Hipster Overlords



Hip and happening, is

Equal to insane, and slobbering;

Hip pouncing upon derpy doofus’s ideas, and then devouring all of their fears-

Red, blue, cool cats, fumblin with the words;

Cause big bow-legged babes bring the news!

Bird’s indeed da word!

Scarfs devour the adam’s apple,

And glasses the shade-

And devouring the feeble opinions of others,

Is how insane hipsters enslave…


Copyrightcopyright September 2, 2017


The Troll-About Folk


Evil wears skin, and fidgets like a fiend;

the day arrogant trolls slobber, and miserably devour beans-

for computer-goblin trolls too, they’re darkness fools!

They eat, sleep ignorance, and barth up food!

Then the chubby meanies, that are goofy and greedy,

why they point mutant fingers, and their eyes are bloodshot, and beady…!

even female trolls, devour human souls!

bucked-teeth nerds, type out words of hurt-

then sit back in wooden thrones, and

coffee they doth slurp-

then empty thoughts they so do userp,

then poking big bellies do they burp, fart, and burp!

then time to go to work!

there goes Ted, the super-knight troll;

big fat bellies, filled off souls…

and there goes Know-it-all Molly phones!

gathering digital friends, with a tap and a press-


Copyrightcopyright July 13, 2017


Hi Everyone, I’m gunna be opening up way more of Cascadia Legends :)


Hello everybody. 🙂

In case you probably didn’t notice, I had recently made the site private. But I’m gunna be opening it up now.

Not only will I open the site, I’m also going to open “Cascadia Adventures”

Now some of those Cascadia Adventure stories might have pics, but some might not. I know the new ones may not have any, or just a singular pic, not sure.

But soon the whole sight will be open.


It’s gunna take me awhile to work on editing the Cascadia Adventures side, because I changed some stuff, but it should still be awesome. My only request is that none of my work or material me stolen, or posted anywhere on other material, website, book, or media, without letting me know or asking please. Thank you.

-from an old friend,

          Gregory Thomas

For Driving Class


Eyes all bloodshot, from seeing endless anti drunk driving clips. Clips don’t end, nope, no stopping it.

Endless clips, like nine-tail whips. Seven was the hours in class to witness. Nope, no stopping the endless clips. Don’t drive drunk here, and then don’t drive drunk there;

don’t drive drunk here, there, anywhere!

Better keep watchin’ till the many clips end, least you be made to attend this class again..!

Copyrightcopyright March 20, 2015

I added a Poll for my blog! :)


Hello my friends, this is Gregory Thomas. 🙂

I am doing a poll to try and collect some important feedback for my blog. It’s just to see where in which area I should steer my material. Feel free to make comments as well.

Thank you for your support.

-from your friend,

Gregory Thomas

p.s. oh, and also let me know if you have trouble seeing the poll or not, it would help me out tremendously 🙂

The Day the Juice Drank Down


The juice drank down, and then gushed the inner throat;

gobbled down like water, and slurped warm like a coat. The evening day that was, like a glass of good juice;

slurp, slurp, slurp! And shaking the tonsils loose! Gulp, went the thirst quencher, all the way down. The day the juice drank down real good, sliding down ounce by ounce. The blood from the drops colored the tongue red, and red as red as can be;

Boy, that drink sure did hit the spot! No more thirsty me!

Poem meaning: Refers to vampires drinking blood


Copyrightcopyright October 16, 2014