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Vagabond’s Wasteland-part 2


Vagabond’s wasteland is surrounded all around him, as he is without mercy… “Where is she?” Vagabond hissed to Cavish The Mindless. “Uhhhhhhhh…?” Cavish mindlessly went, “You APE-SHIT!!” Vagabond screamed at the top of his lungs. In the mist of Vagabond’s doing, Sulbie had once again escaped..! “No matter…I still got…That Reparizarn mistress. Minions! Go search for Sulbie. And…bring her adorable grace, to the torture chambers, when you find her…”We’ve…Got some good, good, good o’l work to do today…” Vagabond almost crackled with horrible laughter as he spoke, “We’ve gotta go get some…Friends to decorate the many, many, terribly many cages in my house!” Vagabond stood up from out of his throne, with a wicked grin spread horribly across his face “I told you we would be doing something really, really funny today! Today, we are going to raid a village…You know what that means!” All of Vagabond’s minions laughed with horrid laughter,
Vagabond stood with a score of his minions by his side. “Your orders, Vagabond?” Cavish went. “KILL THE GUARDS!” Vagabond yelled, “Take hostages for the center of town!”Vagabond’s minions screamed their battle cries as they began their assault! People cowarded and screamed like turkeys! As vagabond took his great and terrible axe…And begun to stain it with the blood of the village’s guards!
“No, no! Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! My children..!” a frantic woman was caught by Vagabond’s minions “Take this, bunny rabbit to the edge!” Vagabond went. Vagabond’s minions one-by-one began their killing spree of the guards, as the townsfolk, including a guard or two, were herded to the center of town, and bound. Cavish stood insidiously over everyone, brandishing a headsman’s axe..!

“No please, please don’t hurt me!” the frantic woman cried, “I just want to see my family! Please just let me go!”
“Vagabond, this guard thinks he’s tough! He called you a sissy over here!” “WHAT!?” Vagabond shouted, “Well, that little…Boy, is gunna pay horribly for that!”
“I ain’t scared to die!” the guard yelled, “I ain’t gunna go to my grave sniffling!” “No, but you’ll go to your grave, like a prick without his soul!” Vagabond gloated…Hearing the guard’s screams as he spilled his blood! Vagabond laughed again, as he spilled more blood; taking in all of the townsfolk’s screams!

“We’re…Gunna have a lot to eat, tonight! MUHAHAHAHAH! HA! HA! HA! HEHEHEH!” Vagabond laughed, when he suddenly began to listen as he heard the frantic woman’s sobbing… She sobbed and sobbed, and sobbed. Vagabond knelt down by the woman, trying to hold back his venomous smile “Nobody wants a sad bunny…” he crackled in her face. “Take the tied women, and spare little of those…Disgusting boys, yucky!” Vagabond’s henchmen began carrying out Vagabond’s orders. As soon as the village was filled of it’s people, it was made desolate, by the very hands of Vagabond the Collector…And his great and evil wasteland…


