Freedom From the Giant Arms of Discomfort


Freedom, is worth dying for.

A man not willing to die for freedom, was never free to begin with—

Naught in freedom from his own mind.

For under the scale, he waltz the perimeter, and fails to see-

Freedom, goes into persistent hands.


Freedom from the hand that grabs forth, and mocks you to the soul–

in two eyes are both hollow holes, seeing nothing.

and ambitious minds, all wanting something-

But in the search for trails; the trials stretched a path-

the fork-in the-road called destiny.

To be free from your own mind, all you need is your own mind.

To be free from freedom, frees you from the freedom of others.

And with World Peace vs. Freedom skipping across all souls–

The Great War reminds us that war is useless, and inevitable.

Copyrightcopyright July 13, 2018


When its calm inside, a storm rages the surface…



The storm outside. Its scary isn’t it?

Almost like fate. Sometimes fate can be a scary maiden.

Sometimes the only thing a child needs to be fearless, is destiny’s hand.

But destiny is formless, until seen. And sometimes we don’t see it, until we see it in another’s eyes.

The dying faint glow of logic, starts with the logic of understanding.

Sometimes not understanding, however, helps the drifter understand

even greater.


-Gregory Thomas

The Age of Liberty


Destiny is the march, and the journeys are your names;

you alongside the walkers of fate, and lead down death’s very bane: Life.

The ides are listening with ears, the lush world, fulled with strife-

and we few knights, of the olden order. You and I,

into the endlessness of flights.

The uprising scale of her in liberty is but a hand held; infact yours becoming.

You need not seek for justice, it is all around us.

All we must do is breath it in…

Copyrightcopyright June 26, 2018

Hello on War and Poetry


Hello. Gregory Thomas here, friends.

Is not the art of war, just Ballads for humans?

Was not the sound of listening alone the very concept of The Cold Wars?

Was not antebellum’s existence started on behalf of our mind and eyes?

Does not all of mankind wait on mankind?

Does it really suprise you that your eyes see what is around them?

Your mind is the most personal think you can have, and only your mind knows what your mind is thinking.

Your soul is caged by your own ribcage. Your blood is just drool, used for your body’s elixar.

Your eyelashes are just thorns, your chin is your body’s mountains.

But I ramble. What matters is that you hear the music through my words.

The words are the music, the mind is the canvas, your eyes are the window, and your voice can shatter all three of these things.


-From your friend, Gregory Thomas.



The stronghold is time itself;

unmoving to the current of change.

The faces familiar are the faces begane-

The wasteland abroad. The wasteland anew-

the inevitable wars of lies and truths-

waging war against the right and left, both sides switch their stance-

rejoin the battlegrounds of fate;

a pattern it makes.

Copyrightcopyright June 15, 2018

Whispering Words


A, as in Alfa. M, as in Mike. E, as in Echo. R, as in Romeo. I, as in India. C, as in Charlie. A, as in Alfa.

Bravo! Romeo! India! November! Golf!

PAPA. Echo! Alfa. Charlie. Echo.

Golf! Oscar! Delta!

India. Sierra.

Whiskey? Alpha?! THREE. Charlie. Hotel. India. November? Golf…!

A man named ALFA, told Mike something that Echoed in his ear. Romeo isn’t going to the HOMEFRONT today. India isn’t so near.

So instead, take Charlie. He’s been wanting to meet you, Alfa.


That Hotel isn’t like the one in India.

I took Delta airways to get there with my wife lydia.

She kept Echoing in my mind about our LAST trip to  the  Sierra!

India has been running low on oil since last November.

That damned Yankee won an oscar just for simply showing up to the awards in uniform.

To me he’s a horse! 

He thinks he’s a romeo…

Now Mike, him? INDIA!!! NOVEMBER??? Delta…

To hunt vampires with a crossbow.

Fire your eyes into the unknown.

You see peace is built up of wanting rest.

Without worrying about the world’s stressors from tomorrow.


Copyrightcopyright June 7, 2018


New World Computer Ships


And even the skies fought the skies,

to shoot fire into the skies;

and even people used people as people;

fighting the mechanical overlords-

for the face in the computer, like the man-in-the-moon-

giggling at the errors we type in;

all plotting against our doom-

seeing the clouds like cotton candy, we ate the space-

we filled the sea with ships to unearth the super in the computer-

our network a rebooter-

everytime removed.

And made outlawed to air on the news…

and the AI used battleships, that leapt from out the sea, sprouting wheels underneath; like a limoscene-

Releasing a thousand-and-one eyes that gleamed-

carrying lasers instead of guns,

The smiting hath begun-

a single eye in the middle of the sea-groundship-

and all in the path of its radiation became dustbunnies as they witnessed…!

With androids that looked human, but ridiculed mankind;

the bots flooded the homefront to march across the endless surround of their newly designed minds…

Copyrightcopyright June 3, 2018