Hold Your head up. Don’t Be Discouraged. God is on Your Side.


Hello friends. It is Gregory Thomas here.

I know that many of you either perhaps do not watch the news media as much as you used to, if even at all. In fact, I myself do not watch the news anymore.

This message is not going for politics, it is not going for specific races. I am going to be talking directly on uplifting EVERYBODY caught up in the entanglement and the struggle, so that you will no longer fear. You will no longer be discouraged. And in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ your savior. You will be uplifted.


The length is long, but this important read, you will only need to read once when the time is most appropriate, so that you may continue your day.



There is power in peace. There is chaos in hatred.

the world is entangled within a spiral that circles abound. There is fire underneath. There are angels up above. there is the night sky, there is death or there is love.

There is no lukewarm, there is only choosing. To live arm and arm. To embrace one another; or to reap what you sow.

You can choose to be as they (and there shall be many) that seek their vengeance; your face will only become the same face of hate. Expressionless, mindless, insane, and snarling…

You will see only black and white. You will fear who wroth fear. You will be as mindless beasts that don’t even understand how that same hatred has stretched and warped their own faces-

a drooling, eyeless once-human creature. That waltz in darkness, devours the darkness, and cries out in that same darkness.

If you choose that vengeance, whilst in that darkness, you will stumble around, striking trees (metaphor for buildings in the cities) swinging blindly (metaphor for whatever weapons you wave in air) your blindness will only attack the first person you see-

Some people believe that hatred attacks the first black person they see.

But in truth, hatred is blind and eyeless, and sees nothing. Only hears (metaphor for listening to what they hear on T.V. or whatever is up in the air of gossip). Hatred attacks whomever, and whatever they hear shuffling around;

and whoever, chooses to be amongst that same darkness (to join in that same hatred or vengeance seeking) brothers and sisters (whatever race they may be) will only rage against whomever voice or sound they hear first. Because hatred is mindless. And doesn’t even understand why.


Or you can remove yourself from that hatred. And in return, you will see that peace that God will and shall shower over you. If you do not believe this, then in Jesus name, I pray it over you today for simply reading across these words I pray that this is so for you (whatever ethnicity, or gender, or belief or religion, that you are).

That you will be protected from whatever evil that is already defeated in Jesus’ name has in store. You must remove from that evil (by knowing the truth that you know you are free). Turn from that vengeance. Walk in the light. And in return. You will have power in your peace.



Cold is the Frozen Space


Into the depths of, and then further into space;

inevitability makes your stride like a needle, shooting further until erased-

her eyes tunnel through space, like a wreckage, devouring;

and her eyes widen eagerly, her snarl is a meteor. Showering-

her face is the whole of Andromeda, waiting to tear you apart;

and her body is the space, too; indeed the void;

hurdling radiation over you-

cold dead space, is like a body that descends, over the junkyard of ships. Crumbles a sound deafening.

and yet no sound is heard, as you fall into gravity’s grip and pull;

Saturn lifts fools up without pity, devouring wanderers until made full.

She hovers over, indeed, indeed;

Orion, the belt that squares. And cold freezes tumbling skin to the touch. Her giggles up, over, and all around her lair.

and she fidgets a giggly grin, that is the laughter of space itself;

like a woman, her body embraces man-

and like a wedding, her face is the veil…

And the cold. Horrible, inevitable cold. Uses bodies as limbs to waltz;

she is the jester that prances about,

using star dust she lathers for suds and bath salts-

and the mind too, is vulnerable;

the day mankind! And into the depths of the space thereof…

Into the depths of space unutterable.

Poem Meaning:

Talks about the dangers of space travel.

Copyrightcopyright July 18, 2017


Endless Light


With the ridiculousness of every

shadow lurking afore us all;

inevitability is a look, gained, and saw-

For what eyeless beast enters in from out of the boogieman’s

closet? Nothing but a gasp, at the very thought of such a logic.

