just before he lost consciousness…

The harsh rattling of a wheel caught the fading attention of Eade, as the knights and nurses brought him through the halls of Dovemare Hospital’s halls. His eyes groggily rolled, as he took glances at everything around him. Suddenly the knights and nurses stopped into a patient room; besides Eade, there was another patient in the room with him, as the nurses hosted him onto an empty bed, “Try your best to relax Sir Eade, we will be with you soon”. One of the nurses said to him. “…Where’s Maxmont?” Eade murmured to the nurse.” Just then, Maxmont popped his face into the room, with a warming smile on his face, “He’s right here, my friend.” He went, as his voice coated the air all throughout the room.

The nurse smiled, “I will leave you two alone then.” She said as she exited the room with the other fellow knights, with one of them wishing their fellow captain to get better soon . Eade stared at Maxmont, as he came up to him, “My dear friend…” Maxmont went. Maxmont then looked up to the sound of a cough, that had come from the other patient that was in the room with them; Maxmont frowned with a concerned look on his face, as he faced Eade again, “What happened Eade?”

“I was beaten, Maxmont…” Eade went. “I am sorry for you, my friend…But I told you not to confront this O’l Tall-Eyes, or enter into anybody’s home, without getting a search warrant from the king… This happened because nobody was there to protect you.” “I have heard this before Maxmont.” Eade grunted. Maxmont folded his arms, “Eade. They could have killed you… They could have killed you, and buried you, and nobody would know what happened to you, or where you went…” “I know what you’re saying!” Eade went, “I’ve played this game before!” “…Have you now? Does it really take you dying to learn who did this-

If that’s what it takes Maxmont!” Eade snapped, “You have no daughter or children that were slain in the worst way possible, Maxmont!”

Maxmont’s frowned in anger, his demeanor changed in a way, most unlike him, “I have a sister SLAIN!” Maxmont yelled, “A brother who deserted me! A family grief stricken! My uncle killed himself because of her death!” Eade’s eyes widened as Maxmont ranted, “People all throughout this town are being slain, Sir Eade! You are not the only one struggling! There’s something stirring here in this town, dear friend! Just like a hornet’s nest, things are stirring!” There was a horribly long pause that came after Maxmont’s shouts, as only Maxmont’s heavy breathing could be heard, along with the other patient’s coughs and wheezing’s. Eade frowned woefully, trying to find words to say; he had never seen Maxmont yell and lose himself to anger before.

Maxmont shifted his balance, and took deep breaths, as he calmed himself, “I’ve got a friend here, that was beaten badly, and he won’t listen to my advice, when I tell him.” “And what is your advice Maxmont?” Eade went.

“Accept this help, Eade. These people work in packs you say? So fight them in packs.”

“…Alright Maxmont.” Eade went, “I will seek some help, to fight them.”

“I will do the same, Sir Eade.”

Maxmont looked around the room, “I will remain here, and make sure nobody tries anything foolish. There will be fully armored knights here as well. They come from my defense, so they’re good for it, and wise. I will also collect this other patient’s background, making sure that he isn’t a convicted felon or anything.” “Is my wife going to know?” Eade went, “I would prefer if she didn’t.”

“I’m afraid that she already knows, a messenger was sent to your house last night. She may be coming over soon.” “Dammit…” Eade cursed.

“Get better Sir Eade, we’ve got villains to fight…” Maxmont made his leave out of the room, just before Eade called out to Maxmont, “How do you do it Maxmont? How do you go on?” Maxmont let out a confident smile, “Through prayer, I continue to march forward my friend. That is the secret of secrets.” And with that, Maxmont made his leave from out of the room. Eade sat silently, as he looked around the room, when he heard an eerie wheeze that ended in a horrible laugh, right across from him. It had come from the other patient that was also in the room with him… The old man’s decrepit face twisted in pain, and grinned with horror, as he gazed at Eade, “Heheheh, your sugar coming to get you?” The old patient crackled. Eade tried his best to ignore him, but the old man’s coughs began to worry Eade about the man’s health, “I see things boy…I see things afore they happen…! I knew you would end up here, I just didn’t know what you’d look like…” The old man’s voice and murmuring almost sounded like a man suffering in hell, as Eade finally looked back at the old man, “I’m not going to be here long.” He said to him. “You don’t believe me?” the old man sighed woefully…Suddenly, his woeful expression changed into an evil smirk, “I know, you gunna be ‘ere for a while…’Less play a lil’ game…” Eade sighed, “What game are we playing old man?”

