Excerpt from my Story The Trials of Cascadia~~ A Cold Fire


Behind the Wall of War

“Dear reader,
If you’re reading this letter, then it means you are clumsy.
but it also means you are lucky… Because any sooner, and I would have killed you.
Any sooner than that would’ve been the witching hour though. Because I was drunk then. It could’ve been a threesome.
Too bad you missed out human… I may be clever, but I woke up to the sandstorm, my migraine is
still quite bad. You might still have a chance. I left the scimitar behind after target practice just in case you do.
I can kill with my bare hands…

-XOXO’s from

Somebody you’re still looking for”


Cold-Stare wandered off deep into the burning sand and sun, her blackened veil felt warm against her face. The sand’s harsh winds almost seemed to welcome her body into them.

Copyrightcopyright December 8, 2017


The Insane Cat with a Bat


Burn baby burn, is the burn you learn

when you’re trying to get the government to learn.

Smoke honey smoke, is the fog of war;

to make the oppressed use tusks as if from boars-

baseball bat, baseball bat;

wielded by an insane cat, used to give the evil elite a good smack!

They will learn by way of wooden chunks;

hurled like Babe Ruth! And Jackie Robinson; at politicians slothful and sleuth-

because coppers that use army equipment;

their necks popped by angry fed up women!

And insane war generals, wearing red, white and blue;

hit like a baseball for homerun,

and all the way to ten-buck-two!

Burn baby burn, used like an advert for peace.

Smash baby smash;

when people no longer give a damn about green…

Ask the insane cat!! Ask the insane cat with a bat!

He knows he knows! He knows how to get congress to act! He says, “Hey kiddies! SMASH THEM SUCKERS WITH A BAT! Use the wood, to smash them derpy suckers good! Smash up the rich, and their neighborhoods…

The insane cat with a bat, says, “HOW YOU SUCKAS FEEL ABOUT THAT?!?”

The insane cat knows, let’s ask the cat:

Question: What if those dudes take away all our money?

Cat with a bat: Lol, that’s easy! Them suckers of war! Just smash up their houses, and force them suckas to give you more.

Question: But what if they send military-style weapons, and then arm all the cops?

Cat with a bat: This baseball bat will give their heads a good POP!

Question: What happens if they poison the media, and call us all criminals?

Cat with a bat: Pff! Them knuckle heads, do they not learn? Use metal steel beams to say, Burn baby burn!

Question: What if they come get us, and our friends?

Cat with a Bat: Then use tree branches to SMACK them and their heads!

Question: But what if they say to the nation, “No more guns?”

Cat with a bat: Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas kids! I say ARM THE POOR, with nearby branch sticks!

Question: What if they throw tear gas at our cause?

Cat with a bat: Those congress elite; every last one of them pigs! I say use big wooden beams, and then give their groans a good kick!

Question: What if they send soldiers, and they still don’t learn?

Cat with a bat: Even this metal aluminum bat say, Burn baby burn…

Question: What if America declares Martial Law?

Insane cat with a bat: Then I say vengeance! And justice for all!

Poem Meaning: Talks about the philosophy of the L.A. Riots, and 1960s riots, only in

a future set place in time in where oppression is so thick.

Seek to fight back with whatever they can, regardless of dying or not.

The idea of fusing Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson’s image together into one to emphasis how this is no longer a ‘race issue’ more of a ‘authority versus minority’ issue.


Copyrightcopyright November 25, 2017

I made Tumblrs!


Hello friends, this is Gregory Thomas here.
I am letting you know that I made tumblrs!

Here you will find posts I made that are more pictures, than words-

mostly dealing with ingame pics taken from a video game called Skyrim.

Video gaming might not be your thing, but I still put in ‘REAL world content’ that you will most definitely find to be amusing. Loads with funny pictures I edited, and fun topics I posted containing humour, insight, and amusement. 🙂

You might also find the pictures to be pleasant to look at as well, which I hope you still continue to endorse, if you have a tumblr as well, please show your support.



   (This tumblr features a high elf  who lives in Skyrim. She claims to be ‘insane’ and a member of the Yakuza, and always posts things oriental, yakuza, or ingame related content. She is mostly humorous, yet sometimes posts cryptic messages…)



 (This tumblr is about an orc that likes conspiracies, the government, and may have a bunch of funny rambling that she will do about the government, aliens, and Illuminati. She usually offers comic relief, but can post some pretty startling revelations as well.)