Insanity fidgets a beautiful face;

the day your thoughts unto fears, are doth enslaved-

for war is a war, fought hardest in the mind-

a fragile mind; written all the time-

chaos is the fidgeting nightmare, made into a grin-

to smite such thoughts, endless light…

war, and war, woven like skin-

For good and evil, unto all things;

decided is the rise and fall;

it is like a freight train, used as vengeance;

it is like a fiend, wearing a flowing dress.

It is like a thought used as a grin.

But what ho, little one, endless questions ceased;

always remember you this:

That the deeper into the endless light, we go;

the darker becomes your shadow-

And the infinite gunfire admist all our world wars?

This is called the endless light;

it is like waging an assault, with the golden gates of the stronghold in front.

and nothing but shadows from behind…

Copyrightcopyright May 31, 2017

Hi Everyone, I’m gunna be opening up way more of Cascadia Legends :)


Hello everybody. 🙂

In case you probably didn’t notice, I had recently made the site private. But I’m gunna be opening it up now.

Not only will I open the site, I’m also going to open “Cascadia Adventures”

Now some of those Cascadia Adventure stories might have pics, but some might not. I know the new ones may not have any, or just a singular pic, not sure.

But soon the whole sight will be open.


It’s gunna take me awhile to work on editing the Cascadia Adventures side, because I changed some stuff, but it should still be awesome. My only request is that none of my work or material me stolen, or posted anywhere on other material, website, book, or media, without letting me know or asking please. Thank you.

-from an old friend,

          Gregory Thomas

Change of Hearts- Part 1


Nemius went upstairs, using his powers over darkness to sense the heartbeats all around him. Lueka was indeed up here, sweeping the cruel cold ground, just as the inn keeper said she was. Lueka was a terribly shy, and woefully nervous person. Rarely did she ever smile, and even rarer was she ever happy… Nemius stood in silence, his cruel foreboding eyes piercing into her. She was so distraught within her own thoughts, that she had not even noticed Nemius standing right in front of her. She swept as though she were sweeping within her very own miseries… Until she looked up And was startled by Nemius’ immediate presence.

“Oh! Nemius!” she went, “I-I didn’t even notice you…How long were you standing there?” Nemius stood silent, his face pale, and his heart cold, I was here long enough…” Nemius began, “To surprise you. Were you really surprised? To see me again? Or did you know deep in your heart, that I would return for you?” ” …Forgive me.” Lueka said, “I am foolish…” “No, you are stubborn.” Nemius tried his best to smile, without rearing his fangs, “The time to do away with this place is now…” Nemius went. “…N-now?” said Lueka, “But…I have, to make sure this place is-
“Nemius’s smile faded with his patience, “Dear mistress, you said after all, that you would follow me from here one day, no? That day is now. Perhaps you owe this to yourself, more than you do to me…” Nemius then peered his menacing eyes deep into Lueka’s, his very gaze ceased her every movement, almost as if it was turning her into stone, as she looked at nothing but his eyes, and heard, nothing but his voice..!
“Luuuuueka…..” went Nemius with his voice,

“Ne…Nemius?” Lueka’s voice almost purred uncontrollably, as she whispered back.
“Lueka, is such a pretty name, to go to waste…Luuuuuuuuueka..!” Nemius’s voice echoed and surrounded all around Lueka’s head,

“Leave this place with me. Nemius, is here…”
“I…Suppose I, leave here.” Lueka fumbled, like sunlight into a black-hole, her heart drew itself into Nemius. Every tone of his voice warmed her every ounce of skin. “This place.” Nemius began as he headed for the door, with Lueka following behind him, “It’s people; the parasitic presence of them all… I can teach you how to dominate them all.” Lueka wobbled, feeling light headed as she followed after Nemius, all sounds around seemed to cancel out, leaving only the sound of Nemius’s voice to remain. She listened in deep of his very words, despite not fully understanding what he was saying to her.

“You are, perhaps…More valuable than you may realize, Lueka…So valuable, and yet so vulnerable…”

Copyrightcopyright December 19, 2014

A Man Fell Down into Hell


PHOTO_20141216_220507~2_HagridA man fell down, through a crack in the ground.

