Hello everybody! It’s been 5 years since today that I made this blog!!!!

Thank you all for your support!

I actually got the idea from my once success coach at Georgia Gwinnett College that I should make a blog and put all my writing on.

Lo and behold that this was the same exact “success coach” that told me after I went to ask her for advice in some classes that my grade weren’t so good in, that if college is seeming too hard for me, that I should just drop out and quit college!

I of course didn’t, but ended up leaving that bad college, and coming here to Strayer University to take up IT.

I’m now a straight A student, ever paper I write is an A, and am doing far much better than ever. The blog remains, so that’s just a little brief funny history behind the creation of Cascadialegends.wordpress.com Named after one of my stories 🙂

-from Gregory Thomas


Haikus and Good News


Now peace falls into the minds of those who understand it;

peace is understood by the quivering eyes, the heartbeats;

a fidgeting disguise–

the face is but a face, in the full view of other faces, the walking bodies the loving waltz through life meeting and greeting the endless stride–

A heart, in nature.

Love is love

is love.

A glow, is it your face?

Amongst the trees with.

War paint?

The art of war, no longer needed;

in the White Robes amongst us.

There is peace.



The leaves understand,

their mother feeds them well,

in the harshest of lands.


Copyrightcopyright March 9, 2019

Battleships Deployed From Elysium


And it is all’s fair in love and war;

just as it was before–

the tanks swinging opera across the suburbs;

the buildings lifting upward into the skies;

like falling up–

to greet the sunlight of the dystopian light;

the soldiers jumping rooftop to rooftop, creating craters into the ground with their stance;

a sixpence is equal to war;

and to look behind you would be a death sentence–

the floating planes;

a dogfight gathers ‘cross the skies;

and The Bombs of Fate falling down upon–

it’s like a volley of wrath upon our eyes;

Copyrightcopyright February 21, 2019



War is inevitable and can’t be stopped by mortal hands;

This is because the body is the war, and we

bring the battlefield with us.

In our search as politicians to send forth boots on the ground;

we discovered that we are all the ones wearing the boots.

The ribcage the iron bars that imprison the heartbeats of the soul.

The skeleton the jailer warden that keeps us from flight.

The skin the barbed wire that not only seals our freedom in;

but keeps others from entering our hearts.

The skull is the cage that keeps our thoughts from releasing.

The only place for the battlefield to lay in, is our minds.

Ambition fuels freedom.

Freedom fuels ambition.

The two are like shield brothers;

there is no forest more denser.

Without ambition, there is no drive–

without any drive, there is no purpose.

And it is in this, that we learn ourselves to be the floating orbs;

waltzing through life–

War is like armor worn by the soul;

our essence the fruit;

our spirit the bowl–

Copyrightcopyright January 23, 2019

The Day Before the Frost


The air across the valley is warm, like fire that

shapeshifts; like the moon shapeshifts.

The art includes the leaves, includes the ground, includes the trees;

and on this day, a memory was forged.

Of the ones you used to remember, just before this frozen war.

And the war went cold, and froze over.

And we call this age in overture the passover.


Copyrightcopyright December 9, 2018