Power Over Rejection


Only evil will reject you.

Good people welcome peace.

Chaos wants only chaos.

The weak minded, and easily manipulated, are like matchsticks.

The smoker addicted, scrapes them on the ground, and they burn.

Until their flame will out!

But there is power in peace, there is chaos in hatred.

And peaceful kingdoms will prevail, while countries of chaos will devour their own hand.

Trolls are cannibals, they feed off living flesh.

But God is a God of life.

Love never fails.

Love can stop war from rampaging.

Overlords enjoy being overlords.

But the wise enjoy wisdom.

Her that calls you weak, is she that is vain and awkward.

him that calls you plain, is plain himself, and insane.

They that gossip behind your back,

are just that! Behind your back.

Only forward walking people walk forward.

And only falling backward people fall backwards.

Evil smiles at evil, but evil fears benevolent rulers!

God has always seen all things.

He sees and understands what He is looking at.

While tomfoolery can’t even see their own fate.

And yet the easily distraught still believe the foolish can see theirs?


Copyright February 19, 2018



She Within Arms


Her and her life.

She is beautiful as the harp and piano like-

she is the sky that floats above with joy-

she is the east and west to form the arms that hug soft bodies held in her arms-

she is the North and south; beauty from head to toe-

and she is an honor to hear speak-

her voice the honey that soothes the soul…

Copyrightcopyright February 12, 2018


The Fairy of Fate


And it is she, her radiating glow!

Her endless soul. She, and her infinite eyes, seeing into you like a fountain;

she like a phantom seeing you fade, as you watch her fade-

her faceless form her troubled gaze, is no gaze at all-

for endless days-

Youthful days. Past. Eyelids flicker, spiraling lids, embracing kiss-

80 year old kids, that never existed.

Eyes fall into you, a thousand eyes-

no eyes, no ears, many eyes, no lips; kisses lips-

dying lips, living, breathing lips-

her on the canvas,  there is no canvas. She with a maniacal stare, a loving stare-

teeth sharp for the flesh, soft for the embrace-

dying sun, against the calming sea-

Forgiven’ing all you can not see-

Hard to hear, such butchered words, when so overthrown by a cruel world?

All I know, is that she is the sunlight, that chases away the vampires. She is the fog that shrouds the evildoers. She is the sunset that breathes life into your spirit.

And she is as invisible as you believe her to be-

Until you realize that she exists…

Copyrightcopyright January 26, 2018

The Mother-ship’s Embrace


And she lifts people up, and gives them a hug;

with her nose hairs used as the arms;

like the Kraken‘s tentacles, we call them her limbs;

floating toward happy faces-

she pats the good on their heads, then up into the outer space they thrust;

her drool is milk for Andromeda’s launch-

sent like a missile to crater into the grounds of their lust

and she floats without sound, yet smiles.

people eagerly lift up into the mother-ship that becomes us

Copyrightcopyright January 23, 2018


Andromeda’s Overscore


And she and her eyes breathe

into warm bodies life-

she is the milk maid, frolicking chock fulled of life-

she is the chubby baker, that feeds the nations;

and she visits the Germans, the Americans, Russians, Israeli-ans, Haitians;

any and ALL nations-

she is the rainbow of many colors, every skin-tone, blemish and hue-

and she captures wandering eyes within her gaze-

and radiates a warming embrace over you.

And it is her and her eyelashes, that flutter in the breeze-

warm and cold t’wixed intertwined.

And just like breathable air that honey sickles en-chromed;

her radiating essence is mine.

She wraps soft arms, around breathing bodies, and whistles a lullaby for a tune;

and she circles around Andromeda infinite. The Mercuries and every single star and moon.

She giggles her laughs, where she stands, and around her roses spring upward.

With flowing hair, used like a coat does its scent blanket the Earth.

Just like perfume, awakening the hero in you…

Copyrightcopyright January 23, 2018


The Unanswered Silence


When you find out why you were born, you

will erase the fears.

And yet most fear the failure.

She is the mother-ship that hurdles in alien policies.

she is the unknown space woman, that floats above an imaginary line.

she is the freckled maiden, running into your arms. She is the beauty,

her arms are your embrace. She is the soft voice,
she is the choice.

she is the heart, for your emptied male center, and she will breath your life, until your coldness thaws…

She is the emptied despair, that is never there.
She is the void, that fails to care.
She is the stone, the heartless entity.
She is nowhere.
Forever, and ever unseen-

She is the greed, she is the release.

She is her and her around the planets. Watching in your eyes,

searching for guidance.

And it is her, the sphere, the circle, the fear-

that stretches you farther away from you.

She is a thought. An idea; abstract-

The bane that is forever your boon


Copyrightcopyright January 14, 2018

The Sea of Ghost


Yes indeed, into the entering sea;

a frolicking lifeforms dies underneath. Her arms are torn from her by way of her own paddling arms;

she uses her, in fin-tailed form, until she dies along the shores-

she is the fallen whale that men devour for their feast;

and she haunts their dreams, every time

her beauty to them goes amiss.

Because to be the open heart, means open heart surgery;

only to those that care about the heart.

And those that don’t even understand themselves, what the heart is.

Are no different, from the dying maidens exodus, following death by tail and fin…


Copyrightcopyright December 26, 2017