Hello everybody! It’s been 5 years since today that I made this blog!!!!

Thank you all for your support!

I actually got the idea from my once success coach at Georgia Gwinnett College that I should make a blog and put all my writing on.

Lo and behold that this was the same exact “success coach” that told me after I went to ask her for advice in some classes that my grade weren’t so good in, that if college is seeming too hard for me, that I should just drop out and quit college!

I of course didn’t, but ended up leaving that bad college, and coming here to Strayer University to take up IT.

I’m now a straight A student, ever paper I write is an A, and am doing far much better than ever. The blog remains, so that’s just a little brief funny history behind the creation of Cascadialegends.wordpress.com Named after one of my stories 🙂

-from Gregory Thomas




The autumn sun in the swinging air, that is this man’s breathing lair;

the sound of an incomplete winter, built to freeze against, this skin woven mare–

the heart is a wandering headsman, striking for the soul–

and the wind is an echo fading into the unknown–

lonely hearts seeking like missiles for the target;

an umbra is the cloud of fate, to shroud the buildings in wake–

the fog is from the car’s pipes, and;

there is no steering wheel to swing its reins–

Copyrightcopyright February 28, 2019

The Crow-Siren’s Sea


A fair-thee-well wave goodbye

to the maiden’s crossin’ o’er the sea;

her heart in the sky is equal to the sun;

and its rays her vessels travelled upon–

the blue her blushing gaze, the blinding rays;

of sailors captured by the siren’s bridage–

lost at sea is fate in search for eternity;

the lovebeats of a winged hummingbird–

the wink of a greenly lit bird’s glow–

the harbinger of souls;

alas it is her will that marks a battleship;

the man-o-war ‘gainst the blushing vessel,

and it is her waves that I adore–

Copyrightcopyright February 20, 2019

Freedom From The Giant Hands of Discomfort~Hurub Alhuriya


It’s a shame their country’s men oppresses what should be free.

The maiden covered, the golden rays like a bird in a cage.

She sings with a scarf across her desert sands;

her eyes shadowed by the fear of mankind-

she dances and is imprisoned.

The glowing sea is embraced only by the men;

The steering wheel of lust set in–

the face that glows with the blushing warmth of these ancient lands–

the landmines act as the ground’s hands to ensnare Elysium’s waltz-

these ancient lands upon the ground; 

the same ground mankind treads.

The flowing garment of her, by ends–

let your Father walk these distant lands–

the mother is in search of;

and the whites of our eyes the etchings of a soul;

the scarf many colors;

the shawl the sun covered aloft.

The day in where mankind embraces fate;

Eve is a gift that should be freed from mankind’s  hate–

upon ancient hopes that were once thought lost–

Copyrightcopyright February 2, 2019




Hello everybody. My friend Kerstyn, a talented voice artist displays her talent in a new visual novel game Called “The Surfeit”

Please show your support should you have the time curiousity to check out the book, as my friend voices the main character.

The book is nsfw, but its super cool and awesome:

Asher Ryouku (Richard Barcenas) arrives in Dalhot City, seemingly out of nowhere. He is quickly captured and incarcerated for being a ‘cursed’, which is a person who can use elemental abilities.

Before being executed, Asher meets Elyssia Elronde (Kerstyn Unger) who pardons him after he claims to be the heir to the throne of a long destroyed city. Elyssia is intrigued by Asher and offers to guide the lost man back home.

Both Asher and Elyssia have hidden motives and powers which are not only hidden to each other, but to themselves as well.

Their journey to the other side of the planet is anything but uneventful and they soon realize that something is not right.

Begin the Journey in this first episode of a five part series.

The Surfeit is an Adult Science Fiction Drama. It is a hybrid novel, which is a mix of a visual novel and audio drama. Here are some of the features…..

  • Based on your decisions, You can change how the story is told.
  • No sprites, only 3D rendered CGs
  • Hundreds of 3D rendered CGs
  • Hundreds of lines of dialog.
  • All dialog is voiced
  • Contains uncensored NSFW scenes, like sex and nudity, which can be skipped or censored using the option buttons.
  • A complex, intertwining story with deep character development.
  • A tutorial to teach you how to use the option buttons, as this hybrid novel is the first of its kind.
  • Plays with popular tropes as a feint, so you expect one thing…..but get another.


Go here to grab yourself a copy 🙂


->Note this is not my work, I am simply spreading the message for a very good friend. 😉


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