“eheheheheh…You go ask them pretty ladies to go fetch ye another chair, because…” The old man’s horrible piercing eyes locked tight with Eade’s, as his grin split across his face from ear-to-ear, “There’s gunna be another one a’comin to your room to see you…!” Eade’s eyes widened, as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, “If I’m wrong” the old man continued, “I’ll die here where I lay…If I’m right…Then…I’m gunna bug you for the longest! HAHAHAHAHA!”  “You know what old man…It’s a deal.” Eade leaned forward, and called for a nurse to bring him another chair; the old man, watching Eade’s every move, almost as if his very eyes looked straight through him… “My name” The old man went, “Is Logmare…It’s what them’s call me, seems as though on a count that I count logs on coffins, ‘stead of sheep!” “That’s a ridiculous name.” Eade grunted. Logmare frowned with anger, “Foolish boy-oh! I called out to scorpions in my youth!” he cursed. “Yeah? I used to have a family in mine.” “A family? Pfff! Now you don’t? It’s cause you…ATE THEM! Right?! You gluttonous hippo Eade! Ate them right up! Legs and all!” “Whatever old man! I’m sick of you!” “You need’a learn, boy-oh! You got’s nothin’ Who is your mama? She’s nobody! Not nobody real!” “Not listening to you old man!” Eade cursed. He laid back on his pillow, and tried his best to bloat out the old man’s rantings, as he turned his back, allowing darkness to take hold of his eyes.

Eade fell asleep, his eyes heavy… Yet light as a feather, as he was restless. He heard Logmare’s coughs and groans, as he ranted for the nurses to bring him various things, like a glass of water. Eade frowned his eyebrows slightly when he heard Logmare ask for an axe..! Amidst his sleepless slumber, he suddenly heard a soft, mellow voice ring into his ears, calling his name. He also heard Logmare croak out to the voice, “Don’t go sittin’ in that there chair, girly!” he went, “That there chair’s not your chair!”

“I’m only going to use it for a second, old man!” the voice scoffed back, “Isn’t it past your bed time?”

“FOOLISH GIRLY! I lives ‘ere in this place…! Now don’t you go sittin’ in that chair… I said NO I said! Don’t you do it!

…You barkin’ up the wrong TREE woman!” Eade found himself groggily opening his eyes, as his eyes focused on the person Logmare was arguing with… It was January! “Oh, haha! I made a joke!” Logmare went, “You one of them wood elves. And…I said ‘you barkin’ up the wrong tree’! HA HA HA!” Eade was too surprised to see his fellow childhood friend in the room with him to pay attention to Logmare’s strange ranting. “Eade!” January cried out, “What happened? Who did this to you?” “I’m fine, January.” Eade said to her, as she made her way to the empty chair in the room, only to be shouted at by Logmare again, “NOT THE CHAIR, I SAID! NOOOOOO!” January delivered Logmare a cold, angry stare. “Hey! What the hell is the problem?” “Eade boy.” whined Logmare, “Y-you got’s to listen to me…That chair weren’t meant for anybody but the stranger that’s ‘posed to come over…! It would change up everything!”  Eade frowned angrily, and January’s mouth dropped with a shocked expression on her face, “Okay, you know what,” January growled, “How ‘bout I sit down over here on the bed, would that make things better for you, old guy?” “How many chairs you’s want in ‘ere?! Huh?  Them’s will bring in another one, if you sit down on that bed!” “Hey old guy!” Eade went, “Relax!” There was an awkward pause that flooded the room, as January sat down on the corner of Eade’s bed, with a confused look on her face.

January shook her head, and looked back at Eade, the room’s dim light reflected beautifully across her shimmering uniquely blue eyes, “ Eade, what happened?” “This old guy’s name is Logmare,” went Eade, “And he’s an old fool who thinks he can see things or whatever-

“No, I mean…What happened to you?!” Eade paused as January looked deep into Eade’s eyes, “…They attacked me.” Eade said, “They’re bastards. They attacked me…And they’re gunna pay.”

“But who attacked you?!” January’s eyes almost began to shake and tremble, “…They, wore a black hood, and they just…Tried to kill me. I’m sorry…You don’t have to worry about me.” January looked down, and stood herself up, trying her hardest to fight back her tears. “Come on January, don’t worry for me…” January slowly paced back from the bed, wiping bottled up tears from her eyes, and trying her hardest to stop the sniveling that softly emitted from under her breath, “You’re right, you’re right. I just…” The crackling in January’s voice slowly began to change back normal again, “I…Set up a ground team, I had them search the area, my first…Priority was to make sure that you were in stable condition. We couldn’t find anything, but I have my troops searching the area, and I, just wanted to see if…”

“They said that um, my wife was informed, right?” Eade went, “She’s supposed to be coming over, but I don’t know when.”