Copyrightcopyright December 27, 2014

Vagabond’s Wasteland-Part 1


Vagabond The Collector, held his reign in Fort Take-Life. The place was a fortified stronghold, a place where mankind be held there as prisoners, it was a place…People may never ever escape from..! Vagabond turned mercenaries into his henchmen, and would order them daily to raid villages, and to drag away people from their families, permanently. All in the name of their insidious overseer… This was Vagabond’s Wasteland… The hour was growing late as Vagabond wandered around Fort Take-Life, searching for someone. “Has anyone here happen to discover upon my lost little lamb?” He went, his sadistic voice deep, and foreboding. “You talkin’ bout Sulbie?” one of Vagabond’s minions went, “I t’inks she still in pretty cage..!”
“Snatch her…Skimpy, skimpy, skimpy, adorable face, up and deliver her to me..!” Vagabond stood, waiting for his minion to bring him Sulbie, it wasn’t before long that they had soon returned with her. Sulbie shivered, her face terrible with fear and worry,”Please don’t hurt me!” Sulbie went, “I-I-I didn’t k-know you wanted to see me!” “Now, you…Know that I, don’t wait…Long, for long…” Vagabond’s eyes pierced straight through Sulbie as he spoke, “But’s thats okay…” Vagabond hummed, “You…Walk with me now, dearest angel. Ohhh…And Sulbie?” Sulbie woefully tried to hold in her tears, as Vagabond grinned an evil grin, “Y-yes, Vagabond…?” “…Sin, no more..!” Vagabond motioned for his most loyal minion, Cavish the Mindless, to come over, “Yeah boss?” Cavish went; he had a sinister spiked cage that he wore over his head, and was almost giant in stature, with bulging muscles and arms, although his wit was pratically mindless.
“I do not want you to let this…Adorable little girl, out of your incredible sight. Do I make myself entirely crystal clear?” “Mhhhrm!” Cavish growled inhumanly, “Mrhhrm, mrhhhrm, mhrrhm!”
“Everytime my, grace is…Not present with this adorable girl…And I see you lollygagging around, like a skittish cage-headed fiend, I grow entirely…Not happy, no, no…Not happy one bit.” “I’m sorry! I’m sorry okay! I promise I won’t be late again!” Sulbie cried out. “Stay silent! You adorable, little girl you…Freckled, child! Now…Hand me my good, good, good little face-mask, dammit!” One of Vagabond’s minions handed him his mask, and veil. Vagabond put his terrible cold mask over his face…And then adorned his wicked, wicked veil, “Tomorrow…” Vagabond yelled, “We are… Going to have a good ol’ time..!” “What we gonna do?” Cavish asked, “WE…Are just going to have to wait and see, now won’t we?” Vagabond went down a flight of stairs, tugging Sulbie by the hand toward him, “I am…Definitely going to have to retire to my quarters, Okay dokey?” As Vagabond dragged Sulbie by her hand along with him, he approached his throne, and sat down in it. Vagabond glared at Sulbie, “…You know, it’s…Quite boring to listen to a mute, adorable, girl…Standing in front of me!”
“I-I-I b-b-been working on t-the railroad…All the live-long-g-g d-day!” Vagabond snickered and snickered at Sulbie’s terrible singing, and incredibly hoarse voice, as she continued… “I-I-I been working on the r-r-railroad…T-t-to pass the t-time all day!”
This was Vagabond’s Wasteland…And just as many wastelands before it…Lies their terrible road to ruin…


Copyrightcopyright December 22, 2014

The Knight and the Bee


Let me giggle a song for ye-

About a knight that wiggled, as he fought off The Impeccable Bee-

For a bee so large, it’s screeches were like screams-

The Impeccable Bee-

The knight took up arms, to sever six,

To turn into objects used to play Pick-up-Sticks-

With a mighty legendary sword used to quell the horde,

And to cut into slices, and to be cut unto the core-

The sword they called “The Servicle” was wielded by knight’s hands,

And with it’s magic never-ending, it’s glowing blue shine, and expanding-
The Impeccable Bee wielded the opposite,

He held “The Wicked Divider” glowing with evil as deposits-

And the fray was on, as the knight took off two,

In the charge, arms severed off at the glow of the sword’s blue-

And faces were cut against, by The Wicked Divider, by The Impeccable Bee,

And his evil red divider-

As the battle quelled hence, the knight’s sword sunk deep into the fiend’s chest,

As five arms were cut off in the midst of the knight crowned, relentless-

The knight gathered bee’s arms until he held an arm of bits,

And invented the game men now call “Pick-up-Sticks”

With the swords casted far away, and far away at last-

In the two voids men now call, the future and the past-

As the seeker of demise slithers around in search of,

searching for The Wicked Divider, drawn forever unto the evil that it deploys…

Stories Meaning: Persistence always wins over haste

Copyrightcopyright April 14, 2014

The Last of Autumn


The tree was brown, as it bore dots that fluttered themselves all over the flesh of the base of

it’s trunk, like freckles over skin. It’s branches were like a man’s arms, reaching, stretching, almost pulling me into it’s embrace. There was a smell like pine, flooding my nostrils, and floating like a mist was the smell around me that I whiffed. A brown color, almost crimson-like; it was like it was painted all over the tree, though the brown of the dirt yet failed in comparison to it. As my eyes looked up, purple leaves that hung like knives, making it’s roost along the tree’s branches, reflected from out of my pupils. At the very top of the tree, freedom made it’s reign, freely; cloaked like an army of shadow, made from out of it’s violet leaves. As the ground and air had begun to dry, my lonely eyes drew tears to crumble down my face, caressing me in their lonely grace-

For every leaf that fell to the ground; my beating heart was without sound, and every peeling flesh of thee; was but the peeling flesh of the tree… To knowing of such a tree, and nay of it’s name. As I am left alone again; silent leaves falling down, as autumn dries of life; a whiff of air, as I close my eyes; my shadow watching as the sun doth dies…

Story’s Moral: To cherish good things while they last

The tree is a metaphor for a woman

Copyrightcopyright March 26, 2014

The Great Depletion Era (And How the Business Saurs Lost Their Height)


Today in our economically based world, we are currently experiencing

one of the worst money and financial crisis since The Great Depression.It wasn’t always this way…

Once upon a time, there were wonderful creature agents

that ruled over the land before time, these beings were called Business Saurs. During this period on Earth, these giant and overgrown corporate beasts ruled the world in perfect market-based harmony and production, and many of them held their world’s economy within the palms of their talons; each of them holding onto and controlling over different parts of the world, in their own way.

