Chapter 11

Myn’wel and the Madness


“Books are scrawled all along the floors of this home…’Myn’wel rambled, “The cookies are crunchy…Just like their spines..! The walls are caving in..! The voices from the books, are clawing into my soul!” Myn’wel sat in the dark corner of his house, with his head held in his hands. His eyes closed shut, as he shook his head “My books…Are good for it…Right? My books, are so good for it..? Aren’t they? The durvik language is speaking to me, straight from out of the words! In that book! That book there, ahehehe…Is a good book that is right there! A real good book, a reeeeeeal good book, uh huh. Aheeheehee! Uh oh though…But that woman. That woman…That woman…She’s a hag! She abandoned the knowledge when it needed her the most. You see? Don’t you see? Don’t you see anything?! Your mind needs you more than you need it you know…You’d best see that…Afore your blood goes into my mouth..!” Drool and slobber cascaded down from out of Myn’wel’s mouth, as he rambled and rambled. Myn’wel then suddenly began to hear a strange chanting, and at the same time, Myn’wel began to say the same things that the chanting was saying

“You see Gogius knows what he is getting himself into…

Durvik language…Changes you, like a God…

Poor Gogius…Friend that left me…

I am insulted by your rejection of me…

I thought we owned each other..!”

Suddenly the chanting stopped, and Myn’wel opened his eyes in horror “NOOOOO!!!” he screamed inhumanly, “Where do you think YOUR going?!” Suddenly Myn’wel began to laugh; he laughed and laughed as his glowing eyes saw the Durvik tomb right in front of him, “…I thought I gave you back to that bookself?” Myn’wel said. The hairs on the back of Myn’wel’s neck stood horribly on ends, as a twisted face slid in close from behind his shoulder…The chanting, was coming from it..!

“He tries to stop it.” Both Myn’wel and the chanting mindlessly echoed,

“But It won’t stop. Not like this…Not like anything.

And the worm. Will be as a book, burrowing into it’s slave, o’er the torment of pain..!”

“No…No, no…Y-you can’t talk about Gogius like that…” Myn’wel weakly uttered, “That Gogius is a friend…Right?” Immediately after he spoke, the book with the Durvik language in it, began to beat, almost as if it had a heart inside of it! Myn’wel  slid in closer and closer to the book…As he reached his hand out for it, he suddenly heard heart beats from every direction; all the books in his house and all around him began to beat, as if they all had hearts inside of them too! “No, no wait a minute now…Wait. A. Minute, now…These books, them’s…T-t-them’s some real good books in here…Yeeeeah…yeah, t-these are some very good books in here indeed!” Myn’wel rambled and fumbled his words, as it felt like his whole house was spinning around in a circle, as if he were trapped on top of a spinning cruel ring, “Yeeeeah…Yeeeeeah…YEEEEEEEEEEAH THESE BOOKS!!! T-these are some REEEEAL good books in here! These books got’s to be real good books! These books got heart beats in them. Can’t hurt these books, no, no, cause these books feel pain! Just like a whole person…Yeah, that’s right! I mean look at these books! These books speak to you, just like a full grown man speaks to you! They have GOT to be good! If they aren’t good then, pfff! What is?! Anything?! Anything at all?!”

Myn’wel twirled with the room he was in, as each of the books in his house began to flash an evil red light, “These books know what to do…” The chanting returned with the menacing decrepit face, only this time, the face seemed to be coming from out of the Durvik language book; words, letters, and sentences had all began to spiral around with Myn’wel, as he mindlessly began to speak the same words as the chanting,

These books are good. Because they kill, and devour…That makes them good.

These books are good, because they seek to devour. That makes them good.

These books are good, because they slobber and feed. That makes them good.

These books are good, because they’re evil. That makes them good.”

The combined utterance of Myn’wel’s voice and the chanting began to change and distort, making the very tone sound like it was radiating from off of a monster’s tongue. Myn’wel circled around, and around with the flashing red lights, and the beating hearts, as he murmured back and forth, whispering secrets into the madness that was slowly consuming him…

Copyrightcopyright July 6, 2014



  1. Thanks man! 🙂 It makes me happy to know that people read my work and like it! Be sure to let as many other people know about me as you can, and good luck to you too as well.

    -Gregory 🙂

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