I have many ideas, and could create even more tumblrs, but for now, these are pretty fun to simply engage in and view, I really do hope that you

please consider viewing in you leisure. 🙂

Thank you very much.


-From your epic friend

Gregory Thomas

E͕͍̭̞̠N̨͇̤̝d̰̦̖̬̪̮̯l̫͎̖͙̮̥e̙̫͢s̶̯͎s̵̪̻͍ ̴̹͇͖̜͓S̜̟͖̤̺̰̟͜o̺̦̮͙n͔̩̰͝g͏


Except from my horror story:



It is them, that are made to dance;

like puppets their severed limps skip like a jump rope;

their eyes are many, they see infinite…

They laugh when they are afraid; they are afraid when they are manic. They cry when they are hysterical-

their faces hurt from their endless grins-

they are balding. Indeed!

Ants crawl upon their unblinking seeing eyes…by the thousands they swarm their pale faces! They twitch their fidgeting mouths; drool pours like a flood down from out of their mouths. They slobber when they are well pleased,

and like maggots, their bodies swing sporadically, as they all hold hands, like pale paper dolls;

they sway to hold hand-in-hand-

they are indeed corpses;

they sing the Endless Suffering Song. They giggle, and cheerfully smirk;

some with tongues, some without.

Some with eyes, some without.

Some blink, some can no longer…

And like a square, they form it like an arena ring-

and their shadows fall upon the ground, and swarm does their darkness to devour the corpses.

Like children, they know nothing. All they know, is that to feast is to feel good-

Their insanity is like music…


Copyrightcopyright September 6, 2017


The Folly and the Fear


And out of the tides that be, you are but a thread grasped for the taking.

But the insane, and inept are they that fall into themselves, like a shadow-

and lo how insane, the rabbit hole goes;

if you were to only chase after what wsidom is unknown….

They are them that have fell themselves like a tombstone. They are them that are like stones…They are they that have fallen off the deep end;

and their faces stretch like the warped madness, tunneling and concerning.

To those who take great and utter pleasure;

into the chaos you go! Your faces will circle like the moon, and then disintegrate like a forget-me-not flower. You will glaze over like eyes, you will look up and see nothing. You will eat only the air of pure madness and hatred, and from one ear and out the other, so will your soul go…

you will have webbed knees, that stick to the chaos that you so sprint after; lifting dead limbs you will look up into the dead skies, with an empty blank stare.

Your face will be chubby off of the very greed of deceit-

you will roll down the headsman’s hill like a child frolicking down the meadows of hysteriam-

your mindless expression shall be in the form of drool; your wives and husbands will suckle off of that drool-

like honey it will taste good, but feel wrong and tommyrot.

The same way your soul suckles off of your choices-

you will be insane, and enjoy it-

and you will fear those who aren’t…You will see knowledge, and scream at knowledge. You will use your own words, to dig your own graves-

Your chin will be the shovel, used to scoop up your own words. Your eyelashes will act as the spears to pierce the winkening of love and remorse; hearts will be thorns, and thorns shall thorn against.

Your neck will stretch to chase after the rabbit of hate and haste, and your nose hairs will act as nooses to catch the bodies of your own kinsmen, entangled and enraptured, after your own shadows…

Your eyebrows will curl like a beard of deceit, your wives will do the same;

like a curtain your brows will act as the carpet of negligence; soft against the canvas of terror, your peace shall be the hay in the needle sack! Your snot will be the sweat pouring from the terror you imagined, and behind you, nothing at all, except your conscience will appear.

You will frown upside down the grin of lust, and your lusts will upside down frown the grin! You will fear those who wrought fear, because you have bowed before the fear of hate so long-

you will think chaos is the answer…And the rabbit that you so dared to chase after, will have horns, and hooves for feet…

Yet the face of a once recognizable reflection. You will curse it, turn around, and flee. Only to realize, that there is no ladder from off of your own nightmare and schemes-

And this be it the pride, and the madness of the folly.


Lo, what peace will only watch it from the distance; the shadows that have grown.

Lo the corridors, your shadow will roam,

if you were to only but leave it alone…

Copyrightcopyright August 22, 2017

Hold Your head up. Don’t Be Discouraged. God is on Your Side.


Hello friends. It is Gregory Thomas here.