One of these Business Saurs was called the Taxyoudactyel.

The Taxyoudactyel had money wings and loved to devour those weaker than it as it’s prey.This beast would target out it’s prey, whom usually resided or were living in crowded jungle suburbs, broken down vines or thick forests, and marshes. Each of these places were home to the ants, one of the Taxoudactyel’s favorite meals. The Taxyoudactyels would swoop down on them, snatch away the ant children’s parents, and steal the home that they all lived in for themselves, because the ant was a ‘small’ creature within itself to start with, and devouring their “even smaller” children wouldn’t be as filling for them, the terrible sounds of the Taxyoudactyels chasing the little ant children out of their own homes would had been heard from all over.

When it’s time to go to work, the Taxyoudactyel would grab it’s suitcase, and fly around the jungle, collecting rent money from the jungle’s residents. If the residents were unable to pay off their rent, (or house bills for that matter) the Taxyoudactyel would seize away their homes, and take out all of the home owner’s furniture and personal belongings, and put them all in the trash can.

The Taxyoudactyel was but one of many other Business Saurs

that thrived back then, the Bankasaurus Rex, was also an influential agent known by the little people of the land far and wide. This may had been because, whenever someone wished to store their money into a safety deposit box, they had to first turn to the Bankasaurus Rex to do so.

The Bankasaurus was a mighty beast, but he was also a very ‘nosey’ one.

Every day, usually around 8:00 p.m, it was pure fact that the Bankasaurus Rex would open up someone else’s personal money vault, and look at and count whatever valuables were inside. When he was done with what he did, he would lock up the vault, and go to sleep. Moreover for every Business Saur, they all had a leader or a “boss” that everyone had to work for; the Bossceptaus.

The great and mighty Bossceptaus’ had all became very rich off of other

people’s money, and would always use that money to buy cigars, newspapers, and even dust sweepers to sweep off the many dust particles that would cover over his office (since they were usually outside of it engaging in other outdoor activities). Whenever a Bossceptaus needed something done, it would usually send for an Errandtor to issue out orders to all of it’s many employees. The Bossceptaus’s were both feared, and respected by all Business Saurs alike.

Soon the ruling economy of the Business Saurs was beginning

 to reach it’s peak, unfortunately moreover, inflation was also taking an effect inside of the Business Saur’s store’s, and had begun running rampid throughout the land, even the local wig store had their prices raised due to a decrease in their wig supplies. It seemed that the more money the Bossceptaus made, ironically, the more eviler and greedier the little people themselves had started to become over their own money as well. To make sure that no one would ever succeed in stealing away their money, other Business Saurs who could have afforded it had started to take their money and place it in the banks, which was where unbeknown to them, the curious Bankasaurus Rex would secretly open up their money vaults, and take a peek at what they stored.

One horrible day had came, when the buy and sell of the stock market

 was at it’s height, something huge and terrible came down from out of the skies. It was a bankruptite, and it bared down upon every Business Saur it could find. The bankruptite crashed into every stock market at once. It’s unrelenting heat waves made marshmallows and graham cracker smores out of all the local warehouses, all of while silencing the jungles, and roasting up the suburbs, and the homes of the weaker one’s there of. When the food markets were unable to produce any food, the Business Saurs had all started to resort to cannibalism, feeding off of each other. Once crime begun to take shape, it was all over for the Business Saurs, and there was no recovering, or cool time for them. And thus the creatures that had once ruled over the seas of the world fell into darkness…And their kind was annihilated in the name of the bankruptite.

Today, it seems that the rest of the economy is depending on banks for loans,

protection, “moral” and “financial” support, the same way as it were back in the time before time, when everything was ruled over by the Business Saurs. But perhaps if we didn’t have banks (or big ‘headed’ business) problems like these might never have occurred in the first place. I am strong for getting rid of banks, maybe attaching giant wings onto them, and then watch them fly far away.

Because, if we continue attempting to live beyond our means, then surely we should be more afraid to lose beyond our means.

Story’s Moral: Talks about how corrupt businesses can be, but also

how that same corruption can inevitably bring their downfall.

Copyrightcopyright March 22, 2014