January paused for a second, letting in deep breaths, and trying to collect herself, “Yes, I was the one who informed her. I made sure to get to her as soon as I could. She said she would be coming over soon,” January sighed as she sat back down on the bed, “But, I guess she got lost on her way over here. I had offered to bring her up here, but she declined.” Eade frowned as he listened to January, “Don’t know what the hell her problem is…” she growled under her breath, as she rolled her eyes, “How is it, that I came to see you first before your own wife?” Eade paused before he began to speak again,

“I’m looking for my daughter’s killer, January.” Eade sighed, “I’ve been all over, dark alleyways, taverns, I’ve, just been everywhere, and-

“We’re going to find out who did this, Eade. I swear to God, I’ll, we’ll…Find who did this. I’m sorry this happened to you.” Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Eade looked forward, only to see another Druid guard call out to January, “Sir January. There’s been a disturbance.” The guard went to her. January stood herself up off the bed, “Yeah, okay. Well Eade, I have to go…” she turned her face towards Eade’s, as they both paused to look at each other. Eade felt sorry for himself, as January mournfully looked at him, her eyes slightly trembling; the pause that came from her was almost as if she was trying to read her dear friend’s thoughts. “…I’ll be better soon. I promise.” January nodded her head, “…Yeah. Yeah okay…Okay. Just, be careful Eade…” January took her hand, and softly hit her fist in it, the same way that the Cascadians did to greet their brothers in arms. Eade smiled, as the memories of the time that they were once Cascadians flooded back into his mind…He returned the greeting back to his former shield sister. January smiled as she tapped on Eade’s chest, and went for the door…Eade groaned silently from the pain as he tried his best to keep his smile. The warming presence that had flooded it’s grace through the room, had departed just as soon as January left, with the door closing behind her. Eade frowned, as he slowly turned his head to look at Logmare; his eyes narrowed pitifully as he stared at the old man’s twisted sulking facial expression. As Logamare stared at the chair, Eade gave a quick glance at the chair, then back at Logmare, “Old man, you’re a fool! You know that?” Eade scoffed, “That was January, my childhood friend… And she had to damn near stand for her whole visit here, all thanks to you!” Logmare didn’t answer, as he sat himself up, crossed legged on his bed, as his gaze locked on the door, almost in a trance-like state, when he suddenly began to point at it. “Did they happen to bring you guys a chair yet?” he mindlessly murmured.

Eade frowned in confusion, as Logmare began to utter out more words, “I hope that’s not the broken chair..!” Eade raised his eyebrow, and gave a slanted grin as he shook his miserable head, “This guys’ off the deep end!” Eade groaned from under his breath; he then stopped to hear the sound of Logmare slowly crackling with the most horrid laughter that he had ever heard! The laughter started low, then had become louder and louder, the hairs on the back of Eade’s neck stood up as he glanced back at the decrepit old man, “You see? There it comes…” Logmare’s laughter abruptly stopped, when suddenly the door to their room opened. It was one of the male attendants; he brought in a wooden chair as he stepped inside the room. Logmare sat silently. He didn’t laugh, or move, only gave the attendant an unwelcoming grin, splitting from ear-to-ear.

The attendant scratched his head as he looked around, “Did they happen to bring you guys a chair yet?” he went. Eade’s eyes widened with a godsmacked look on his face, “…Yes.” Logmare finally went. “Oh… Okay.” The male attendant turned around for the door, bringing the chair he brought out with him. Just before he made his leave, he scratched his head again as he glanced over at the other chair, “Man, I sure hope that’s not the broken chair..!” the door shut behind the man, as he made his leave; Eade’s mouth dropped, his eyes had widened, and stayed wide as Logmare began to let out his wicked laughter again, “AHHAHAHAHA! You shall see, boy-oh!” Eade turned to look at Logmare, and was greeted by his wicked, almost sinister gaze; his eyes narrowed in enjoyment, his heinous grin almost took up all of his face; he had piercing yellow eyes that glowed, his hair thinning, leaving behind only a prominent point that seemed to stick out from the front of his head. The youth, along with the strength he may have once had, reflected back in a way that showed that he may still have some of it left, “I’m gunna be bugging you the longest ‘ere?” Eade stayed silent, “You don’t have to worry ‘bout me ever.” Logmare crackled, “Get some rest… Them’ hood boys…They not like they used to be. Trust me. I know…”

                   Logmare looked right past Eade, and at the door again; his grin slowly dissipating into a cruel frown. Eade slowly laid back in his bed, baffled at what had happened. Eade turned with his head staring out at Logmare, his eyes wide with dread, until all of his worries, and all of his unanswered questions, had led him to sleep.

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