The Soft Heartbeats of Her Heart


Is there not a more sweeter music, than the

soft heartbeats of anticipation?

From over and a’yonder;

a fair maiden awaits your response-

and yet to be cast aside, a stolen glance;

like a needle, her eyes gaze my heart like a lance-

and into the depths of, like water down the hatch,

each breath she catches, caresses me like a fair lass-

And I know now indeed, my worries go asunder-

and my doubt, shall surely be at it’s last…

Copyrightcopyright May 25, 2017

She Swung Open Her Frozen Heart


She swung her frozen heart aside,

and all that lay in wake were indeed opened to the core-

aside from the shore, the frozen shore;

she aimlessly separates, like a cloud used for a door-

to whom the heart thaws, be it

frozen in her cruel gaze. Her image she last did saw?

A slumbering glance? Against an ominous maw?

As she aimlessly dreams, the true Winter-Wonderland be it

the cold, that her frozen heart yearns to thaw…

Copyrightcopyright April 27, 2017

Hi Everyone, I’m gunna be opening up way more of Cascadia Legends :)


Hello everybody. 🙂

In case you probably didn’t notice, I had recently made the site private. But I’m gunna be opening it up now.

Not only will I open the site, I’m also going to open “Cascadia Adventures”

Now some of those Cascadia Adventure stories might have pics, but some might not. I know the new ones may not have any, or just a singular pic, not sure.

But soon the whole sight will be open.


It’s gunna take me awhile to work on editing the Cascadia Adventures side, because I changed some stuff, but it should still be awesome. My only request is that none of my work or material me stolen, or posted anywhere on other material, website, book, or media, without letting me know or asking please. Thank you.

-from an old friend,

          Gregory Thomas

Love is Fire


Love is like fire, when it burns and burns;

And heat is like blood, as it flows and flows-

For in the midst of it all, lies the fall of dripping blood;

A soldier off pain, and living in the name of-

Dry is the cold blooded heart to beat;

Bitter is the angry hearts, to witness defeat-

Sirs and lads fell short, their fall;

into the burning pit of desire, are alike we, one and all-

Dare I say to those, caught in the flames?

Fire touches and devours, until fire doth enslaves…

Copyrightcopyright October 27, 2015

Her Chest that Beats the Heart


She in her grace, fills the sky until blue;

as blue fills the sky, with clouds used as glue. Red is

but paint, for the sunset in her eyes;

the dawning of the sun shone a glare that is to rise.

Learning how to fly, with her beauty as my wings;

every air of her breath, is like music that doth sings.

Her voice does the clovers that are indeed a pair of four;

and her tears flutter the sea’s waves, crashing against the shore.

Her chest that beats the heart, that is to save my light from the dark.

Copyrightcopyright October 16, 2015

I added a Poll for my blog! :)


Hello my friends, this is Gregory Thomas. 🙂

I am doing a poll to try and collect some important feedback for my blog. It’s just to see where in which area I should steer my material. Feel free to make comments as well.

Thank you for your support.

-from your friend,

Gregory Thomas

p.s. oh, and also let me know if you have trouble seeing the poll or not, it would help me out tremendously 🙂