I know that many of you either perhaps do not watch the news media as much as you used to, if even at all. In fact, I myself do not watch the news anymore.

This message is not going for politics, it is not going for specific races. I am going to be talking directly on uplifting EVERYBODY caught up in the entanglement and the struggle, so that you will no longer fear. You will no longer be discouraged. And in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ your savior. You will be uplifted.


The length is long, but this important read, you will only need to read once when the time is most appropriate, so that you may continue your day.



There is power in peace. There is chaos in hatred.

the world is entangled within a spiral that circles abound. There is fire underneath. There are angels up above. there is the night sky, there is death or there is love.

There is no lukewarm, there is only choosing. To live arm and arm. To embrace one another; or to reap what you sow.

You can choose to be as they (and there shall be many) that seek their vengeance; your face will only become the same face of hate. Expressionless, mindless, insane, and snarling…

You will see only black and white. You will fear who wroth fear. You will be as mindless beasts that don’t even understand how that same hatred has stretched and warped their own faces-

a drooling, eyeless once-human creature. That waltz in darkness, devours the darkness, and cries out in that same darkness.

If you choose that vengeance, whilst in that darkness, you will stumble around, striking trees (metaphor for buildings in the cities) swinging blindly (metaphor for whatever weapons you wave in air) your blindness will only attack the first person you see-

Some people believe that hatred attacks the first black person they see.

But in truth, hatred is blind and eyeless, and sees nothing. Only hears (metaphor for listening to what they hear on T.V. or whatever is up in the air of gossip). Hatred attacks whomever, and whatever they hear shuffling around;

and whoever, chooses to be amongst that same darkness (to join in that same hatred or vengeance seeking) brothers and sisters (whatever race they may be) will only rage against whomever voice or sound they hear first. Because hatred is mindless. And doesn’t even understand why.


Or you can remove yourself from that hatred. And in return, you will see that peace that God will and shall shower over you. If you do not believe this, then in Jesus name, I pray it over you today for simply reading across these words I pray that this is so for you (whatever ethnicity, or gender, or belief or religion, that you are).

That you will be protected from whatever evil that is already defeated in Jesus’ name has in store. You must remove from that evil (by knowing the truth that you know you are free). Turn from that vengeance. Walk in the light. And in return. You will have power in your peace.



TTOC- The Darkius Rising: Excerpt 2


The Sepulcher of the

 Thug Queen

The day was a cold one. The mist had flooded the air, and the fog shifted it’s gaze like an unbreakable grip over the whole landscape. Johnathan Boris Grant felt the rickety bumps of the horse carriage as it strolled deeper into the night’s fog. He took a moment to peer out of the carriage’s open window. In his view, he could see the meadery that the job in the Elderlore Bugle Daily had mentioned…It had an almost, ominously malevolent presence, and Johnathan could feel a terrible chill traverse up and down his spine upon gawking at it’s structure. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out the help wanted ad that he had stowed away there. With a puzzled look sprawled across his face, he scratched his head and he began to read the letter:

Greetings fellow readers! My name is Amelia Greycloudus.

Let me be the first to say that it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As you may know, my name carries much weight in the Outer Score, homeland of the Bretons and security to the ElderLord’s, and the High Elder Counsel. You might have even heard of me in the world renown region of the kingdom of Druid, home to the Cascadians and the king’s Royal Druid guard, as I have at least two middle-sized vacation homes there! But I digress, I am posting this to make you aware that I have just recently opened my very own meadery in Berh’lius March called Jade Burrow Brewery. I am offering a job opportunity for any able-bodied men with a good sense for finances, task management, and schedule keeping. Anybody also knowledgeable within the field study of irrigation, and agriculture would be a much-appreciated bonus! I will pay anyone hired for the job approximately 300 gold a week, with free room and board of course, and the protection granted to you by The Green Viper organization that I have sanctioned. 

As the carriage began to pull it’s way to a stop just outside the ominous meadery, Johnathan’s eyes trembled anxiously as he read the final part of the ad:

You should also be made aware, if you maybe aren’t already, since I feel that it is only fair that you should know first-hand before entering…That I, along with my associates here in the Green Viper Gang, are vampires. Therefore, I’d ask that you not wear any crosses, or silver on your person at all times neither to your interview, or while on the job if hired. Also, if you happen to be a female, please disregard my job offer entirely, if you would please…


Copyrightcopyright August 4, 2017