Then fell even farther, as the shadows grew darker. His body hit the ground, and made a thud sound. His eyes opened wide, to a terrible sight. Men that were not, danced in fires made hot. Their eyes gleaming wicked, their head hairs twisted. And rock was everywhere, dressed as a stone, the very ground littered with bone. The man felt the heat, and felt it well;

he had indeed, fallen into hell. And evil giggled, just like girls, as one another vomited up the souls devoured and hurled. Slop was as skin, slopped up and eaten. Horns, just like a bull’s, on every single head;

The dance of fire indeed, was the very dance of the dead! Loud noises clashed like pots;

and wailing noises rang loud, like gun shots. Blood was like juice, slurped on by the fiends;

never any sleep, never any sleep.

And the man looked down, and saw he had no legs. Yet floated. And the man looked up, and saw black darkness. And yet no end to this…

And skin was like bones, as the man floated forth. And his body turned to skeleton, by way of the fire born source. His eyes opened horrible, shaking with fear. And the things there that saw him, bore eyes black like a deer’s. The man yelled with a fumbling cry, and died a never-ending death;

all tears from him, evaporated as he wept. The things giggled like kiddies, with evil faces. Wearing bits of flesh on their teeth, as if braces. The things snatched up the man, bone by bone;

They played pick-up-sticks, with his very soul. And from out of the corner of his ear, the man could still hear;

the other man he killed, just before coming here…

Copyrightcopyright December 17, 2014

The Sea and the Grave

Two similar entities sharing the same fate...

Two similar entities sharing the same fate…

The sea and the grave, is a thin black line; it has it’s eyes, peering into mine. The sea gave way, along with the very tears of the sky. Together the angels cried, and the watery waves thrashed, my ship was rolling, rammed, and denied. I pushed back the sea, and her embrace did I reject, her woe was like fire that had wept and wept. I am, and was, a sailor of the lost. I was, and still am, the Last man’s Storm. But souls release themselves from their graves, by way of trumpets; I swear I could hear the sky; black as midnight. The face of the storm, I swore was my enemy; nay, was the storm, for she wished to warn me-

There was a monster beneath the sea, that she didn’t want me to see..! But I saw it. And it was inevitable. Rising slow from out the beneath, a hideous shape, like a sea made of tears and corpses, that thing rose a’hundred feet high over me; my boat was prey. The thing was blacker than evil midnight; that thing had piercing eyes that glowed yellower than the monster in the sun. A slit in the middle, like a dagger for it’s pupil; And twisting blackened limbs, by the thousands, one by one, like bending serpents each did rise from the sea-

The sea was like a grave, the sea was like a grave. A grave, a grave, a horrible grave. Two yellow, evil eyes locked it’s gaze at me, and a horrible roar shouted out like evil from out of the mouths of a million grown men. And from out of the raging sea, a silhouette did reach from out; tentacles stood two-stories high-

it spelled forth for my demise; it was, the Great Kraken. The beast reached for the ship, as I reached for a spear;

 both objects reached for, without pity, or mercy-

two cold hearts, for the grave and the sea. Boneless limbs thrashed about, one to embrace the bow, and another to reach for me-

I roared with the thunder, and dashed with the fiends, and crimson, had it’s way with one of the tentacles that laid. The Kraken’s tentacles reached again, pulling back it’s wounded limb, and I heard cries from the ship, as it’s tentacles pounded against it’s wood-

blood was as rust, newly made by way of my every thrust. There was lightning like a fork, to smite all the things it hated, just like me and the spear, and the Kraken with the fear. The doom came down, and the spear thrusted up, and the blood ran down, and the screams bottled up-

the ship was dying, and the waves were growing; the Kraken took in anger, and so did I.

I saw light flash, and then strike the beast, and a tentacle like a talon, crushed the ship that did creak-

I leaped, like no kind of man, nor human, had ever leap before;

it’s eye in my sights; as I was mid air born.

Plank after plank of the ship went to the watery grave, as my spear went to the eye;

crimson tears did stream down it’s demise-

the sound of thrashing limbs, a thousand of them in the sea, and a thousand of them, in their graves-

I hit the coldest water, and was covered by it;

like fire from the blaze, I looked up and saw black clouds, as I screamed with the waves.

Copyrightcopyright October 28, 2014