How Teachers wish they could respond to emails. ;)


Hello, this is John Doeson. I’m a student from your Effective Communications 978 class. I noticed that my grades are very low and I am gravely concerned for my success within your class. I am unsure of what I can do to ensure that I pass your class on my own and am reaching out to you for some dire assistance. Is it possible that you can give me some extra credit work to do that can bring my grade up to a passing score? Please let me know what can be done as soon as you can, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.


John Doeson

P.S. please?


Dear John Doeson,

I’m really not sure what to tell you.

If I may be so bold, you barely come to class anyway, and when you do, you run to the bathroom and never come back every time I play an instructions video in class. Your stay can be as little as just five minutes into the session. Not only that, throughout the day you constantly insist on scribbling in that handy dandy diary that you always bring with you. You take no notes, stare down texting on your phone all day, and raise your hands to make obnoxious left field comments. Let me just also add my fellow brother, that you sure have no trouble at all flirting with that Caucasian student Hannah that sits behind you.

Maybe if I moved her seating position you would pass this course.

-Sincerely, Professor Scott. P.S. Read. The. Chapters…Dumbass.


Copyrightcopyright February 18, 2019


~More Writer’s Blogs from other fellow WordPress Users


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Well, there you have it.

Please check out these awesome people’s wordpress blog as well.

ALSO I have so, so, soo0o0o many followers, I want to thank you all for your support.

IF I missed you and you would like for me to feature a link to your blog, please let me know be it message, of even email. I will gladly showcase you. 🙂

-from you friend, Gregory Thomas

The Knights and the Dragon


Freedom is worth dying for.

Therefore, the freedom of others is even more so worth dying for.

A man failing at trying to free others is even more so freer than the man who succeeds in allowing oppression to happen.

The Eve is a gift that should be free. 

Therefore it is in the destiny of all men to foil the wicked deeds of those who would seek to destroy them.

What freedom is a blind man?

And what freedom is a man who can see but has no vision?

Freedom is the golden gift that hangs in the balance of our hearts; and the knight that embarks his inevitable journey to save the beauty of life–

love is the king that unlocks our venture.

In the fairy tales, the dragon is always destroyed.

The dragon is hated by all, is without love, pitied, and forsaken.

But the knight always has power, and rescues the distressed.

Every single man born was born to protect those who can not protect themselves.

It is our inevitable oath.

Love is without failing, therefore the man who shows no love will fail at everything.

The air like a golden ribbon, the soul the dew;

the solace of the noon-

the frolic of the tide’s boon–

the heart beats in motion;

How strong is a man too weak to even escape himself?

Copyrightcopyright January 13, 2019

A sample of one of my Writings made it into a book!! :)


Hello everybody! One of my writings made it into a book!

Also to promote that book, who has many other writers in it as well, please consider purchasing a copy for yourself! You will see many other talents nestled within its pages, as well as seeing a sample from The Trials of Cascadia!


Simply look for Gurski and Bakura if your looking for mine. Thank you very much!

-From Thomas Gregory Shipman (aka. writer’s name Gregory Thomas)


Georgia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction | Z Publishing

Source: Georgia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction | Z Publishing

Old Man Winter’s Shadow~Excert from my story


And indeed. Here travels the eager steps of the knight and the huntsman.

Came to reclaim; the princess from the shadowlands. The despair hangs like a ceiling over the clouds. The swinging voice of music flees the merry dance of the bats regain-

My laugher is the music that giggles the shattering Earth. The sound of freedom is but a faint memory away, and the holds have scrounged for the ice’s tear of day.

I will summon a snowy maniacal army. The army is coated in glass from the forming of jaggered jaws…

Their hands are but to snatch.

Many heroes have frolicked freely, hoping to conquer the endless mountain and their hills. And all have fallen in the frost.

In where the frozen overscore be shapened like the overseer. Like the boss-

I will use my nose hairs to ensnare the freely beckoning, my arms will fall the trees to spilt the snowy tunnels.

My chin will scope up the masses as I lean my head back to smile at the winter’s fury.

My eye’s lashes will spear through the champions I wink at, my fidgeting lids will tremor the frozen Earth.

My head hairs, every strand will be the watch towers that the fair maiden weeps from.

Her eyes will melt the snow with the tears.

And maybe…If so be the fate, and the will combined–

My madness will subside–

and I will decide-

to steer a path to my lair for you to find…

Copyrightcopyright August 30, 2018